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The Mystery in the Woods

“Come on, Louise! Just think of how great it oughta feel!”

“No way, Jose! It’s bad enough that I have two mouths, I really don’t need a third!”

“But you never know when we’ll need that kind of strength in our travels!”

“Doubt that’ll be happening anytime soon. You just want appease your power-grabbing tendencies!”

And so on, and so forth. Today’s topic of disparity just so happened to be the prospect of Mega Evolution, a sort of transformatory power that brought out the true battle potential of a pokemon- provided they could find a compatible stone. Apparently, such stones existed for the mawile species, though no such thing existed for tangela like Berue.

“Is it really that big a deal right now?” the young plant monster piped up. “Aren’t we just a beginning team?’

“Exactly!” Louise enthusiastically replied. “Even if we did go ahead and claim that power, we’re too inexperienced to actually make use of it!”

Chroma, on the other hand, was a lot less enthused. “Not you too…,” she moaned in disappointment. “Fine, I can’t win against the both of you… Wait, do you guys feel that?”

“You can’t possibly expect-” Louise began before coming to a halt herself. ”...What do you know. There is an off-kilter feel about the place.”

“It feels like a huge amount a psychic power was recently released here!” Evidently, the human’s excitement had rekindled itself to a whole new level. “Come on, girls, let’s see if we can find anything!”

~ ~ ~

Somewhere around 40 minutes later, the trio still hadn’t found anything. “Geez, just how strong was this thing?” the now frustrated girl suddenly exclaimed. “There’s no way we haven’t passed by the epicenter already!”

“And yet the feeling’s still getting stronger. I think my head’s starting to hurt…”

“That really doesn’t help any, Louise…”

“Can we please move away from here? I don’t exactly have the pixie’s resistance…” Berue was stumbling around the woods next to the path with most of her vines wrapped tightly around what can only be assumed to be her head. “If I take any more of this, I think I’m gonna- Ugwah?!”

“Are you alright, Berue?” came the immediate response as the others rushed over to where she was.

“I-I’m fine…” Berue stammered as as she picked herself up and turned to see what it was that she tripped over. “This girl, on the other hand… she could really use some help!”

“Oh, dear spirits! How the heck did this girl get here?!” Chroma yelled out. “She’s covered with cuts and burns, too! ...She does seem to be alive, though. Berue, is there anything you can do for her?”

The plant creature was already rummaging through the bag of herbs she had been carrying. “I-I think so. I didn’t think I’d ever be put to the test as an apothecary, though…” A few minutes later, she had created and administered a couple quick concoctions and was in the middles of giving a status report when the girl began to stir.

“Well, Berue, I have no idea what you’re saying, but I’d say you did a good job! Now then, how about we get some answers- I’ve figured out that the epicenter of this whole mess is about a meter away from where she’s laying, which means she’s likely the victim here!”

‘Now’ turned out to be 10 minutes later, which is how long it took the girl to regain consciousness. Chroma had picked the girl up and walked with her back, and her pokemon were thankful both to be moving away from the psionic torment and for the sight of their rescuee beginning to stir. “Ungh… W-where am I…?”

“Ah, you’re finally awake! We found you unconscious in the forest a while back, so we decided to bring you along to next city. You need some serious medical help…” Chroma explained, glad to hear the the girl’s voice. “Anyways, my name is Dichromatia Schmeltzer! What’s yours?”

“My… name?” the girl inquired, her voice infused with genuine confusion. “What’s a name?

The trainer was aghast at such a question. “...You know, the thing people call you? Something that lets others know who you are?”

“Um, I don’t remember if I have one. I don’t really remember anything, now that I think about it…”

“Hmm… a burn-covered amnesiac in a forest that has suddenly been filled with a psionic air…” Chroma pondered, seriously perplexed by the absurdity of the situation. ”Just what is happening here?”

Surprisingly, Louise stepped up and pulled on her trainer’s sleeve, giving some sort of signal. “Do you know something, Louise?” she asked as she reached into her bag and procured a notebook and pencil.

The mawile nodded as she took the writing materials and started scribbling out a message, finally handing it back. “There’s an old Sinnoan legend about a pokemon capable of completely wiping one’s memories clean with just eye contact- and more recent sources suggest that it has woke up and joined a human’s party.”

“That would be Uxie, right? It sure would explain the energy around here, but… why would it be in these woods, of all places? And why are you,” Chroma looked at the girl as she continued. “So beat up? Most Psychic pokemon aren’t fond of using claws or fire, after all.”

The girl simply shook her head. “...I don’t know anything about that aside from the fact that it hurts...”

Chroma merely sighed as she put the notebook away. “Well, it’s no use trying to figure this out now. I guess I’ll just give you a name myself, then. Nice to meet you, Amicae!”

“Amicae… that’s kinda hard to say!” she complained.

“And so is Dichromatia, so most people just shorten it to ‘Chroma’. In the same vein, Amicae can be shortened to ‘Ami’.” Chroma patiently explained. “So, Ami, let’s get you to a hospital before those cuts of yours get infected!”

~ ~ ~

“I’m afraid she doesn’t appear on any files, either as a registered trainer of Fizzytopia or in and missing persons list worldwide,” reported a police clerk after Chroma and her pokemon got Ami into town. “The fact that we don’t have her original name to go off of doesn’t exactly help.”

“Ugh, more bad news just keeps coming, huh?” Chroma said, shaking her head. “The doctor just told that her burns are from houndoom fire. In other words, they’re never going to heal fully…”

“Houndoom fire? That’s odd,” the policeman replied, clearly connecting something in his mind. “There have been reports of criminal activity around these parts, with at least one of the members having a houndoom. Chances are, they were the ones responsible for this tragedy!”

“I see. I’ll have to leave capturing them to you guys- there’s no way I’d be able to take on one of those hellhounds with my current team.”

The officer looked a little disappointed by her words, but didn’t bother questioning it. Instead he asked a more prominent question: “What do you plan on doing with her?”

“I intend to take her with me. I was just on my way back home after picking something up,” she indicated to the pumpkin ball she had been holding the whole time, “and I can’t exactly leave her alone with no knowledge of the world. I can’t help but feel like this is in line with Uxie’s wishes, too- from what I can figure out, it hasn’t used this particular power in an extremely long time, so I believe it had taken pity on her and decided to help her get a truly new start. I would like to make sure that desire is fully realized!”

“...I really only understood about half of what you just said, but it sounds like a solid idea,” admitted the young man. “I’ll make sure to tell my superiors that everything has worked out on this end. We need to focus our efforts on catching these felons, after all!”

“Indeed you do. Well, I’d best go check up on her the- Ami’s got a whole new life ahead of her!”
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