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"What a way to greet an old man," the ancient looking fish sounds grumpy and slowly moves away from the crack in the wall and into the small puddle, "Devonian is the name, and you young lady have been acting very rude. They just don't raise kids like they used to anymore these days. It's exactly why I like to stay deep below the surface," Devonian complains, "Now get off my lawn." The Relicanth then proceeds to slowly push himself out of the water and fires a Water Gun at both Melittin and Lalu, albeit in such a weak form that it doesn't even bother Lalu one bit.

"Hope you rascals learned your lesson," Devonian still sounds grumpy, but there's a faint smile on his face, "Now what do you young people bother an old man for here?"

"Uhm.. uh, I.. uhm," Lalu stutters, not quite knowing how to deal with someone so old being so direct, but then she remembers Melittin's comment from earlier, "We were just looking for the Crystal Kabutops and..."

"Do those things still walk around freely!?" Devonian interrupts angrily, "Kabutops, those loathful Pokémon, I remember it like it was yesterday that me and my brothers had to swim for our lives while those monsters hunted us down. I lost half my family to those things! I'd eat them all! If I had teeth that is though," he finishes at a light note. "And you," Devonian turns to Melittin, "What is a Pokémon like you doing all the way down here? Even a blind rock can see you're a surface dweller"

Rose enjoys the shadow play that Chuck orchestrates for her, the dancing images of her and the Gengar, they perfectly tell the story of their love. A story told in images rather than in words. Rose knows exactly how Chuck feels, she feels it too. Though for someone unable to speak, images too only tell half the story. She rests her head against the chest of the man she loves and watches the shadows move around to form a beautiful display of hearts. Then, when the shadows return to their original shape, Rose turns to face Chuck, looks him in his eyes, and with a blush on her face she kisses him on his lips. Many thoughts race through Rose her mind for the time they are connected, she wishes there was more she could do to tell Chuck how he makes her feel, that she could tell what she feels for him, that she was more mature, that this romantic embrace could last forever. But for a moment that only lasts seconds, it feels like an eternity already in the arms of a loved one. When their lips finally part, Rose still has a blush on her cheeks, and hearts in her eyes as proven by the way she looks at Chuck. Her eyes sparkle with love.

"Thanks Keith, Kyle, Meowth," Rowan is relieved and happy they actually listened to his story, "And I too hope they will get their chance at a rematch. If that will ever happen, I will at least be able to guide them too so we can hopefully achieve that victory together." Rowan then comes back to the point Keith made about Team Aqua and Magma, "What you're saying about Aqua and Magma though Keith, in my youth I have never nor even heard much about them either. I remember my father once having told a story about Aqua running rampant in Lilycove, but that was all a long time ago, before my time. I do hope it stays with that episode from the past though. I absolutely love land and rocks, but I don't need to change the world for it, " he laughs and changes the topic, "There's something else I'd like to show you by the way, but it's back upstairs so I don't know, do you want to back again or is there something here you'd like to see first? I don't mind either way, so I leave it up to you to decide."
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