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Willow's Worries

It was a morning like any other at Keith's Secret Base. Or at least, a morning like any other in this day and age- in recent weeks, Keith had a fairly major renovation made to his Secret Base following an astonishing jackpot at the Casino- there were now three floors to his Secret Base, one of which was a Pokémon Center. Because of this, the place saw a considerable increase in visitors. All of them Trainers. Which was very, very good for Keith- ever since his full battle against Ralph McPhione, training has been his number one priority, and he found that after visiting Trainers got their Pokémon healed up, they were generally more than happy to accept his challenge to battle. Of course, not every Trainer accepted, but Keith didn't mind- he was content to battle just whoever did accept, and at the moment, that's just what he was doing.

"Florges! Moonblast!" came the command. A woman was standing at one end of the clearing in front of the Secret Base, commanding an Orange Flower Florges.

Keith, who stood at the other end, grinned. "Knock it away, Millicent!" he ordered.

"Timburr!" Millicent exclaimed. She swung Willow like a baseball bat, and sent the Moonblast flying right back at Florges- the Fairy-type was forced to take her own attack.

"Now!" Keith called. "Use Poison Jab!"

The woman smirked. "I don't think so," she retorted. "Psychic!"

With a smirk to match her Trainer's, Florges's eyes glowed blue. "FlooooorGES!" she exclaimed, utilizing powerful Psychic energy to send Millicent flying backwards. The Timburr slumped to the ground and did not get back up.

"Millicent is unable ta battle!" Meowth ruled from his position off to the side. "Florges wins!"

"That's two down," smirked the woman as Keith withdrew his Timburr. "We're each down to one now. Think you got what it takes to take out my Florges?"

"Oh, you better believe I do," Keith grinned, producing a Level Ball and tossing it. "Kyle, let's go!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, there appeared Keith's Heatmor on the battlefield. The Anteater Pokémon eyed up his ferocious floral Fairy-type foe. He looked ready for battle, as did his Trainer.

Keith made the first move. "Kyle! Substitute!" he ordered.

"Heeeeat... MOR!" Kyle exclaimed. He charged up an orb of energy in front of him, which quickly formed into an exact copy of the Heatmor's likeness, albeit with a perpetual faint glow.

"Break through it!" commanded the woman. "Florges, use Psychic once more!"

"Hone Claws, go!" exclaimed Keith.

Kyle set to work at once, sharpening his claws on a nearby rock, while his duplicate stood before him, shielding the real Heatmor from the Psychic onslaught. As soon as Kyle finished Hone Claws, the Psychic had forced the Substitute to fade away.

"I have you now," smirked the woman. "Attract!"

"Kyle, Dig!" Keith ordered.

"Heatmor!" Kyle replied, tearing at the ground with his sharpened claws. In an instant, he was underground, and Attract had missed completely. Before Florges could react, she was suddenly struck from underneath by Kyle as he resurfaced.

"Florges, now!" the woman exclaimed. "Use Copycat!"

"Don't let it! Use Fire Punch!" Keith retorted.

Kyle acted swiftly on Keith's orders, landing a fierce Fire Punch before Florges could begin the Copycat, which was exactly what Keith wanted- to the woman's horror, Florges began to re-enact the last attack she witnessed being used. Her intention was for Copycat to copy Dig, but now it was Fire Punch instead. Kyle simply stood there as his body absorbed the flames with no ill effect whatsoever. "No!" the woman exclaimed.

"Oh, yes, yes," Keith grinned. "I just love Flash Fire- you just powered up Kyle's Fire moves right there!"

"Mor!" nodded Kyle.

"And now we finish this up!" Keith added. "Kyle, Fire Blast! Go!"

"Heeeaaaat... MOOOOOR!" Kyle shouted. He inhaled deeply and launched a massive five-point plume of fire from his narrow mouth. Florges attempted to evade this, but the attempt was in vain. The Fairy-type was knocked to the ground- even without the weakness to Fire she so looked as though she ought to have, that Fire Blast was the straw that broke the Numel's back.

"Florges is unable ta battle!" Meowth declared. "Keith Masters has defeated three Pokémon on the opposin' side, so he's da winner!"

