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Originally Posted by Lady Kuno View Post
I'm thinking of dropping Araquanid from my Sun team. It's speed is so bad. While it's Special Def stat is nuts, all its other stats are kinda underwhelming.

Edit: I just looked up Water Bubble and it has a hidden "water moves do double damage" thing.. oh. That's a game changer.
Yeah, it might have some mediocre stats, but Water Bubble more than makes up for it.

It gets a Water type Crunch, Liquidation, late game. So couple that with an immunity to Burn, and double the base damage (170 Base Power with a defense drop on the opposing Pokemon for Liquidation), plus the fact that "all water moves" includes the water z move, and you can see some of the reasons that Araquanid is one of my favorites this gen. One of the others being that I'm a sucker for spiders.
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