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I finished my second grand trial. My team is coming together, but I'm still unsure on some of them. My team thus far:

Lv 33 Terracat
Lv 31 Misdreavus
Lv 27 Vaporeon
Lv 28 Petilili

If I didn't hurry up and get someone other than my starter, there's no way I would have completed some of these trials. Petilili was the star of the first trial. The second trial was hell, because I didn't get my water stone until RIGHT AFTER it. Petilili is boxed, because I want her to learn Quiver Dance. If it takes too long to get a sun stone, I'll replace her slot with someone else. I'm not 100% sure on Misdreavus as well, because everything has a physical dark type move. I wanted to use Salandit, but I already have a fire type. Actually part of me wanted to use the crazy psychic Raichu.

I'm enjoying the return of Pokemon dress-up. Why spend my money on potions, pokeballs, and TMs, when I can spend 30k on shoes?!
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