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The ancient face soon proved to be attached to an equally ancient body- a Relicanth, who went by the name of Devonian, and was not a fan of Lalu's manners. He sprayed Melittin and Lalu with a Water Gun, albeit such a weak Water Gun that not even Lalu was bothered by it. It quickly became apparent that Devonian intended absolutely no harm to either one of them, which indeed was the only reason Melittin did not start take the Water Gun as an invitation to fight back. Following a brief rant about Kabutops, Devonian turned to Melittin, asking what he was doing in this cave, considering he was so clearly a "surface dweller".

"I'm visiting Lalu here," Melittin replied, gesturing to the Roggenrola. "She's my friend."

Chuck smiled- it was clear that the display he put on for Rose was very much to her liking. And when it was over, the two of them shared a kiss. It only lasted several seconds, but Chuck relished every moment of it. There were no words, he thought, that could even begin to convey what he felt for Rose. Yeah, sure, there was "love", but did that really do justice to how he felt? As he lovingly looked at Rose, he tried to think of words that would be sufficient to convey his feelings, but couldn't think of any. Even after the kiss ended, he held Rose close to him, returned her look of love with one of his own, hoping that this look could say what words could not.

Rowan thanked his guests for hearing him out, then after mentioning about how his father told a story about a Team Aqua running rampant in Lilycove once, changed the subject- evidently he had something else he wanted to show Keith, though as it was back upstairs, he left the decision up to Keith as to whether he wanted to go see it or stay down here for the time being.

Keith and Meowth exchanged looks. "What do you think?" Keith asked Meowth.

"I tink I'm gonna be wonderin' wat it is until we gets up dere, so why not?" replied Meowth.

"Makes sense," agreed Keith. "Alright, yeah, we'll go and see," he added to Rowan.

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