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Items, Both Magic(?) and Mundane

Trainers' Basics:
--Coin Case x1(Plain)
--Pokedex x1(Currently plain)
--Fishing Rod
--Z-Ring (Amicae's) {Buginium Z}
--Z-Power Ring (Dichromatia's) {Grassinium-Z}

General Items:
--Heart Scale x1, x1, x1, x1
--Leaf Stone x1, x1
--Never-Ending Birthday Candle x1
--Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango! x1
--Violet Shard x1
--Snow Globe x1
--Lapras Plushie x1
-- Thunder Stone x1

--Net Ball x1
--Pokeball x8,
x4 ( x1, x1, x1)
--Friend Ball x1x1
--Space Ball x1
--Christmas Ball x1
--New Years 2017 Ball x1
-- Valentine's Ball x1
--Moon Ball x1
--Cherish Ball x1

TM Case:
--TM Solar Beam x1
--TM Hone Claws x1
--TM Power-Up Punch x2 (-1)
--TM Struggle Bug x1
--TM Incinerate x3 (-1)(-1)
--TM Retaliate x1
--TM Dig x2
--TM Water Pulse x1
-- TM Attract x1
-- TM Return x1
--TM Aurora Veil x1
--TM Energy Ball x1
--TM Pay Day x1
--TM Thief x1
--TM Snatch x1
--TM Shadow Ball x1
--TM Grass Knot x1

Hold Items:
--Miracle Seed x1(Held by Berue) x2
--Red Card x1, x1
--Psychic Gem x1
--Icy Rock x1
-- His Heart Pendant x1
-- Her Heart Pendant x1
--Brand Name Bunny Suit x1
--Grass Gem x1
--Black Glasses x1

Berry Bag
--Watmel Berry x1
--Grepa Berry x1
--Wiki Berry x1
--Qualot Berry x3
--Starf Berry x1
--Liechi Berry x2
--Wacan Berry x1

Pokeblock Case
--Mysterious Gummis x3 x3 x3 (-2)
--Orange Gummis x3
--Gold Gummis x3
--Purple Gummis x3
--Black Gummis x3
-- Pink Gummis x3
-- Red Gummis x3
--Birthday Gummi x1

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