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Melittin listened as Lalu described something old she'd discovered at the end of the cave, and with a grin, flew off after her. Lalu, he could tell, hadn't changed a bit, which was just fine by him.

After a while, Lalu had led Melittin to a little puddle of water, situated in an indent in the cave wall. There was a small crack in the wall behind the puddle, and the surrounding floor was sandy. In this sandy terrain was growing all sorts of odd-looking plants. Almost as though they were from another time period. Which got Melittin remembering a certain other adventure he and Lalu had been through, also involving a cave, ancient vegetation, and a strange, ancient talking something. "This isn't another crystal Kabutops, is it?" he jokingly asked Lalu, though he really hoped it wasn't another repeat of that.

However, initially it didn't seem as though he'd get to find out, since whatever Lalu had found didn't seem to be here anymore. This, however, soon changed, with the appearance of an ancient face emerging from the crack in the wall. Lalu exclaimed that this was what she'd been talking about, and at her request, Melittin nodded. "I dunno about poking it just yet, but I'll check it out, for sure," he stated. He flew in closer. "Who are you?" he asked.

Rose had two options. One was to walk the whole way to the room, including taking the elevator. The other was to simply Teleport them all there, which she was both willing and able to do, as Chuck soon found out. After Fae left them alone to tend to the plants in the room, Rose pulled Chuck over to another corner of the room- well, more like led him there, considering Chuck's complete willingness to accompany her. Once in said corner, they looked into each other's eyes. Not a word was spoken, not even by the one able to speak. To say they had missed each other would be an understatement. As Rose touched the Gengar's chest, Chuck put her arms around the Kirlia he so loved. And then, Chuck could see it- a beautifully detailed image sent into his mind, an image of a big heart surrounded by flowers. Chuck's smile widened- it was beautiful. Rose really had been working on this, and the love she had for Chuck really showed. "I love you, too," he finally spoke up.

At that moment, Rose then led Chuck to the nearby flowers. Using Psychic, she picked a remarkably beautiful flower. She took the time to smell it, and Chuck could tell she liked the flower a lot. And as Chuck looked at the flower himself, he had an idea why- the shades of purple, pink, and red the flower so brilliantly showed off, they sort of made Chuck think of... well, of himself, of his own color scheme, particularly when he Mega Evolved. Rose then gave Chuck a kiss, before tucking the flower into Chuck's headband, right beside the Gengarite. Chuck smiled at this. In fact, he adjusted it so the flower was even closer to the Gengarite. Then his eyes fell back onto Rose. "Thank you," he smiled. "It's... I love it, Rose." He then glanced at the floor, and if Rose followed his gaze, she'd see why; the shadows she and Chuck were casting were starting to act on their own. The Gengar and Kirlia shadows were embracing each other- and then the shadows split into what looked like hundreds of tiny fragments of shadow, each and every fragment forming into the shape of a heart. The heart shadows then started to circle the floor around Rose and Chuck. Chuck was pretty pleased with this- ever since evolving from Haunter, he'd discovered a talent for manipulating shadows. Sometimes he'd use this power to startle others for a laugh. Sometimes he'd use this power simply to show off. But right now, he was using this power to try and convey the love he felt for Rose, the love he struggled to accurately convey with words, even with the luxury of being able to convey things with words in the first place.

"Very impressive," Keith agreed, nodding at Rowan's words. "I can't even imagine how long this must have taken." Rowan went on to explain that an incident such as Melittin and Behemoth's first battle wouldn't happen again- he had more or less total control over both the Gyarados and the Steelix. "Very impressive," Keith repeated. He felt a great deal of respect for Rowan at this moment. He remembered how unruly Behemoth used to be. Seeing this made him think back to when he first got Hedwig, back when she was a bitter, jaded Zubat who hated humans, made him think just how far she's come since then- how far Keith helped her come as her Trainer. It was by no means an easy effort, but it was more than worth it, Keith knew.

As the Rhyhorn and the unusually-colored Roggenrola quibbled in the background, Rowan offered to share his stories about his time in Hoenn. "Sure, I'd love to hear it," Keith agreed, sitting on one of the carved rocks. Meowth continued to sit on Keith's shoulder, and Rowan began his story. First, he told of how he came to realize he was the owner of a Dwebble and a Seviper, seemingly thanks to the dubious dealings of his Honchkrow. The Dwebble hadn't had a rock carved for it yet, and seemed very scared of the Seviper, and Rowan found it almost disturbing how well the Seviper got along with his Honchkrow.

Rowan then told of what went on with Behemoth. Keith's interest was piqued as Rowan stated he had to travel to the area around Lavaridge Town, even setting up base camp in the town itself- Rowan had been right in Keith's hometown. He found it very easy to picture what Rowan was detailing as he talked about the sudden bad weather on Mt. Chimney. "Yeah, that can happen a lot near Mt. Chimney," he nodded. "I would know- spent half my childhood playing on the Jagged Pass." The cave Rowan spoke of, however, was unfamiliar to Keith. He knew, of course, of the Fiery Path (hard to forget the cave where he first met his Weezing!), but he'd never noticed a cave entrance anywhere on the Jagged Pass in his youth, and nodded as Rowan stated that the cave had to have been manmade, or at least heavily altered by man. Rowan stated that though he'd come to the conclusion almost right away, he'd then stumbled upon old, rusted machinery which only further confirmed what he'd already worked out. Moreover, the place had been devoid of any wild Pokémon one might encounter in a cave built into Mt. Chimney. Keith nodded- he knew very well what kinds of Pokémon one might reasonably expect to see in such a cave, as did his Weezing, Dusknoir, and Gengar.

