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Lalu continues to jump around, “Great, I’ve discovered something at the other side of the cave here, I don’t know what it is but it talks and it’s weird and old and it just smells fishy. So let’s find out what it is!” And with that Lalu jumps off in the distance while shouting at Melittin to follow her. She skillfully dodges the rocks that litter the cavern floor as she jumps from stalagmite to stalagmite. “We’re getting there Mel! It’s just a bit further!”

It takes a little while to get through the entirety of the grand cavern that makes up this part of Rowan’s base, but eventually they get to a small indent in the wall. “Here it is!” Lalu exclaims, ”It has to be here somewhere.”

In the indent in the wall stand a small puddle of water, behind it a big crack in the wall is clearly visible. The area around it is quiet and it looks old, untouched by human hand. The floor around the indent is free from any obstacles however, and unlike the rest of the cave it has a sandy surface. In fact, some small vegetation has found a way to grow there. The vegetation looks unusual though, nothing like the plants that grow outside, and nothing like the collection of tropical plants in Rowan’s bedroom. These plants too look like they belong in a time long past.

”I can’t find it,” Lalu sounds disappointed, ”But it really was here.”


”Did you hear that Mel!?” Lalu turns around to the source of the voice. There in the crack in the wall an old face is visible. A tan-brown creature looks back at the Roggenrola and Beedrill, repeating its question, ”Who? Who was here?”

Lalu looks flabbergasted and isn’t as quick with her reply as she usually is, ”Uh, you?” she finally says. She then looks at Melittin and is immediately back to her normal self, ”That’s the thing I told you about! Poke it with a stinger and see what it does!”

Upstairs Rose answered Chuck’s ‘Lead the way’ by taking his hand and she gestures Fae to take her other hand which the Beautifly does. Of course walking to the elevator and going up that way is an option, but obviously Teleporting is a lot quicker and Rose is not in the mood to wait any longer to spend as much quality time with Chuck as possible. And so, only an instance later, the three of them find themselves in Rowan’s bedroom, where Fae and Rose also sleep.

”Thank you sweetie,” Fae excuses herself, ”I’ll just go keep my promise and leave you two to yourself. But please be careful with each other okay?” Once again Fae giggles, and with a graceful bow she flies off to take care of the flora, giving the loving couple the space and privacy they surely require.

Rose waves the friend goodbye and turns to the Gengar next to her. With Fae now off to the far side of the room, Rose drags Chuck to the corner of the room near the library. She looks him in the eyes and touches him on his chest. It’s still a bit of a strange sight to her, before she left Chuck was still a Haunter with hands big enough to cover her small body. Now Rose is grown, and Chuck has evolved, and even learned another evolution trick. It’s strange, but exiting at the same time as she touches her boyfriend again. A strong feeling of love engulfs her and she sends a big heart surrounded by flowers into Chucks mind. The image is detailed and vivid; two years of training her abilities in Hoenn did that. Rose then moves herself to the flowers close by, dragging Chuck with her by his hand, and uses her Psychic powers to pluck a beautiful asiatic lily flower from the pot. She holds it in her hand and smells it, the flower has a sweet yet mysterious scent to it. Rose likes the flower, the looks, the scent, it reminds her of Chuck who she now faces. She giver her boyfriend a kiss and places the flower behind the headband, right next to the Mega Stone that’s embedded in it, as a sign of the bond they share.

Much to Rowan’s enjoyment Keith is visibly impressed by his stunt and by his Pokémon.

“Impressive isn’t it?” Rowan says with a big smile on his face, “You have no idea how long it took me to train them to realize this growth, and more importantly, this level of control over them. Something like how your Beedrill and my Steelix got into a battle the first time won’t happen anymore. I think I have about full control over the both of them now.” Rowan sounds confident, and the look of respect and mutual understanding that he and his Pokémon exchange all but confirms that.

“It took a long time to get to this point though,” Rowan says as he walks back to Keith, Meowth, Graw and Quad.

