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Originally Posted by Escalion View Post

Energy: 50.2%
Health: 0%
Status: KO

Energy: 15.6%
Health: 8.8%%
Status: Spe -1, Confused
Rock Energy depleted, Fighting Energy depleted


Energy: 20.1%
Health: 0%
Status: KO

Energy: 37.2%
Health: 0%
Status: KO

And the winners are Ariana and Hermione!
As last one standing, Ariana gains 2 levels and this nice Intermediate Trophy to put into her cabinet:
Hermione get 1 XP for her part in the victory (deposit here)

Once again, PM any question if any are left unanswered about this match.


Nice battle by the both of you, loved the different approaches to it, MM going for strong single-target moves, SBD making great use of multi-target attacks. The win could have gone either way till the very last moment and could have gone either way. It was great fun reffing all this, and I hope you both enjoyed my reffings too ^_^

Also, since this is my first completed battle I like to use this to give some bits of general advice to the both of you and everyone else that reads this. Trainer Battles take place in a 3D environment, make use of it! Movement is highly underrated from what I’ve seen in all the battles I’ve read through, while it can create a lot of very fun and effective strategies. Also, in terms of the order of ordering, in my experience it pays off to save super-effective off-type attacks for when you order second and to be a bit more conservative when going first as the one going second could potentially counter all your moves. And corresponding with both of those advices, be careful of how you order too because how you order is sometimes more important than what you order.
The battle was getting down to its final moments, with Keith counting on his confused Garbodor to take out two opponents at once. "Ariana! Focus Blast!" he commanded.

"Gaaaar..." Ariana murmured. Though the confusion clouded her mind, her Trainer's voice managed to push its way through, and the words registered in her mind. She began charging up the powerful Fighting-type move, and even when hit by Boa's Hidden Power, did not lose her focus.

"Now! Fire the Focus Blast!" Keith grinned, pointing at Amor.

"BODOR!" exclaimed the mildly-confused Garbodor, unleashing the Focus Blast. While not exactly a direct hit, the imperfect execution of the move was offset by the Rock and Ice-type's massive weakness to Fighting. The Amaura fainted on the spot, now making this a one-on-one battle.

Keith grinned as Boa's confusion kicked in at just the right moment, causing the Brine attack to misfire completely. Said grin vanished, however, as the Brine, shot up into the air, rained back down onto Ariana. It wasn't as hard-hitting as a direct hit from Brine would've been, but it still caused more than enough damage for Keith's liking. "Ariana!" Keith exclaimed. To his relief, however, the Brine rain didn't finish off his Garbodor, and there came back Keith's grin in full force. "OK!" he exclaimed. "Finish it off with Sludge Wave!"

"Gaaaaar..." Ariana mumbled, once more fighting through the confusion to summon a massive glob of purple sludge, before unleashing it all at once. The intense Poison-type move washed over Boa... and left her still standing!? But then, Keith grinned even wider- for just as it seemed that Boa had endured the Sludge Wave and was ready to keep battling, she kept taking damage- Hermione's Thorns and Unfinished Symphony proved invaluable assets here, and the burn inflicted by Boa's own Flame Orb proved her ultimate downfall. The Milotic also fainted, and Keith, in his utter disbelief, was declared the winner.

"YES!" Keith cheered. "Thank you, Rowan," he said in response to their referee's words, before he ran in and hugged his Garbodor just as she shook off her confusion completely. Tears came to Ariana's eyes as it sank in that she managed to pull this off, managed to win them the battle, and she tightly hugged Keith back.

"Man, dat was a close one," Meowth observed.

"Yeah, sure was," Keith agreed. Once he and Ariana stopped hugging, he approached Liza and offered a handshake. "Good battle, Liza," he said with a smile. "Boa and Amor are really good. I hope we can have another battle sometime."

OOC: Thanks for reffing, Escalion, and thanks for a great battle, sbd! This was a lot of fun- too close to call until the very end, just how I like 'em!

*Ariana grew to level 39!*

*Ariana grew to level 40!*

*Ariana obtained a trophy!*

*Hermione received 1 XP!*
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