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So is this supposed to be for what youtube channels we watch, or recommend, or what? lol.

Going to list off a few I watch consistently, or in some cases, used to.

SeaNanners: Pretty funny dude, does a variety of gaming content with other people, like Chilled Chaos. Mostly Garry's Mod and the such though.

Dyrus: Solid dude, does twitch streaming and youtube videos for league. Really fucking chill, mellow dude. Solid for wrapping up the day with as you're trying to sleep.

LeeandLie: Puts out fantastic English covers of anime and video game themes. Her voice is quite pleasing to the ears.

Lyle McDouchebag: Doesn't put out content often, but when he does, it's usually hilarious, albeit inappropriate shit.

Miror: Miror's youtube channel. He doesn't upload fucking at all anymore, but let's all take a moment to chuckle at our fair LO's informative and shortly lived channel.

Naked Eli: Fantastic Halo Speedrunner. Unfortunately due to a lack of motivation, and the fact that Microsoft flat out cucked him after years of good terms, he no longer uploads. Still worth checking out his videos, though.
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