The Roggenrola is trying to get on top of the Rhyhorn again, but he has trouble getting up there because Graw isn’t letting him, which Quad doesn’t take kindly. ”Get down you stone cow, I want to get out of here, and I sure as hell ain’t going to walk myself!”

”You’re a bully,” Graw replies calm, ”Taking a walk would be good for you.”

Unfortunately Quad doesn’t take being talked back to not kindly either, and Graw has hardly finished talking or he finds a Rock Blasting against his face. It’s a good thing the Rhyhorn is a tough Pokémon so the attack doesn’t bother him much, if any at all. Yet it yields exactly the result Quad was hoping for. Graw gives in and lowers himself just enough for the Roggenrola to be able to jump on top and ride him.

”Well, that wasn’t so hard now was it?” Quad says condescending, ”Just listen immediately next time will you? That saves us both a lot of time.” Graw hears him talk, growls a bit and chooses to be the better man and ignores him. ‘It is that we go the same direction, otherwise I’d kick him of immediately. He’s never going to fit in the group with that attitude.’ Graw thinks as he walks off with a still talking Roggenrola on his back.

Meanwhile Rowan has his attention with Keith and Meowth. “You know, if you’re interested, I’ll tell you about my time in Hoenn. I have quite some interesting stories to share.” He points at some rocks close by, they’re roughly carved out to resemble something of a chair. “I haven’t quite had the time to finished carving those out so they may not be the most comfortable seats you’ve ever had, but they do the trick. I’ve seen and done a lot so I think we should take a seat if you want to hear about it, it may take some time.” Rowan laughs.

Spoiler: show
“It’s been almost two years since I set foot on Hoenn soil. I had been called back home for an internship at Devon, a wish of my father. A lot has happened in that time and I haven’t quite told the details yet, so please allow me to do that now. Though rest assured, I’ll stick to the good bits.

When I first arrived at the my family’s estate next to the forests near Route 102 I had my first weird discovery, one of many I would have in my travels through the region. I was unpacking my suitcases and putting everything in its place in my room when I discovered something I had not put in them myself. Inside on the suitcases I found two Pokéballs of which I did know who they belonged to. They most certainly were not familiar to me, and my Pokémon had been accounted for. Not knowing who the real owner of the Pokéballs and the Pokémon inside them were I decided it would be best to call the Slateport docks the next morning, and the local police station, to see if any passenger had reported a missing Pokéball.

The next morning I make the calls and it turn out no-one on the ship to Hoenn had reported anything. No Pokémon or Pokéballs were missing with any of the other passengers. So I was at a loss of what to do next. Then I remembered all the Pokémon caught by a legitimate trainer get registered somewhere, my own are thus I thought that must go for the two I found too. And so I took the time to travel to Littleroot Town, thankfully Behemoth, my Steelix, makes travelling around a lot easier and quicker than making the whole trip by foot like I used to do when I was younger. When I arrived Professor Birch was already waiting for me as I had called him about my arrival. I could hear there was some anger in his voice when he spoke, I didn’t ask too much about it, but I assumed it was because I could be dealing with stolen Pokémon that somehow came into my possession. Or perhaps he thought I had something to do with it. In any case, it indeed proofed to be easy to locate the owner of the Pokéballs. The owner in question was I. Somehow, and I am still not quite sure how, I had caught two Pokémon I did not know of, but the Pokéball I had found were registered on my name and were supposedly housing a Dwebble and a Seviper. Perplexed as I was about the discovery I released the Pokémon who were indeed a Dwebble and a Seviper. The Dwebble though was, how do I say it politely, only wearing his Adam’s costume. He did not have the rock made shell their kind are known to have, nor did it attempt to make one once released. In fact, it looked rather wary at its surroundings and even more wary, scared almost, at the Seviper.