The woman scowled as she withdrew Florges into a Luxury Ball. "You just got lucky," she grumbled as she stormed back into the Pokémon Center to heal up her team again.

"Heh, yeah, right," Keith chuckled. "Lucky. Right. Kyle, you were awesome out there," he added to his Heatmor.

"Heat mor," Kyle nodded. With a mouth like his, it was hard to tell, but he was smiling.

At that moment, Keith opened up a pair of Poké Balls, sending out his Smeargle and Timburr. "Alright, good battling, both of you," smiled Keith. "Chromium, you're really getting the hang of that Mega Punch, and your Teleporting is much faster. Her Persian didn't stand a chance. Only thing is, I think we should work a little more on your Voodoo Bugaloo, alright? I think you probably could've held that Lilligant in place for longer than you actually did- that Firestream should not have missed, y'know?"

"Smeeear," sighed Chromium. She wasn't fond of the criticism, but even she had to admit Keith had a point- Lilligant was able to break free of the Voodoo Bugaloo spell quicker than either of them had anticipated. She was relatively low on practice with that particular move, which she figured must have played a role in that somehow.

"We'll work on it," Keith reassured the Smeargle. "You're really coming along nicely, Chromium. I know perfection's what you strive for, and I'm all for helping make it happen." Chromium nodded at this, betraying the tiniest trace of a smile at that last sentence in particular. Keith then turned to his Timburr. "And Millicent, very nicely done against Lilligant," he added. "You were able to switch between Fire Punch and Poison Jab very quickly, really threw her off guard. And using Willow to pole vault over the Petal Dance was a stroke of genius. But you still could've been a little quicker to land that Poison Jab on Florges, so I'm thinking we'll try and work on your speed, sound good?"

"Timburr..." nodded Millicent. She looked deep in thought, and Keith could guess why- this was hardly Millicent's first loss in recent weeks. She'd been losing battles left and right. It kept taking her back to the time she'd spent in the Adoption Center, before ever joining Keith's team- constantly passed over in favor of other Pokémon. Stronger Pokémon. Were those other Trainers right to pass on her? Did Keith make a mistake by welcoming her onto the team?

This alarming train of thought was abruptly derailed as Keith knelt down beside his Timburr and put an arm around her. "I know you've had more than your fair share of losses over the past few weeks," he said kindly. "But Millicent, you're not the first Pokémon to experience such a thing, nor will you be the last. You're not weak. Not by any means. I'll keep on working with you, as much as it takes, and we'll get stronger together, OK?"

Grateful tears filled Millicent's eyes. She looked up at Keith with a look of admiration, and then threw her arms around her Trainer, wrapping him in a tight hug. This support was exactly what she needed, and she decided on the spot she would prove her Trainer right. Keith hugged Millicent back with a smile- he knew he could help bring out the best of Millicent's power.


Later that day, Keith was walking around, watching his Pokémon as they engaged in training battles with each other. Some were practicing with their various attacks. Millicent could be seen repeatedly lifting a huge, heavy rock into the air. Keith nodded his approval at Millicent's progress, though as he made to walk away, a voice sounded in his head; Excuse me. Keith?

Keith stopped and looked around. His initial look of confusion subsided somewhat as he noticed the piece of lumber leaning up against a nearby dead tree. "Willow?" Keith said. The ghost what haunted Millicent's log rarely spoke to anyone besides Millicent herself. She did sometimes talk to Keith, but it wasn't very often that she did this. Keith was wondering, what could this be? What could be urgent enough that Willow would speak to him?

Yes, Willow's voice rang in Keith's head. I... am quite thankful for the words of encouragement you gave to Millicent earlier. It is certainly something she desperately needed. However... I'm worried.

"What about?" asked Keith.

There was a pause before Willow spoke up again. I am worried... that Millicent might be pushing herself too hard. Losing herself in her desire to become stronger, to live up to the faith you have in her. She even told me she is considering evolving.

"Evolving?" repeated Keith. "I thought she didn't want to evolve?"

She didn't. She still doesn't, said Willow. Millicent is like a sister to me. I know her very well. To her, evolving into Conkeldurr, or even simply into Gurdurr, would only appeal to her in terms of getting stronger. She would not be truly happy. She would be miserable, I can tell. I have tried to tell her this, but her newfound obsession with becoming stronger is blinding her to reason.

