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Be sure to check out Shuckle's and my channel, Rowdy Seamen and Footballs! ... oh, wait, this thread is about YouTUBE. Here are some YouTUBE channels that I like.

Mehdi Sadaghdar (aka ElectroBOOM) makes hands-on videos about the science and applications of electricity. Of course, lots of people talk about electricity, and they tell you what not to do, and you're supposed to just take their word for it. But Mehdi SHOWS you what not to do, so that you can actually see what happens. It's a very uniquely informative series. The other great thing is that Mehdi is an extremely talented entertainer, so he can make just about anything interesting. For example, here's a video explaining how to take the cross product of the current and magnetic field vectors set to music from The Lion King. I recommend it for everyone!

Louis Rossmann is a trash-talkin' (but extremely smart) tough guy from Brooklyn who runs a laptop repair shop. His videos aren't exactly information-dense because he doesn't do any planning or scripting; he just flips the camera on and talks or does work. He does everything on the fly and then uploads the whole unedited segment, so the videos are looooong. (I'll link you to the middle of the videos because they're so long.) If you leave them on in a side window or something, you might learn a thing or two about ball grid arrays, how to reflow surface-mount components, or how to talk like a New Yorker. A good example. What I like about these videos is the attitude and the... colorful presentation. Like this explanation of capacitors, which I am convinced he came up with on the spot. That, and the rants. Again, no scripting, just a stereotypical Italian-American New Yorker yelling at the camera about business, technology, and using your brain.

bigclivedotcom looks at the "race to the bottom" among white-label and off-brand electronics by buying cheap items on ebay/Aliexpress, taking them apart, and showing what's inside. Usually, it's several pennies' worth of common components in an amateur-grade circuit, perhaps dangerously so. They might also have silly Engrish product names like the USB male hole warmer. It's not nearly as cynical as it sounds; I would describe the attitude as being a mix of giddiness and curiosity, as in "oh boy, it says it can heat up, I can't wait to look inside and find out how it does that!"

Shaken, not stirred.

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