Of course Professor Birch was quite surprised it find out about this too. He asked if I could explain how this could happen, how I could have caught two Pokémon without knowing of it. The only explanation I could give him however was that I simply did not know, nothing happened with me in my time away from home that could explain the fact I had no memory of any event concerning the two Pokémon. The professor had another tool up his sleeve however, he realized he could also see how the Pokéballs came into my possession, and it turned out I had apparently traded for them. To this day I still do not know exactly who arranged the trades, but I do have a strong suspicion my Honchcrow is behind it all. Ever since I introduced the Dwebble and Seviper to the rest of my team, Corvus has been incredibly close with them, too close if you ask me, as if they already knew each other in some way. But I have to say, they give me very little to worry about and usually do they own thing as a group, of which I’m not quite sure what that is, but I’m fine with it. I can always call upon them when I need one of their specific set of skills, and I have my hands free to deal with Behemoth and Leviathan. Because I can tell you, I really did need my hands free for them at times.

Behemoth’s growth as a Pokémon, literally and figuratively, is a story in itself. Ever since I got him he has been a true hand full. He is aggressive, loves to fight and cares little for the consequences of it there where it concerns others. Personally, when I am alone with him, he usually does what I ask of him. It may be begrudgingly, but he does it, which is the reason why I can ride him during my travels. But I had a very tough time trying to get him to listen to me under normal circumstances without the help of my Magnemite to keep him in check. Magnet Pull truly is a great ability to have in that regard.

As part of my internship at the Devon Corporation I had to travel all over Hoenn in search of new mining sites for minerals and metals, as well as possibly find some fossils for Devon’s resurrection program. These travels brought me everywhere, but for Behemoth nothing was as life-changing as the time we had to go to the area around Lavaridge Town. Our basecamp for the research and digging was actually in the town, but that day I decided I wanted to see the volcano crater and the see the view over the surrounding area for myself. So I took a few Pokémon with me, got onto Behemoth and we made our way to the top of Mt. Chimney. We were on the Jagged Pass when the weather suddenly became bad, the sky got dark, clouds formed, and it didn’t take long before a torrential rain started. Frantically we looked for shelter, and thankfully we found that a short time later in a cave, it had to be somewhere in the middle of the route I guess. Completely wet as I was my first concern was to get dry and luckily I had Haykhong with me for that. But when there was some light in the cave, I noticed it wasn’t simply a cave. There was a path that led deeper into the mountain. Curious as I was, and seeing a possible pre-made mining site, I figured I might as explore the place more.

It didn’t take long for me to realize this place was more than just a cave with a pathway into, or through the mountain. I know my caves and grounds, and I know when something is natural or manmade, and this path was definitely altered by people. It looked natural, but it wasn’t quite so. Soon after we had to take a right turn I saw my feelings confirmed. Some old, rusted and broken machines lay piled up in a corner of the path, next to the entrance of what appeared to be another part of the cave. I remember I looked at Haykhong and Behemoth at that moment, they looked back at me also wondering if we were going to continue. Behemoth though growled and made it clear he wanted to go on, and so we went on to the next part of the cave system. This is where it became really clear this entire mountain had to have been used by people at some point in time. We found ourselves at the top of what was basically a steep slope down into the depths of the earth, complete with a half rotten and destroyed wooded staircase and several plateaus along the way down filled with more rusted and out-of-use machinery. I didn’t trust the stairs anymore given the condition they were in, so I made a torch out of the wood had Haykhong lit it before I returned him to his Pokéball. The fastest way down was on Behemoth’s back and Haykhong being a Fire-type I thought it best to return him. Besides, Slugma are slow so he wouldn’t have been able to keep up with Behemoth’s speed anyways.

Behemoth and I made our way down slowly, and I noticed it had become a warmer. But that wasn’t the only thing I started to notice at that time. We had come quite a far into the cave for my feeling, but not once has we encountered a Pokémon. You’d think a big cave like this in mountainside like that of Mt. Chimney would be filled with Zubat’s, Slugma’s, Geodude’s and who know what other kind or Fire, Rock and perhaps even Fighting and Poison types. But so far we hadn’t encountered anything, and by the time we reached the crossroad at the bottom of the slope that hadn’t changed a bit. Again though we had to make a choice, left, right or go back. We decided to go left and entered a hot and well-lit area. At this point pools of magma had formed so Behemoth and I had to be extremely careful. We wanted to go forwards, but then, the moment we moved, a loud roar filled the cave, shaking the ground around us and causing big rocks to fall down from the ceiling. Stalactites were dropping down left and right like a rain of arrows forcing me to jump off Behemoth to take shelter under his big head, or otherwise I might have been killed. Both of us knew we had to continue from that point to find out where this roaring sound came from.