"I see," nodded Keith. "That would be a problem," he agreed. "I mean, I'd be fine with Millicent no matter what evolutionary stage she's in, but her happiness is what's important, you're absolutely right. I'll have a talk with her, see if I can't set this straight."

Thank you, Willow replied. Keith nodded, giving a reassuring look to the seemingly inanimate piece of lumber, before approaching his Timburr. Millicent was still repeatedly lifting the large rock, even as she saw Keith approaching.

"Hey, Millicent," Keith said to his Timburr. "How about you put that down for a second?"

"Burr, Timburr," Millicent shook her head, continuing to lift the rock as though it were a large, shapeless barbell.

"Well, I'd like to talk to you, and I'd prefer it if you took a little break while I do," Keith responded patiently. "Please put down the rock?"

"Burr..." sighed Millicent. After a moment's consideration, she set the rock down on the ground and looked up at Keith, while leaning on the rock.

Keith sat down on the rock. "OK, so, Willow tells me you're really taking your training seriously now," he began.

"Timburr Timburr!" Millicent responded proudly. To demonstrate, she took a running start and landed a devastating Power-Up Punch to a different rock, shattering it into gravel.

"Very nice," Keith smiled. "You're really getting the hang of that move. But Millicent, listen, alright? Willow's worried about you, and after what she's told me, I admit I'm a little worried myself. I mean, I'm glad you're so determined to get stronger- it means that you get what I said to you earlier. But... Millicent, you don't want to evolve, I thought?" he asked.

"Timburr! Timburr!" Millicent shook her head vehemently. She looked off to her right. Keith followed her gaze, just in time to see his Hariyama and Scrafty sparring with each other.

"You don't think you measure up to them?" Keith said to Millicent. "Is that what this is about?"

"Timburr..." sighed Millicent, giving a small nod.

Keith sighed. "Look, Millicent, first off, size isn't everything, and neither is evolutionary stage. You should know this good and well by now, you've had Hermione as a teammate for how long now? In fact, y'know what? Let's have a look at the Pokédex," he added, taking out his Koffing-purple Pokédex. "You're about two feet tall, right? Let's just see what other Pokémon are your height," he stated, pressing buttons. Before long, he'd brought up a list of Pokémon the same average height as a Timburr. "OK, look here- Klinklang, Amoonguss, Meowstic, Mawile- none of those are pushovers, y'know? Look- Celebi. The legendary Celebi is the same height as you," he grinned. "I've met Celebi myself, and I can tell you, she may be small, but she's no pushover, not by a long shot."

Millicent looked rather impressed by this, but she wasn't completely convinced by Keith's words. "...burr," she murmured. Keith put his Pokédex away, looking at his Timburr. He wasn't sure how to convince her that she didn't need to evolve if she didn't want to...

"Excuse me," came a voice.

Keith blinked at the sound of the voice. He turned and looked, and saw a muscular Black Belt, a Hitmontop standing by his side. "Yeah?" Keith replied.

"These Fighting Pokémon yours?" asked the man, gesturing to Helga and Bart.

"Yeah, they're mine, "Keith nodded. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I figure maybe you're planning to enter the P1 Grand Prix," grinned the Black Belt.

"Wait the- the Fighting-type tournament?" Keith replied. "I thought that was only held in Kanto?"

"It used to be," replied the Black Belt. "But it can take place in pretty much any region these days, and this year, it's being held in Goodbattle City."

"Is it, now?" Keith replied, a look of vague interest on his face. "Well, then. Maybe I will enter, then."

"That's the spirit!" roared the Black Belt. "Hope to see you there!" With that, he and his Hitmontop walked away.

Meowth approached Keith. "Da P1 Grand Prix, huh?" he said. "Who ya gonna enter, Helga or Bart?"

At Meowth's words, Keith turned to look at Millicent. "Neither of them," he replied.


Several days later, the day had arrived. A large crowd had gathered at Goodbattle Stadium, and a large wrestling ring had been constructed for the tournament. "Ladies and gentlemen!" boomed the emcee's voice over the speaker system. "This year's P1 Grand Prix is about to begin! This year's contestants are entering the stadium right now!" And indeed, amid a number of Pokémon Trainers walking into the stadium was Keith Masters. Meowth was not on his shoulder as usual, but was instead seated in the stands, cheering as Keith walked in. A Poké Ball was clutched in Keith's right hand.

