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Youtube Videos & Channels

(If there is a thread similar to this that I've missed please delete this thread, and apologies)

Considering that we're all either Anime Nerds, Pokemon Nerds, or just Nerds in general, the transition from the online world to the real one is hard for us. Keeping us glued to our computer screens is the corrupt, safe harbours protected social media platform known as Youtube, where I'm quite sure that most of us spend a lot of our time 'snacking' on videos to satiate our endless quest to suppress our boredom. Yes, snacking is an actual term to define how much time we spend watching something online. Anyway, a lot of people use this system to create their own content, and feed off of our views and likes to become filthy rich, and I wanted to create this thread to share what our favourite channels are, and to share new videos so that we may continue munching away.

I'll start with a few channels I keep up with:

Casually Explained:
Casually Explained has been blowing up recently, and rightly so. The whole premise of this channel is essentially to explain things from the perspective of an average bedroom dweller. It's relatable in the sense that he picks out his own flaws and uses them for some great satirical humour, with a monotonal delivery and an 'MS Paint' artstyle that screams 'I even failed at stick figures.' Love all of his videos, particularly 'The Club' and 'French'.

I Hate Everything (IHE):
I've followed IHE for a while along with the likes of GradeA and Leafy, and whilst those two channels have leaned towards the 'Youtube Big Brother house style Drama', IHE has largely remained clear of it, and poking fun at the fact that everyone is getting involved with it. Outside of that, his 'I hate ____' series is incredibly, following the same kind of Monotonal delivery that Casually Explained merits from, whilst adding typical British satire and humour to the whole thing. He also does reviews of the bottom 100 films listed on imdb, following a very similar format to his I Hate series, and that too is incredibly funny and enjoyable to watch.

Jonathon Pie:
Satire again, but this time political. Jonathon Pie is a character created by Tom Walker, an actor. He plays the role of a news reporter either after a finished report, or during a cut, and his conversations with the studio director who goes by the name of Tim. The conversations are always picking at an aspect of current British politics, from a left-wing stand point, and quite frankly he has more insight into the political game than a lot of politicians do. One of his recent videos where he interviews a young conservative details an incredibly awkward situation between 2 people of wildly different political views. It's hilarious. He's funny, he hates tories, and he really knows his politics. What more can you ask for!

Although he leans towards the 'drama' on youtube, his other videos are still an entertaining watch. Everyone knows him from the 'Girly Drinks and Manly Drinks' video he made 3 years back, but he's fast taken youtube by storm with over 3 million subscribers. Steer clear of anything with Keemstar in the title and all is good with this guys videos.

I'm fairly sure most people know of videogamedunkey, but if not, he was originally a League of Legends youtuber, where he got most of his fanbase from. After he quit the game however, his content only got 1000x better. It's hard to explain why he's so funny, but he just is. Seriously it's so hard to put into words why he's so likeable and funny. His editing style, his accent, the situations he gets into in games, I'm not sure. He has me in stitches every time I watch though, and he's my go-to gaming youtuber.
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