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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
OH NO, grab you guns and head to the hills the Sun is setting and the moon is rising, the Zompikas are on their way *Wilhelm Scream*

and what better way to celebrate the pikapocolypse then CANDY NOM NOM NOM. Delicious brain...candy delicious candy.

but that's not what your getting from me this year boys and girls, no no no, this year you'll be getting the opportunity to get one of these little darlings, just say you want to enter the raffle and your name will be put into the hat for one of these lovelies;

Limted Edition Pumpkasaur
(There will be 5 in total amongst everyone)
Each one will come with the special move:

Pumpkin Bomb (Grass)
The user launches a Pumpkin seed into the air, upon falling the seed plants itself onto a random part of the arena, upon the end of the 3rd round of battle a large pumpkin finishes growing. This is now free for anyone to pick up, once plucked from the ground the pumpkin begins flashing, after 10 flashes the pumpkin explodes, dealing damage equal to a Razor leaf.
Contest Stats :
Type- Cool
Appeal - <3 <3 <3
Effect - Startles the pokemon after this one.

T&C's of this item are as follows:
Non Evolvable
Non Tradeable

Enjoy your Halloween everyone!
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

The day of the dead is here so let us celebrate with some gifts for you and your Pokémon.

x1 Halloween Candy
When eaten by your Pokémon, gives 2 levels to Dark and Ghost Types, but one level to any other Pokémon.
Sableye and Spiritomb, both being Dark/Ghost Dual types, will receive FOUR levels.
If banked, the Halloween candy is the equivalent of a regular rare candy.

x1 Pumpkin Memory Berry
When eaten by your Pokémon, the Pumpkin Memory Berry will allow it to pluck information from its own DNA
to help it relearn four moves it has forgotten through evolution or to learn four random egg moves it wasn't born with.
In some instances, your Pokémon may even learn a combination of Relearned and Egg Moves.
Use to be confirmed in the Move Tutor (Expires 07/11/2016)

x1Haunter Plushie
When squeezed by your Pokémon this plushie will vanish, leaving behind 5,000 coins.

x1 Super Pass
- Two Monday Pokémart candies instead of one.
- Two of your Pokémon will receive two levels in Daycare. Simply supply the link to your pass when next depositing them into the Daycare Centre.
- One of your Pokémon may learn two free Egg or MT moves, or two of your Pokémon may learn one free Egg or MT move each. Simply provide the link when posting in the Move Tutor to use your pass.
- A one week stay in The Salon gives your Pokémon two Happiness Points rather than one. An accompanying link to your pass must be provided when posting in the Salon.
- This pass expires on 7th November 2016, and is non-tradeable.

Have a spooktacular day!
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

I hope you're having a spooktacular day, here's a few gifts for you to collect:

I've been rooting through Arnold's buried treasure chest of forgotten goodies and found something special to share with you all, its the mysterious and potentially deadly ....

Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango!!

Once eaten, your Pokemon will go into a full bodied hallucination where they seem to be set on fire, who knows maybe they'll be a guidance coyote or turtle i their but who knows, but once they snap out of it, Fire Shield will be their new move (can only be used on one Pokemon).

When eaten by your Pokémon The Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango will teach it the move "Fire Shield" - Fire shield creates a shield of burning fire around your Pokémon which will protect it from one elemental or physical attack. Once hit, the shield will disappear. If an opponent Pokémon makes physical contact with the Fire Shield, there is a 10% chance of it being inflicted with the condition "Burn". One use only per battle.
Category: Tough
Effect: Can avoid being startled by others.
Appeal Points: <3 <3
Jam Points: -

I also have for you a little goodie bag containing:
3x Orange Gummi's
3x Gold Gummi's
3x Purple Gummi's
3x Black Gummi's

Happy Trick or Treating!
Better popped here than elsewhere.
Spoiler: show
The shadows danced and jived around the town square as the spirits of All Hallow's Eve burst into life. While the children of the city made their rounds for their share of gummis and candies, so too were pokemon and their trainers, all hunting for their own share of joy. For Alex, it was nothing special, simply another opportunity to socialise with his team, notably the newer members. With Harpe taking charge, the Aipom garbed in melon shells in the guise of Frankenchimp, and not any glimpse of futures to come, no sirree, and Falchion the Starly perched precariously on Tori's shoulder, the Nidorina in the alleged Alolan Form of a pirate, that kept his attention from the usual schemings of four other individuals of his.

Indeed, in an alley nearby, a Honchkrow and vile purple Zangoose were prodding at a sheet of paper, while their fittingly coloured Lunatone hovered, wearing a sizable mockup of the extinct Pumkin berry, lost to the annals of time, and the silent, stoic Golett keeping vigilant watch. For many, this was a day of glorified begging in absurd outfits, masquerading as creatures of the night, but for the quartet, this was a case of a stake out, for you see, the group had bigger fish to fry.