"We got this," Keith murmured, addressing the Poké Ball- more specifically, its contents. "You'll see. We got this."

After all the contestants had been introduced to the audience, the first match was ready to begin. Keith approached one corner of the ring, and another Trainer, a young man who looked slightly younger than Keith, approached the opposite corner. A referee stood at yet another corner.

"And now it's time for the first match!" boomed the emcee. "It's Keith versus Derek! The rules are simple- each Trainer must choose one Fighting Pokémon to battle, and the match is over when one Pokémon is unable to continue battling."

Derek acted first, throwing a Poké Ball into the air. "Let's do it, Pignite!" he exclaimed, unleashing a rather round creature into the ring. It snorted, loosing several embers from its nostrils.

"What do we got here?" Keith murmured, taking out his Pokédex and pointing it at Derek's Pokémon.

"Pignite, the Fire Pig Pokémon, and the evolved form of Tepig," said Keith's Pokédex. "Anything Pignite eats becomes fuel for its internal fire, with more food meaning the fire burns stronger. The stronger its internal fire, the more power Pignite has, and its movements are sharper and faster when the fire flares up."

"Derek's Pignite is ready to battle!" declared the emcee. "What Pokémon will Keith use to take it on?"

Keith grinned, clutching the Poké Ball. "Millicent, let's go!" he exclaimed, sending out his Timburr. She had agreed to participate in the P1 Grand Prix, though she didn't look especially sure of herself. She had Willow slung over her shoulder as she eyed the Pignite.

At that moment, the bell rang, and Derek was quick to act on it- that bell marked the start of the battle! "Pignite, use Arm Thrust, let's go!" he exclaimed.

"Piiigniiiiite!" Pignite exclaimed, rushing forward.

Keith was ready. "Millicent! Comet Punch!" he commanded.

"Burr!" Millicent exclaimed. She let Willow fall to the floor and met Pignite's Arm Thrust with a series of fast, furious punches, each Fighting-type deflecting the other's moves.

"Timburr and Pignite seem evenly matched!" the emcee observed. "Neither attack can get through!"

But this didn't deter Keith. "Now! Use Low Kick!" he ordered.

Before either Derek or Pignite could respond, Millicent aimed a kick at Pignite's legs. Pignite was tripped up, and it fell down at once. "Pignite, get up!" exclaimed Derek.

"We got it now, Millicent!" Keith exclaimed. "Thunder Punch!"

As Pignite jumped back up, Millicent was ready. She slammed a fist crackling with electricity into Pignite's gut. Pignite grunted- it stood its ground this time, but judging by the sparks flying, it was now paralyzed.

"Pignite! Flamethrower!" ordered Derek.

"Not a chance!" Keith grinned. "Millicent! Stone Edge!"

"Burr!" Millicent grunted. She picked Willow back up and slung her over her shoulder, taking aim with her as though with a bazooka. A red aura came over Millicent and Willow, and a number of sharp stones were fired from the end of the log in rapid succession. Pignite inhaled deeply to deliver the Flamethrower, but before it could exhale, it was pelted by the Rock-type move.

"Pignite, hang in there!" exclaimed Derek, as the Fire/Fighting-type bravely withstood the rocky onslaught.

But Keith was not finished just yet. "Leer attack!" he ordered Millicent.

"Timburr!" replied Millicent as she fixed Pignite with a positively frightening glare. A shiver went down the Fire Pig Pokémon's spine as his Defense fell, and Derek's frantic order to use Incinerate fell on deaf ears.

"Nice!" Keith grinned. "Let's wrap this up with Drain Punch!"

"Burr... TIMBURR!" Millicent screamed as green and yellow energy swirled around her fist. She then slugged Pignite with great force, the Drain Punch helping Millicent to recover some of the damage she'd taken, while Pignite fell backwards, making no attempt to get back up. Keith grinned proudly as the bell rang multiple times, signalling Pignite's defeat.

"And this match is over! Pignite is down and out! An incredible first match from first-time contestant Keith and his Timburr!" the emcee exclaimed, booming over the crowd's excited cheering. "Pignite's spirit burned bright, but it just couldn't keep up with Timburr's powerful attacks!"