By the time Rowan got to the part where he'd encountered Groudon, Kyle had caught up with them. The Heatmor sounded fascinated by the tale Rowan was telling, and sat beside Keith to hear it. They were amazed that Behemoth had the gall to take on a beast like Groudon, despite a clear and obvious disadvantage. But then, Behemoth always had been one for battling, Keith knew. His past willingness to pick fights at but the flimsiest of excuses showed this quite well. It almost reminded Keith of how his Drapion used to be, back in the Skorupi stage. Scorpius always had that thirst for battle he has today, but when he was younger, he would want to challenge literally anything and anyone to battle. In fact, if Myrtle's translations of the young Skorupi's words were to be believed, the words "I want to battle the Dragonite! I WANT TO BATTLE THE DRAGONITE!!!" were practically his catchphrase. Keith supposed Behemoth was the same way, and in this case, found himself quite as outmatched as a young, unevolved Skorupi would be against a Dragonite. Indeed, the Steelix had been delivered a brutal defeat, forcing Rowan to try and escape the cave with his life. He'd withdrawn his Steelix, and had to ride his Rhyhorn out. This vividly reminded Keith of the similar situation he faced during that cave-in in Mt. Aduro, when he had to ride out on the Tauros he used to own. It was a thrilling tale, though as Rowan was obviously present to tell it, Keith could reasonably guess as to whether he'd managed to make it out with his life.

Following this narrow escape, Rowan had noticed a change in Behemoth- this had been the Steelix's first real loss, and it had a real effect on him. During a training battle against Rowan's Gyarados, Behemoth had gone into a frenzy, and was so determined to gain the upper hand he wound up destroying half the base camp. Keith listened as Rowan told of his efforts to help Behemoth. He got through to the Steelix, got him to respond more quickly to his orders, to cooperate with him, but he still went into a frenzy whenever his opponent seemed to get the upper hand. And then, Rowan moved on to talking about Leviathan, his Gyarados, claiming it a necessity to tell that story first. He was quite like Behemoth in that he sought to become stronger, and was prone to anger issues when in a tight spot, with one such tight spot occurring not far from Sootopolis City. Keith had only ever heard of Sootopolis City, though knew it to be a city contained entirely within a large crater, effectively isolating the city from the rest of the region. It was said that Sootopolis could only be entered by flying in or through an underwater tunnel.

Anyhow, Rowan explained how he was swimming with Leviathan, how they saw a number of Relicanth, one of which was even blue, and how they came across an underwater cave. It led them to dry land, albeit still inside the cave, and the presence of an old submarine, as well as manmade shortcuts right through what ought to have been a natural maze, none of that boded well as far as Rowan was concerned. And sure enough, Keith, Meowth, and Kyle all looked very surprised as Rowan recounted his encounter with the legendary Kyogre, and a pirate-like man who attacked him. This resulted in a three-way battle between Kyogre, Leviathan, and the man's Pokémon, which included a Mightyena and a Sharpedo that could Mega Evolve. Just as with Behemoth's battle against Groudon, Leviathan lost control, started attacking wildly. The man's Pokémon were no match, but Kyogre was a whole other swarm of Yanma. But alas, despite the immense power Leviathan displayed, he was very much like Behemoth in that he lost to the legendary. Some wall of water had knocked Rowan off of Leviathan at one point, with wild currents throwing him every which way, and the next thing he knew, he awoke on the beach, with Leviathan lying unconscious beside him. The pirate had been there before as well, and despite his earlier actions, he had in fact saved them. Rowan had returned to Sootopolis following that, and then he came to the part of the story he'd been getting at earlier- a way to help Behemoth and Leviathan train. He spoke of a secluded island off the coast of Pacifidlog, where he'd set up a large pit for the Steelix and Gyarados to train in. However, he was forced to leave them both there when he had to return to Rustboro for his work, and after several months, he returned to find the island changed completely. As he soon discovered, the Steelix and Gyarados had not only survived on the island, they had thrived. They worked together, worked through their anger issues, undergone a lot of training, came to trust one another, and in the process, got really, really big.

"Wow," Keith remarked once Rowan had concluded his tale. "Hey, don't sweat it, I've probably told longer and more boring stories myself that mean just as much to me," he added with a grin. "Nah, it was cool to hear how all that happened. Though I've never seen a cave on the Jagged Pass before, and I must have climbed every square inch of that path when I was a kid, so yeah, that cave must've been manmade. Or at least the entrance to it. But man- I've heard stories that Groudon sleeps deep within a volcano, but I never honestly thought it would be Mt. Chimney!"

"Dat's pretty incredible," Meowth agreed. "Youse grew up in Lavaridge, ain't ya? Youse was livin' within walkin' distince o' da legendary Groudon yer whole childhood!"

"It's mind-blowing," Keith agreed. "What that Archibald guy was saying, though- I have heard of Team Magma and Team Aqua. These two rival gangs that I heard operated in the Hoenn region, though I'd never really seen any members of either team when I was younger. But yeah- near as I'd ever known, Team Magma sought to expand the landmass, and Team Aqua was all about expanding the oceans. And I did hear they sought the power of Hoenn's legendary Pokémon to achieve their goals, too.

"Heatmor mor," Kyle remarked. "Mor Heatmor, heat Heatmor!"

"Kyle's sayin' he ain't found yer story borin' at all," Meowth translated. "He's sayin' he hopes Behemoth and Leviathan both get deir chances fer rematches someday, and dat dey both win."

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