Remaining inconspicuous, the avian gave a quiet croon, before taking flight to the top of a post, where numerous Murkrow stood, carefully on the wires connected to it, the birds being owned by the festival commitee. Fitting in, the evolved bird would be waiting for the opportunity when it arose, while the feline and automaton prepared, Golett buffering his form to polish off any rough and rocky features, as speed was of the essence. As for the Lunatone, eyes scanning eerily around the square, a psychic scanning for the quarry.

With Alex and crew currently garnering some small treats, including a trainer treat bag of four sets of three gummis, in orange, gold, purple and black, the older members waited patiently. Some kids squealed in delight as a stall owver handed over some Haunter plushies, which exploded into piles of coins ready to spend at the many attractions, while in another corner a quintet of unusual Bulbasaur bumbled around playfully, their grey skin and normally green bulbs more a pumpkin demonstrating these were unique.

A hum.

It's time.

Leaving a nearby house, a man garbed in a Rocket outfit looked around, and gave a curt nod and dock of the hat to children, before doling out some unique berries from a prepared satchel. With a silent swoop, the evolved crow whisked a berry from the man, who, while initially surprised, took the hint and inconspicuously dropped a scroll of sorts while Fragarath made a second swoop, relieving him of his hat before flitting around in circles, the man giving chase as the kids hollered in laughter at the spectacle, suitably distracted from the Shadow pokemon swiftly diving for the scroll and slinking back into the shadows.

A second hum, and the avian dropped the hat before returning to the perch, giving a wry squawk as the Murkrow cackled at the cosplayer's misfortune as he shook his fist at him before readjusting himself and grabbing his satchel, determined to return to the gift giving. A moment or two later, and the bird returned to his cronies.

'The delivery has been made,' he crooned. 'Totsuka, let us venture into the night and see if we can't procure some looting from those careless trainers, shall we? Perhaps a little shadow panic thrown into the midst?'

With a grin befitting the Cheshire Skitty, the Cat Ferret agreed before vanishing with the Big Boss into the night, leaving the Golett and Lunatone in the alley, the two starting to venture deep to examine their quarry when the ground type paused.



'...hmm, I do feel Something...not quite festive in these regards. I'll take that scroll, and you have a look, given you're packing more power than I have.,' the Meteorite responded, lifting the scroll and vanishing with a quick teleport, leaving the Golett to turn around towards the source of commotion.

What he saw was most unusual, given the size of the problem in question. The stall owners had cowered behind their stalls, while the children stood terrified of the trio of people standing, with strange outfits akin to thugs and a definitive skull motif, though the kids were less scared of the people and more the two pokemon the group sported.

The first was most certainly familiar, being a white furred Zangoose, but the other was a Raticate, the term used loosely, for this was clearly one which had been on the gummis given how big it was, roughly twice the size of a normal one, and with sharper than usual claws, and grey fur.

"Just fork over the candy and your pokemon, kiddies, and nobody gets hurt! You'd do well to obey the orders of Team Skull if you know what's good for ya, you dig?"

The kids hesitated, until a plume of thunder smashed down before the three, the Zangoose and Raticate immediately taking a combat stance and staring daggers at the source.

"I can't tell if you're sad or stupid or both. Probably both," the familiar voice sneered. Plodding from the alley the Golett found Alex and his team facing down the thugs, the Aipom's paw crackling with another bolt if needed while Falchion and Tori knuckled down, guarding their loot.

The Skull group were unfazed.

"Who's this fool?"

"Yo. I think I saw this guy on a poster somewhere, folks..."

"Wha, really?"

"Yeah. In fact, strike me lucky if there ain't a good chunk on his head, folks!"

"Wha, really?"

"Yeah. In fact, if I remember, that's a good six digits or so, folks!"

"Wha, really?"

"Shaddap, both of you!" The central one, who seemed to be the wiser of them piped up. "He's in the way, we have two big things against his three little. We can take him!"

"You'd be wise to listen to your elders when they say to clear off..." Alex growled as Harpe stepped forward, only to step back as the mongoose and rat of unusual size thumped forwards. "...then again, those DO look pretty mean...especially the rat. What the hell'd you feed it, smaller rats?"

"Yeah, in fact," the grunt remarked.

"Man, that's screwed up..." he winced.

Before the pair could move any closer, the Zangoose was subject to a sudden impact from a large industrial dumpster with a loud CLANG, bowling it over. The Raticate, rising to the attack, hissed furiously at the source, the Golett giving a stance with his hand that many would immediately recognise as offensive while the Zangoose groggily stumbled in attempts to get up, the dumpster serving as heavy as an iron ball from the fling.

"Wha-know what, I'm not going to bother asking where you care from, Gol. Knowing things, you're probably with the hallow crew tonight..." Alex sighed before pointing towards the downed Raticate and giving an order to let rip, Harpe leaping to blast the feline while the Golett prepared to face down the giant rat, to the whoops and cheers of the crowd which had started to form.

"Rip that glorified bowling ball apart, Dreadfang!"