"You did it, Millicent!" Keith exclaimed. Millicent looked rather surprised that she did so well against the Pignite, though she couldn't help but smile at her Trainer's praise.

The tournament continued on. Keith and Millicent watched some of the other Fighting-types in action. A Machoke took out a formidable-looking Lucario, a Scrafty came out on top against a Breloom, and so forth. It came time for Keith's second match before very long.

"And the battle between Timburr and Hitmontop continues to rock the stadium!" the emcee declared as Millicent swung Willow expertly at Hitmontop's point, knocking him off-balance and stopping the Rolling Kick short.

"Get up, Hitmontop!" roared the same Black Belt who had told Keith about the P1 Grand Prix to begin with. "Close Combat!"

"Millicent! Double Team now!" Keith ordered.

"Hitmoooon- top? Top?!" Hitmontop murmured, for his attempts to pummel Millicent resulted in the destruction of a mere Double Team copy. Moreover, as Hitmontop looked around, he could see multiple Timburr surrounding him.

"Stay strong!" exclaimed the Black Belt. "Take out the copies with Vacuum Wave!"

"Not today!" Keith declared. "Millicent, Force Palm!"

Hitmontop unleashed Vacuum Wave, sending blades of energy flying in all directions, taking out the copies at a decent pace. However, even as one hit the real Millicent, she was not deterred, and she landed the powerful Force Palm. Hitmontop staggered backwards and was struggling to stand- Force Palm had paralyzed it!

"Hitmontop!" exclaimed the Black Belt.

"Finish it!" Keith grinned. "Comet Punch!"

"Timburr Timburr Timburr Timburr!" Millicent exclaimed, landing what to Hitmontop felt like about a thousand punches all at once. Between how fast each blow landed and the paralysis, Hitmontop couldn't even begin to defend, and he could only topple over. Keith grinned as the bell sounded multiple times, confirming that Hitmontop had fallen.

"Keith and Timburr come out on top again!" boomed the emcee as the crowd's cheering grew louder and louder. "And now, we move to the final match of the second round- the previous year's champion, Charles, , against first-time P1 contestant Oliver!"

"Good luck, Oliver!" Keith exclaimed, for it was in fact the very same Trainer Keith had met several times in the past who stood at one end of the ring. Keith had seen his Hawlucha come out on top against a Primeape in the first round, though the opponent, an extremely muscular man known as Charles, he was no pushover, either. He spoke not a word as he casually lobbed an Ultra Ball into the ring, unleashing a huge, beefy, muscular Pokémon, gripping a concrete pillar in each hand, and wearing a distinct, noticeable belt which told the crowd that it's won in the P1 Grand Prix before. The Conkeldurr, as Keith had seen in the first round, was not to be underestimated. In the first round, Charles's Conkeldurr had taken out a powerful Blaziken with no trouble whatsoever. Oliver, meanwhile, threw a Safari Ball from which emerged his Hawlucha.

The bell sounded at that point, and they sprang into action. "Hawlucha! Wing Attack!" ordered Oliver.

"Lucha!" exclaimed Hawlucha. It ran towards Conkeldurr, its wings glowing brightly.

In response, Charles gave a small smirk. "Low Sweep," he responded.

With an earth-shaking crash, Conkeldurr slammed a concrete pillar onto the battlefield, then with amazing acrobatic skill, swung around the pillar, expertly landing a kick to the oncoming Hawlucha. This stopped the Wing Attack, and as Hawlucha tumbled to the floor, it got back up, wincing in pain.

"Use Swords Dance!" called Oliver.

"Thunder Punch!" commanded Charles.

Hawlucha spun around, aglow with a red aura, though Conkeldurr slamming an electrified fist into the Wrestling Pokémon cut this short. The super effective move sent Hawlucha flying backwards, though it managed to recover with little trouble. "All right!" grinned Oliver. "Let's make a comeback, Hawlucha! Flying Press!"

"Ice Punch!" responded Charles.

From that point, the battle was more or less decided. Hawlucha went in strong with its signature Flying Press, but the Ice Punch thoroughly overpowered it.