We headed onwards and entered a big magma chamber. The temperatures were almost unbearably high, but there was nothing there besides more crushed, rusted, molten and otherwise destroyed machines. And no other way out than we way we came in. I took a moment to look around and investigate the magma chamber, but unfortunately that was to no avail. It was disappointing that there was no were to go but back, especially since there appeared to be no other use for the site as well. Any useful materials that may have been mined there at some point where all exhausted. It was then that once again we heard that same roar that brought the entire volcano to life. The ground trembled, parts of the ceiling collapsed and the big pool of magma in the room came up. I truly had never been as scared in my life as I was at that point. Being burned alive in a stream of lava because of an erupting volcano really is the stuff of nightmares in my profession. I urged Behemoth to go as quick as he could carry me, but he didn’t move. Scared as I was I hammered my fist on his metal body to get him to move, but Behemoth still didn’t move, he didn’t even acknowledge my presence at that time. All he did was staring right in front of him with a soft but angered growl rolling through his mouth. I turned around slowly, scared to think of what I might see, and looked straight at the face of a huge Pokémon. It had all kinds of glowing markings on him too. I took out my Pokédex and all it could say was; “Groudon, no further information known.” That alone told me enough, Behemoth and I stood face to face with one of Hoenn’s Legendary Trio.

I wanted to get the hell out of there, I know a bit of Hoenn Lore, and I knew a Steelix wouldn’t stand much of a chance against a beast like Groudon. Behemoth though didn’t seem to care, before I know it he had flicked a rock up in the air threw it at the Legendary Pokémon which didn’t do much besides starting a battle between the two. A battle on which I had little influence as Behemoth simply refused to listen to anything I would say. Something he’d come to learn too. Groudon answered Behemoth Rock Throw by letting the magma he was standing in explore into a Lava Plume that washed all over the field. Up until that point I had been standing on the ground and was lucky to avoid being hit so I made sure to get to higher ground and find a safer vantage point as the battle between the two Pokémon fully unleashed itself. Behemoth got hit by the brunt of the attack and suffered from it, and it also angered him into smashing his tail into the ground to lift an even bigger boulder using all his Strength to throw it as Groudon. This time the rock was big enough to actually do something against the beast and made him come out of the magma pool to continue the battle up-close and personal, coating his Arm in a white energy and Hammering it into Behemoth’s jaw which caused him to roar out on pain. At that point I could see this battle was going nowhere in Behemoth’s favor, but when I called him to stop and get out he just roared again and somehow summoned the strength and energy to surround his tail with streams of water to slam a powerful Aqua Tail into Groudon’s stomach. The beast grunted in pain also and stumbled back a bit, but it did nothing to stop it from attacking with even more devastating moves. Groudon started to glow ever so more brightly as if it had lava flowing through his markings and slammed his tail into the chamber’s floor to summon sharp, glowing spikes coated with lava from the ground. Behemoth did all he could to dodge them, but he couldn’t dodge them all, and every spike that hit him exploded on him in a painful blast of molten rock and lava. So far it hadn’t been a long battle, and it didn’t look like to would last much longer at that moment as Behemoth was near to collapsing.

