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Going to throw Northernlion into the mix. He's a gaming Youtuber, but the main draw for me personally is his commentary. He's pretty affable as a guy in general, and he's managed to create himself something of a group of friends who actively play with him. There's some immaturity to it which I figure tends to be irremovable from these kinds of Youtubers, but as a general rule of thumb his content is aimed more towards folk of our age, late teens/early 20s, so he's actually a pretty chill watch. His channel's main stay is Binding of Isaac, which he is pretty bloody good at, but he has numerous little mini series he runs now and then alongside it. Notable ones you should consider watching are Enter the Gungeon, Dark Souls III, and anything which is run with the "Tournament of Shame" crew, who all have individually strong channels in their own right. There's too many to list and link, but among them are LastGreyWolf (Austin), who is probably the most technically gifted of the bunch when it comes to games, AlpacaPatrol, RockLeeSmile, BaerTaffy.

Also the Ultimate Chicken Horse series he's running with them right now is fucking gold dust.

Also going to strongly recommend Dunkey and Grade from George's list. Both exceptional.
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