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UPN PASBL: Jerichi vs. Legend!

That's right folks, it's time for our beloved leader to finally go toe to toe with the Legendary of his choice. This is sure to be one hell of a battle, not in the least because it's everyone's favourite referee overseeing the proceedings. No, no Miror. Snorby? God damn, people.

We all know how this goes down. Jeri will be going head to head with our Mystery Legend Controller, a person of great renown and shadowy expertise.

On offer for our glorious leader to challenge, with his TL5 purchase, are the following!

The Eon Duo: Latias, Latios
The Wishmaker: Jirachi
The Lake Guardians: Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf
The Nightmare: Darkrai
The Victor: Victini
The Dual Dancer: Meloetta
The Incomplete: Kyurem
When his decision is made, I'll be whipping up a suitably terrifying arena for the pair to do battle in, and this thing will get underway in full force. As always, this battle will be conducted via Hidden Orders sent to me by both Jeri and the MLC, conducted in the League standard of 6/9 and 2/3 effectiveness.

Without any further rambling from me, let's get the well wishing underway folks! As always, once Jeri has made his post confirming his selection, please cease posting.
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