At the time I was amazed he was still standing, albeit barely. And to my further surprise it wasn’t quite over yet either as Behemoth’s big head started to shine in a metallic grey color, right when Groudon covered his fist in flames. Behemoth then simply fell forward, too weak to actually move, and landed his big Iron Head on top of Groudon just as the Continent Pokémon planted his Fire Punch in the Steelix’ gut knocking him completely out at last. Groudon though wasn’t finished I started to panic a bit again as it looked as Groudon was planning on ending us rightly by creating a literal Eruption of the volcano. The beast roared victorious causing the chamber to tremble once again and making the magma rise. I had to think quick and returned Behemoth to his Pokéball and I ran for the exit, but right as I got there the opening collapsed locking me in. At that moment I really panicked while I was frantically looking around for another way out as the whole chamber shook around me. I truly thought that would be the end of me, but thankfully I saw an opening in a wall behind Groudon, one I hadn’t seen earlier. It was my only option, it was dangerous also, but if I stayed there I would die anyways so I didn’t really have a choice but to go for it. Luckily I had brought Graw with me too as usually do when going out to rocky terrain. A Rhyhorn is just a handy Pokémon to have in smaller caves where a Steelix can’t come without causing damage. So for the first time in my life I now had to do a Rhyhorn Race in literally a life and death race to the exit and out of the cave. I released Graw and got onto him as quickly as I could and told him to race to the exit I pointed towards as fast as he could. And so he did, but rock were still falling down to so Graw had to dodge the bigger ones and Rock Smash through the smaller ones to save time. To make things worse though Groudon also noticed us and slammed his tail on the ground which created a Fissure that traveled over to floor to follow us, so Graw had to run even harder to also stay in front that.

As you see, I’m here to tell the story, so we did make it through the opening and out of the chamber in time. After us that same opening collapsed again thanks to the fissure. And we found ourselves in completely manmade tunnel to the top, this one too had an old, rotten wooden staircase so to speed things up I had Graw use Rock Climb to the top to get out as fast as possible all the way till we were outside again. Once we got on the Jagged Pass again Graw and I just dropped in a patch of grass and laid there for I don’t know how long, we were just completely exhausted. Later, once I was back in the basecamp again, I found out no-one had seen or heard anything from the volcano and no activity was measured. To this day I haven’t told the exact details of what happened to many people, and you’re the first in here to know of it.

But the whole experience completely changed Behemoth. Never before had he been so comprehensively beaten and it left a big mark on him. Maybe not physically, but it did mentally. I noticed that a few days later with training. Behemoth is always one to just lay around doing nothing when he’s not fighting so I didn’t notice it earlier, but with that training session he completely lost it when Leviathan started to get the upper hand in their training battle. He went into a raging frenzy and started relentlessly attacking Leviathan with all kinds of attacks and he didn’t hear a thing anymore. Even Magnemite, who was quick to try and contain him with his Magnet Pull ability, got a few hits and it wasn’t till half the basecamp was destroyed before Magnemite had managed to exhaust Behemoth enough to finally drop to the floor and fall asleep. That was when I realized the full extent of the impact that encounter with Groudon had and I stayed with Behemoth the rest of the day and whole night. Just laying on top of him, looking up to sky and talking, talking about how we could become stronger. How he could become stronger, how I could become stronger, and how we all as a team could become stronger together. I know he wants to be the strongest Pokémon ever, but I told him that to be the strongest you have to live and train like there is always someone stronger than you, and that he has to learn to listen to those who want to help him. I also comforted him and promised to one day search for Groudon again and beat him then, together.

A day later I had Behemoth and Leviathan have a training battle again, and to my pleasant surprise Behemoth reacted quicker than I’m used to in following my orders, but again as soon as Leviathan only seemed to get the upper hand again he lost it and went into a frenzy again. Thankfully Magnemite was quick again and we managed to snap Behemoth out of it before any real damage was done. Obviously I have found a solution for that, but before I get to that story I tell you another story first. It’s the story of what happened with Leviathan in Hoenn, a story that started with my Pokédex calling him pathetic as a Magikarp and me promising him to make him as strong as Behemoth. Ever since he’s also become quite obsessed with becoming ever more powerful, and since his mysterious evolution into Gyarados that also comes with anger issues when he’s in a difficult situation. One like he faced in the waters of Sootopolis.

I had been sent there for research on fossils in the Cave of Origin after being granted special permission. And while I loved my research there, of course I had to take some time off to enjoy the other pleasures the city offers, such as its wide variety of water sports. I had decided I wanted to go deep-sea diving. I had come to the city riding Leviathan and I thought he would like to do something different for a change too. Gyarados are not meant to only swim across the surface of the water, they need the freedom to swim in the depths of the sea too, so that’s what I wanted to do with him. I prepared myself well that day, rented diving gear, a wasp knife just in case and I made sure we ate enough before we went out. But I could never have prepared for what happened that day.

