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A young man with ruddy hair and a scruffy red beard approaches the entrance to what appears to be a nondescript cavern, nearly invisible in the dim starlight night. His years of preparation and months of travel through the Hoenn region have led him to the entrance to this cave, hidden away among the wilds of the region. At his side is a Kecleon, who appears rather enthusiastic to have made this discovery.

"We made it, buddy," the boy acknowledges, patting the Color Swap Pokémon on the head, "Let's get going."

The duo proceed through the darkened entrance, the little light provided by the sky above soon fading as they enter. Once the darkness makes it too difficult to navigate, the young man gives orders to his Pokémon, whose red stripe suddenly lights up. In response to the light, a number of gems embedded in the surfaces of the cave begin to glitter.

"This is it," the young man affirms.

The two trek through the tunnels, which wind and twist as they descend. The gems grow denser as they go deeper into the cave, and before long, the ceiling mimics the resplendence of the night sky. After what seemed like hours and a descent through 99 floors, the pair reach a grand chamber, whose ceiling is dotted with sparkling gems in the form of mineral constellations.

Upon arrival, the trainer's Kecleon grows rather excited, clearly anticipating a battle ahead.

"Sorry, buddy, you'll have to sit this one out," he tells the Pokémon, who sags a little. The trainer instead reaches for his belt, retrieving a gray ball with blue nodes. He expands the ball and chucks it forward. After a brief flash, a hulking, armored creature, standing a full foot over her trainer, materializes. Despite her imposing look, she stays quite calm and composed. A pendant dangles around her neck, a small stone set into a silver piece.

"Hm, well, I suppose the only thing left is the song..."

The young man retrieves another Poké Ball, this one pink with subtle wisps of blue. From this ball, a delicate creature emerges, her pink coat glistening in the light.

"Okay, Fetra. Just like we practiced."

The Clefable sings a crooning song, the pure and clear notes echoing through the cavern.

"Jirachi! I beckon you!"


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