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Eager to lay bare her sense of schadenfreude to the world, Aeria eyes the rosy, tender burn on Propaganda's chest with unrestrained glee, giggling rather menacingly for a creature of her stature. The weakened spot on the torso of the tongued behemoth in her sights, Aeria rears back before darting forward, her leg covered in a flowing shell of brilliant white light. Despite his tiredness, Propaganda very quickly notices the flight path of the fey and curls his body into a tight ball. Aeria lashes out and slams her dainty foot into her foe's body, causing a small-scale explosion at the contact site and sending Propaganda flying back a few feet. Rolling to a stop quite a few feet away from the Clefable, Propaganda unfurls himself and stabilizes his footing with a small grunt, decidedly unhappy about being used as a glorified, albeit squishy, football.

Aeria, wishing to further damage her foe, begins to wave her arms hypnotically in front of her body, a triangle of polychromatic energy forming before her. As she deftly thrusts her arms into the polygon, a prismatic beam fires forth and rips through the airspace between her and her opponent, cracking menacingly from the micro-collisions of the sparse elemental energies laced within. Unwilling to be subject to such abuse, Propaganda hardens his will, and his tail, to weather the assault. Rushing forward towards certain doom without a trace of fear marring his visage, the Lickilicky twists his body with surprising agility to reveal his now silvery, shimmering rear appendage and swings it straight into Aeria's attack. His tail slices through the beam like a hot knife through butter, and although he is partially hit by the stray fragments of energy, his aim remains true, as he slams his tail directly into the Clefable, who screeches in pain at the counterattack. Panting rather harshly as she pulls herself up from the cloudy surface of the ground to face her looming foe, Aeria rights herself and shakes off the pain. This was an enemy she could not afford to underestimate.

: Aeria took another hard hit this round, her health sailing well past the midpoint, and is now mere inches away from Propaganda. She is quite tired after that round, and would benefit greatly from a rest. Propaganda, on the other hand, has evened out his breathing and is notably less taxed than before, although he is perhaps toeing that line. He didn't come out of the round unscathed, however, and remains close to Aeria in terms of health. His Amnesia boost has mostly faded, but will persist through part of the next round.


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