I went out on the back of Leviathan, somewhere south-east on Route 126. I had my gear ready there and I went under together with Leviathan, exploring the sea and enjoying the wildlife underwater. We saw a lot of Pokémon there, I especially enjoyed seeing the Relicanth and we saw a blue one! We followed this special Relicanth for a while, it’s a Rock-type after all and I wanted to use this unique chance to learn something about this species. Soon after however, we heard a strange sound and Leviathan’s attention got drawn towards a cave. I could feel his tension just by looking at him and decided to let him lead me into the cave.

Once inside this underwater cave I could already see it could only lead to trouble. The cave was an exit of a waterway that led directly to a secluded beach close to yet another cave, but the fact that there was an old submarine anchored to beach was worrisome. Still Leviathan wanted to continue, and thus we entered the next cave. It opened up an old but complex system of caverns. Parts had caved in and created holes for light to pass through, making the whole place surprisingly light for an ‘indoor’ place. But it immediately became clear people had been there before. There was not a single sound of a Pokémon or any form of life, as if they had all been scared away, but more telling was the path that had been created in the sand that covered the floor. Footsteps were still visible. It seemed to be recent, but it didn’t stop Leviathan from continuing to follow his instincts. And thus I followed him.

The path quickly took us deeper into the cavern and the further we got the darker it became. I could see Leviathan got more and more difficulties getting forward. A Gyarados, while capable of it, if not meant to stay and move on land for long periods of time. It still didn’t stop him though, something called for him to keep going. I however also noticed the area showed more and more signs of life, similar to my experience at Mt. Chimney old machinery and tools appeared around us. When we entered yet another part of the cavern it became more apparent people had been here recently, where I think a sort of natural maze should have been, someone had drilled a pathway straight through the rocks and into the next section of the cave. Leviathan immediately went ahead, but something concerned me. I could see some stones were broken and moves recently, too recent. Ever since that moment I got the feeling someone was watching us, something that would proof to be true soon after.

In the next section Leviathan had something to be happy about again, an underground lake filled almost the entire room. It was apparent too that this room would lead to another water filled part of the cave system. Strong currents of water flowed towards a point on the other side of where we were. Leviathan went on so I had little choice but to get on top of him and let him and the water lead the way. The currents turned a lake into a river that led us deeper and deeper into this cavern. When the water slowed down we could get on land again and reached what turned out to be the deepest part. I could hear noises coming from further up and Leviathan followed the path that led us straight to the source of the sound.

And that’s where when we saw a true but terrifying spectacle. There was indeed someone else in the cave besides me, and that person stood at the edge of a relatively small lake. I remember him looking a bit like a pirate, he wore a blue bandana with something that resembled a Skull and Bones I think. He had a Mightyena standing next to him, and a strange looking Sharpedo, I learned it was a Mega-Sharpedo later, circled around in the water. He’s talking, chanting even. Then I saw something glowing and soon after something in the water started to glow too. Leviathan reacted to it too, he got visibly angry and roared out loud which immediately drew the attention of the man who wasted no time attacking us. He shouted we were too late, and ordered him Mightyena to use Take me Down. The Pokémon ran at me but without needing anything of an order of his own, Leviathan stepped in and blew the Mightyena away with a Powerful Hyper Beam. But that was only the start of what was to come.

Leviathan’s Hyper Beam had thankfully knocked the Mightyena out cold so we could get closer. But when I got close to the lake it was already too late to stop what was going on. The glow from the water was getting stronger and the water started to move, it became more and more violent and it seemed like something was rising, something from deep within the lake. The lights became brighter and with a flood wave of water washing over me a creature appeared. It looked angry with its shining eyes and strange shining markings. I quickly took out my Pokédex to see what it was as I had never seen any Pokémon like that before, but that didn’t help me much. All I got was a short message saying; “Kyogre, no further information known.”

