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Stunned by the sudden development, you wonder if everything had been falling into place to lead up to this point. You can detect no animosity from the crowd of Cat Ferrets, but more than that, the gloating scientists' final warnings echo in your mind. If these were the Zangoose that they supposedly experimented on, what implications would that mean for you and Zangoose? Sophia, Poi and Pahn join the twenty or so pairs of eyes watching you, waiting for your decision.

Eventually, you solemnly make your choice, urging Zangoose to rise to its feet as you explain your acceptance of its proposal. It smiles, a small fang jutting under its lip as it calmly presses the activation button on your Friend Ball. You stumble a little from the shift in weight as Zangoose's mass is converted into energy, and the Normal-type finally vanishes into the specialised capsule, which merely vibrates once before settling down. You look ahead as the leader folds its arms and jerks its head, which you take to be a sign of approval, and as one the Zangoose begin pulling back by scaling the cliffs in a series of adroit leaps and bounds. Soon enough the mountainous passage is clear, leaving only you and Sophia, along with your Pokémon.

"...Hoo," Sophia pants, evidently having held her breath in her throat for the exchange. "I-I-I definitely wasn't expecting that - but it looks like both of us got something out of this, huh? Or someone," she chuckles. "Those Zangoose must have really taken a shine to you for what you did for them. Maybe they want to trust some humans. Like you!" You pause, managing a small smile of your own. Maybe it's Sophia's own optimism or secret insight, but you feel glad that at least someone has a little more faith in you than you're crediting yourself with.

"We should probably go see Jade as soon as we can," suggests Sophia, "But I think our new friends need some medical attention at least, just to be sure."

- You have captured a Zangoose! Zangoose is Level 8, male, and has a Docile nature. He also has Double Kick as an Egg move.
- Zangoose must be healed at a Pokémon Centre before any further interaction involving him.
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