"And this match is over!" declared the emcee as the bell rang multiple times. "Hawlucha has been soundly defeated by Conkeldurr and its powerful punching moves! Conkeldurr's Ability of Iron Fist means any punching it does is gonna be even stronger than usual, and it sure shows here!"

"Timburr..." murmured Millicent. She held Willow close to her for comfort- that Conkeldurr, she knew she might have to go up against it. Keith noticed Millicent's discomfort and put a comforting arm around her, which seemed to help.

The semifinal round was next, consisting of two matches. And sure enough, Charles and his Conkeldurr emerged victorious, having taken out a Machamp with alarming quickness. Millicent was no slouch either, on the other hand, and emerged victorious against a formidable Heracross.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is it!" declared the emcee. "We've reached the final match of this year's P1 Grand Prix! In one corner, we have Charles and his Conkeldurr, a pair of reigning P1 champions!" This elicited cheering from the crowd. "And in the other corner, we have Keith and his Timburr, a pair of P1 newcomers who have been wowing us all so far! This match is sure to be an interesting one, folks!"

"Conkeldurr. Let's take home the victory once again," Charles said to his Conkeldurr.

"Durrr..." growled Conkeldurr, nodding in response.

"OK, Millicent, let's win this whole thing," Keith encouraged his Timburr.

"Timburr..." murmured Millicent.

"Hey, listen to me," Keith said. "You'll be great, I know you will. Just relax and do as I say."

"And let the match begin!" declared the emcee as the bell rang.

Keith made the first move. "Millicent! Work Up!" he ordered. Millicent closed her eyes, and a red aura came over her body, boosting both Attack and Special Attack.

"Bulk Up!" ordered Charles. Conkeldurr responded by flexing its muscles, which seemed to get even larger than usual as a result.

"Alright, now let's use Hidden Power!" Keith ordered.

Charles smirked. "Defend," was all he said.

As Millicent unleashed the ghostly Hidden Power orbs, Conkeldurr sprang into action, swinging its concrete pillars around, swatting away each and every orb. Moreover, Conkeldurr stepped forward as it swatted away the Hidden Power, and towered over the Timburr, standing right before her.

"Now's your chance, Millicent!" Keith exclaimed. "Low Kick!"

"Thunder Punch!" said Charles.

Millicent lashed out at Conkeldurr's legs with a kick, but before she could land the blow, an electrified fist slammed her backwards. Keith gritted his teeth as his Timburr climbed back to her feet.

"And Conkeldurr seems to have the upper hand," the emcee was saying. "Timburr may pack a lot of power, but Conkeldurr seems to pack even more. There's just no stopping that Thunder Punch!"

"Millicent, can you keep going?" Keith asked.

"Tiiiim... burr!" Millicent nodded, sounding pained but determined.

Keith nodded back. "Alright, then, let's win this!" he stated. "Drain Punch!"

"Counter with Fire Punch," smirked Charles.

Millicent charged forward, right hand clenched into a fist, green and yellow energy swirling around the fist, but again, Conkeldurr was able to put a stop to the attack, this time with a fist ablaze with crackling flames. The Fire Punch sent Millicent flying back again, and it seemed to take her even more effort to get back up this time. And what was more, the Fire Punch seemed to have left a nasty burn.

"Millicent!" Keith exclaimed. "Are you OK?"

Millicent did not answer right away. The burn was... she felt it, but... but at the same time, she didn't really feel it. It was as if the burn, far from weakening her, instead served to strengthen her, her resolve. She felt strong. Powerful. All of a sudden, living up to the confidence Keith had in her seemed possible. Even while she was getting pummeled by this Conkeldurr, Keith never once lost faith in her. And at that moment, Millicent vowed that she would win this. No evolution- that wasn't the answer, and she knew it. No, she would win this her way, the way Keith knew she could.

"Tiiim... TIMBURRRRRR!" Millicent exclaimed suddenly, standing back up. An intense red aura came over her entire body, an aura of immense strength and power. Even Conkeldurr looked surprised.

"Millicent?!" Keith exclaimed. "Wait- is this..."

"Guts- Timburr's special Ability," responded his Pokédex. "When afflicted with a status condition, Timburr's physical power is increased."