Before I knew it though I found myself in a three way battle to the death, or at least it looked that way. The pirate started attacking Kyogre with his Sharpedo who bit the beast repeatedly, angering it even more, and it didn’t take long for Kyogre to attack back. But unfortunately it didn’t look at who it was attacking, and the Sharpedo didn’t seem to care either as it got into a Rage and hit Leviathan. Kyogre however didn’t waste any time using its power attacks. It dived under shortly before jumping out of the water and into the air surrounding itself with many blue orbs of light which quickly turned into energy beams that hit both the Sharpedo and Leviathan. In return to both their attacks, Leviathan summoned a huge wall of water and Surfed upon it as it swept over the lake, but it had little effect on either opponent. Sharpedo meanwhile had set its Poison Fang in Kyogre who Spouted Water all around it knocking Sharpedo off of it, while also hitting Leviathan in the process. The Sharpedo, obviously being a lot more battle hardened than my Gyarados, quickly got to its senses. Leviathan had more trouble with that, thus he found the Sharpedo’s Ice Fang in his tail before he had recovered. Only a second later Kyogre also Slammed its Body into the two.

At that point I could see Leviathan lose it. Not the battle, I mean lose himself. I saw a rage in his eyes and a lust for power take over his body. Leviathan let out a primal roar I had never heard before. It was loud, powerful, and simply fear-inducing. Then, with a tremendous display of Strength, Leviathan threw both Sharpedo and Kyogre off of him. Another roar followed, his eyes started to glow red as the aura that surrounded him. Leviathan had slipped into a complete Outrage and started Trashing around. Both Kyogre and Sharpedo get slapped, bitten and beaten up by the Atrocious Pokémon. It didn’t take long for the shark to collapse, but Kyogre proofed to be a much, much tougher opponent. Its body surrounded itself with an orb of purple energy with spiraling orange streaks as it fought back and repeatedly smashed itself into Leviathan, each hit resulting in a Giga Impact. More and more Leviathan lost control of himself, his eyes were glowing red in anger and his movements became wilder and wilder. I knew I had to do something, though I had no clue as to what would be best so I just started shouting at him, hoping to get through. Leviathan however didn’t react to my voice at all. He only roared loudly and angrily, and continued to battle Kyogre. Both beasts went at each other with incredible power, water slashed everywhere as they repeatedly collided and fell back into the water. It surprised me how much more strength Leviathan had, his rage had apparently unlocked some hidden potential, but Kyogre had more power than Leviathan still.

I kept shouting at Leviathan, I couldn’t reach him. His rage kept complete control of him and I realized the only thing that would get Leviathan back to his normal self would be the end of the battle, win or lose. That worried me too though, Leviathan is one of my most powerful Pokémon and I have no idea what kind of damage he could potentially to the rest of my team in a state like that. The red eyes, the aura, the roars and uncontrollable rage and power truly were a sight to behold, but a sight to be afraid of too. Kyogre however, with its own hidden powers unlocked, started to gain the upper hand over Leviathan. It didn’t surprise me, a Legendary Pokémon in full control of its strength versus a regular powerhouse Pokémon who completely lost grip of himself, it never really was a match in the long haul and it quickly became apparent that we were fighting a losing battle. The pirate had already packed up and I knew we should get out of there too. Kyogre simply is too strong for any normal Pokémon to take on and I had to be ready to step in the moment an opening arose to get myself and Leviathan out of there alive.

Soon after it happened, the trashing about in his outrage had exhausted Leviathan and exhausted him. It looked like he couldn’t even remember where he was anymore, let alone continue attacking. The fact Leviathan stopped attacking thankfully seemed to have calmed Kyogre somewhat too, I think it knew the battle was won at that point. I took the opportunity to jump in the water to try and reach my Pokémon. There was no other choice than to get Leviathan out of the lake myself, I never expected something like this to happen on a touristic scenery dive so I had left his Poké Ball in Sootopolis. Kyogre however didn’t take kindly to me entering the lake and it tried to attack me with its tail. I managed to avoid the first attempt by the skin of my teeth, but the second one, a slap from the side, hit me hard and slammed me straight into Leviathan. That must have gotten him back to his senses as he pulled me on his back and tried to attack Kyogre again, but I talked Leviathan out of using another Hyper Beam and instead get us to shore. Next thing I saw though was a huge wall of water heading our way. We got caught in it and it knocked me off of Leviathan. With water all around me and throwing me everywhere I really feared for my life. I have no idea how long I stayed under, but next thing I remember is that I woke up at the beach, Leviathan lay next to me, knocked out.