The swifter mouse moved first, rushing forward cloaked in flames, though this was less a flame wheel and more a flare blitz judging by the sheer temperature, but the Automaton was unfazed, choosing to whirl his arm back, ready for the distance to close before counterwhirling, slamming into the fireball like a hammer, the force causing an explosion, and with the dust clearing the result was clear, with the Raticate coughing, singed and scorched, yet eager to go, and Golestandt rubbing the iron fist capable of outputting so much blunt force. With the rat stunned, the Golett set to work, stomping the ground with a greyed foot, causing tendrils to seep forward around the Skull thugs, before bursting skywards, stealth rock emerging around them and preventing an easy escape in case things went south, as one of the thieves discovered when a rock smacked him in the face.

Hissing, the mouse, emboldened by the strike, inhaled as though preparing to hiss, but then breathed forth an icy wind towards the Golett, who braced against the bitter chill, slowly pushing forward before cloaking fist in flames and giving a fiery punch to the rodent's chops, a move that would prove troublesome as the mouse promptly crunched down onto his fist.

While not fully apparent, the Golett cried in pain, even as Harpe toyed with the flailing Zangoose, sparks dancing around it as those weeks of training with their own taught her well. Spitting the ghost out, the Raticate began to charge an orb of darkness between its vicious claws, staring down the numbed Golett, seeking to return him to the clay he was born of, a fact Alex realised.

"Tori, quick, hand me that halloween candy," he whispered to the Nidorina, who cocked her head, as by rules of Dibs, that was hers. But upon noticing the struggling Golett, who for some reason seemed to be dealing with an unusual burn on the chomped hand, she grudgingly handed it over before pointing to the memory berry, claiming that as her own instead. "Gotcha. Trust me, Gol needs this more, I'm sure as hell that Raticate's hiding a flame orb somewhere on him, which would explain that burn not bothering him."

With a swing of the arm, Alex launched the Halloween Candy before the Golett, who grabbed it just as the shadow ball was fired by the Raticate. Clutching the orb to the chest, the Golett felt the energy from the unique treat seep into his body, empowering him. A motion such as that meant only one thing, and that was allowance.

The orb exploded as he shimmered, ghastly darkness whisking around, the Raticate dusting himself off to find his bandit-in-arms thoroughly trounced by Harpe, swirls in the eyes, though the chimp was exhausted from the efforts, and thus easy pickings...until the sky above him shimmered darkly, as though possessed by a diabolic force.

"Wh...what the hell..." the grunts stammered as light poured forth from it, and Alex grinned, knowing that it was about time that he had a heavyweight pokemon on hand, as he knew the Golett was ready to evolve.

What he hadn't bargained for, however, was the Golurk to emerge from the phantom hole to be so damn big.

Bringing the full force down onto the horrified Raticate, the giant foot slammed down, followed by the rest of the heavyweight Automaton, eliciting a painful, bony crunch as the oversized rodent was crushed, before the Golurk lifted his foot off the opponent and brushed the twitching creature aside like a bug. Turning his head towards the Skull creeps, the nearly-fifteen feet colossus lumbered forward before grasping the three in enormous hands, before whirling his upper body around at speed, the grunts screaming as they approached mach speed, before giving an almighty heave and flinging them, with bolstered strength, into the atmosphere, the group nought but a sparkle in the sky.

A half-hearted hiss from the Raticate as he started to drag his battered companion, and Golestandt sent them packing just as quickly with a single dynamic punch, the trick-or-treaters cheering at the spectacle. as the ground type, still nursing his hand, thundered to Alex.

"We'll get that sorted out, and I'll overlook the fact you're not at the the way, where'd those other three buffoons go?"


' you see fingers on me or Fragarath?'


Mumbling, Totsuka snipped the ribbon off the scroll with her claws, unrolling it while the two psychically-gifted pokemon looked over the message, Fragarath reading it and Nuhuko studying for legitimacy of source.





'Confirmed. The handwriting's the same, the very air around it familiar.'

'Question, mons.'

'Squawk, Totsuka.'

The Zangoose gave another once over of the letter, before turning to face her allies.

'Who's this Holly chick, and why the importance of her to those guys hunting Alex?'


Important non-plotty stuff:

I'll be partaking in the Gourdbasaur raffle.

I'l be picking the followin goods up.

x1 Halloween Candy.
x1 Pumpkin Memory Berry.
x1 Haunter Plushie.
x1 Super Pass.
x1 Merciless Pepper of Rayquezalcatanenango (Teaches Fire Shield)
x3 Orange, Black, Gold and Purple Gummis.

Of them, I'll be using them as such.

The Halloween Candy goes to my level 50 Golett, taking him to level 52, and I'll use this to confirm evolution to Golurk.

The Pumpkin Memory Berry goes to my Nidorina, and she'll be learning the Egg Moves Beat Up, Counter, Disable and Focus Energy.

Everything else is coming with me.

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