"I didn't know Millicent's Ability was Guts," Meowth remarked, still seated in the stands, watching the match unfold. "Dis oughta be good!"

"Timburr is back on her feet and looking stronger than ever!" the emcee exclaimed. "The burn from that Fire Punch has triggered Timburr's Guts Ability, so this fight can still go either way!"

"It won't work!" snapped Charles. "Low Sweep!"

"Force Palm, let's go!" Keith retorted.

Conkeldurr once again pivoted around on a concrete pillar, swinging itself around to deliver a crippling kick, but Millicent was ready with a powerful Force Palm. This time, it was Conkeldurr knocked off-balance. Not paralyzed, but some damage had been undoubtedly dealt.

"We won't let up!" Keith exclaimed as Conkeldurr tried to get back up. "Millicent, now use Drain Punch!"

"Mach Punch right now!" exclaimed Charles.

Once again, a pair of punching moves went head to head. But this time, they seemed more evenly matched. And even then, not for long- as Drain Punch kept sucking energy out of Conkeldurr and giving it to Millicent, the fully-evolved Fighting-type began to falter, allowing Mach Punch to be overtaken completely by Drain Punch.

"Conkeldurr, what are you doing out there!" Charles exclaimed. "It's just a Timburr, this should be a piece of cake! Now use Ice Punch and let's get this over with!"

"Don't let it get close!" Keith grinned. "Millicent, Grass Knot!"

Millicent grinned back, her eyes glowing green, and she slammed Willow down onto the mat. At that instant, a glowing green vine protruded from under the mat and snared Conkeldurr's feet. It tried using its concrete pillars to support itself, but the Grass Knot produced another few vines which toppled these as well, forcing Conkeldurr to collapse. It was down but not out, but Keith knew the time was ripe to finish this up.

"Get up!" Charles ordered sharply. "Win this with Mach Punch!"

"I don't think so!" said Keith. "Facade attack!"

Now a rainbow-colored aura shone all over Millicent's body. The burn further fueled her as she charged forward and rammed into Conkeldurr. This time, the Mach Punch didn't do a thing, and Conkeldurr was thrown backwards to its corner. And yet, it still got back up, Very shakily, yes, but it was back on its feet.

But Keith looked undeterred. "Now, Millicent!" he exclaimed. "Focus Blast, let's go!"

Once more, Millicent shouldered Willow, aiming her like a bazooka, and it was from the end of the log that the Timburr fired off the Focus Blast. It created a minor explosion as it slammed into Conkeldurr, and once the smoke cleared out, the bell started to ring multiple times. Keith grinned widely as the outcome became clear.

"It's over! It's all over!" the emcee was half-shouting, the better to be heard over the earsplitting roar of the cheering crowd. "I don't believe it! Keith's Timburr has toppled Charles's Conkeldurr! Keith and his Timburr are our new P1 Grand Prix champions!"

Millicent was speechless. She'd actually done it! She looked down at the championship belt Keith put on her, astonished that she'd actually earned this. It was a wonderful moment for her- it was the moment when it finally sank in to the Timburr- she was strong. She didn't need to evolve, and Keith did not make a mistake taking her in. In fact, if this belt wasn't so darn heavy and uncomfortable, she'd never take it off! Millicent smiled up at Keith, who returned the smile with one of his own. And then, Keith heard Willow's voice in his head again; Thank you. This was exactly what Millicent needed. Keith could only smile at this, happy that he was finally able to get through to Millicent, finally able to help give her the confidence boost she so dearly needed.


"You know, Millicent," Keith said as they left Goodbattle City. "I've been thinking- since you don't want to constantly wear your P1 championship belt, I'm thinking we do something else to commemorate this." With that, he dug a spherical object out of his backpack- it was an Ultra Ball, the last of the four he'd bought in the Pokémart some time ago. "A ball fit for a P1 Champion," he grinned. "What do you say?"

"Burr! Timburr!" Millicent nodded, grinning widely. Keith grinned back. He fiddled with Millicent's Poké Ball until the halves split apart, rendering the ball useless, then tapped his Timburr with the Ultra Ball. It sucked her inside, and clicked shut almost immediately. Keith smiled at this, then sent Millicent back out- the two of them, plus Meowth, were gonna walk back to the Secret Base together.

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