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Originally Posted by Gemini Spark View Post
I hereby trade my Lv. 11 Male Whismur in exchange for Meetan's 3 Gold Gummis.

*Trade Start*

Name: Atsumu
Species: Whismur
Level: 11
Current Location: PC
Location Caught: Trade
Ability: Soundproof (immune to sound-based attacks; Baton Pass still passes on the effects of Perish Song)
Nature: Quirky (Stats and berry preferences normal)
Held Item: None
Friendship Score: 0
Contest Stats: Beauty 30/ Cool 30/ Cute 30/ Smart 30/ Tough 30
IQ: 5
Current Movepool: Pound, Uproar, Astonish, Howl, [Smelling Salts], Ice Beam (TM), (Fake Tears), Echoed Voice (TM), (Disarming Voice), Round (TM), [Water Pulse], Confide (TM)
Moves to Learn: Screech (Lv. 15), Supersonic (Lv. 1, Stomp (Lv. 22), Roar (Lv. 29), Rest (Lv. 32), Sleep Talk (Lv. 36), Hyper Voice (Lv. 39), Synchronoise (Lv. 43)
Evolutions: (Lv. 20), (Lv. 40)
Trading my three gold gummis for Atsumu. I promise to take great care of them! <3
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