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One quick trip to the Pokémon Centre later, your full team is ready and waiting to take on the second gym leader in your career as a fledgling Trainer. As though it feels the weight of your intent, the gym doors creak particularly loudly as you push your way through them, advancing through the lobby and into the main area of the complex. Along the walls, Trainers and their Pokémon alike have poised themselves as an audience, and they applaud you politely as they note your presence. You see Sophia in one corner with her Dwebble, as she smiles at you and gives you an encouraging wave of her hand.

"Yo, Fitz!" Jade calls you from the other side of the battlefield. "So Sophia told me that you've already taken on the gym in Viridian and passed with flying colours. I can't say that bit of news surprises me; I've seen what you can do. You'd better not hold back, because even without my closest partner, I certainly won't!"

"...Okay. It sounds like you've already been through this," Tenzing mutters, now decked in a referee's uniform as he approaches you. "But rules are rules. Just need to check your ID."

You hand Tenzing your card, and he glances over it as stoic as ever. "That checks out. Stand at the challenger's corner, please."

With your heartbeat echoing in your throat you assume your position, as does Tenzing in the centre of the field. Any chatter or discussion from the spectators quiets to an almost deafening silence.

"Here we go!" Rearing one arm as far backwards as she can, Jade flings a PokéBall outwards, and it opens after it bounces among the rocks strewn around the battlefield. A larger rock appears out of its confines, but you can tell this one is not like the others - it swings about, revealing a pair of rugged, muscular arms, and it opens its eyes in a determined frown. The Geodude hovers just above the floor, its fingers twitching in anticipation of your next move.

"Show me what you've got, Fitz!"
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