Then I hear a guy talking next to me. I turn around and see the pirate from before. He looked nervous and went on about how he couldn’t control Kyogre and that it shouldn’t have gone like that. Most of it sounded like gibberish to me really. But I figured he must have been the one getting me out of the cave so I thank him for saving my life and rescuing us, trying to get him to act normal. When that had succeeded I introduced myself and he introduced himself as Archibald. Then I asked what that whole scene was about and he told me the blue orb I saw earlier took control over him, or so he claimed. A whole story followed about a war long ago and something about a Team Aqua and Team Magma that once ruled in Hoenn. I still find that all a bit hard to believe, but he saved my life and I’m not one to judge too harshly. He redeemed himself; I’ll put it that way. He offered to get me back to Sootopolis, but I declined, I still had to take care of Leviathan so our ways separated. By the time Leviathan and I returned to Sootopolis more than a day had passes already, and I still hadn’t seen nor done much, but I was a whole experience richer.

There’s more though. I now had two Pokémon with anger issues to deal with and not just any Pokémon either, but my two most powerful Pokémon and I had only Magnemite to deal with them. Magnemite of course was trained just for that purpose, but I didn’t want to risk it having to deal with both of them in a rage at the same time. And that’s when I came up with an incredibly risky training method. I took my team and moved away for “research” to a secluded island somewhere off the coast of Pacifidlog Town and there I build a training pit specifically build for Behemoth and Leviathan. I had Graw and Behemoth dig huge parts off the cliffs surrounding the island and had Behemoth use the rubble to build a dam surrounding the area, cutting it off from the sea. It took over a month of hard work, but the end result was well worth it. A beautiful oval pit was created, almost a hundred meters across, the wall on the water side five meters thick and fifteen meters high, equaling the height of the cliff on the other side. Half of the oval filled with a rock surface, the other half filled with water. A perfect battlefield for Behemoth and Leviathan to fight and get their anger issues under control. Still, what I had in mind was risky. I knew that fighting a losing battle was a trigger for both of them to get into a rage, and I planned to have Behemoth and Leviathan train and fight with each other to simulate just that. My reasoning was that by fighting each other one of them would end up in a rage eventually. Magnemite would be ready to contain them when that happened and I would step in to calm them down and teach them to control that rage so they could use the power it provides them without any of the drawback. That process in itself took a long time however, and I had to return back to Rustboro City for work and to report on any new findings at the Devon Corporation. At those moments that I had to leave the island, I had decided to leave Behemoth and Leviathan behind. I knew it would be a risk, but I was willing to take it. I had faith in them to improve themselves, and that’s just what they did.

I think it was close to three or four months, already close to the end of the second year, that I had left them behind on the island. For all that time they had to live together and work together so survive the sometimes harsh conditions and stormy weather. When I returned to the island at the end of that period in Rustboro I couldn’t find them near the pit we had built, and I could see the entire island had changed. A storm must have passed over it as almost all the trees had been flattened and most of the pit wall had collapsed too. I went down there and discovered a hole in the cliff, Behemoth had dug a tunnel. So I stepped inside, shouted “Behemoth!” real loud, and what happened next I’ll never forget. The floor started trembling as if an earthquake was about to happen, a loud roar followed, and right in front of me a giant metallic snake shot through the ground and straight up into the ceiling, another loud roar and behind me the walls crumbled down. I turn around and look right into the eyes of a gigantic Steelix. I stumbled backwards in shock and surprise, fell on my bottom too, but I recognized behemoth. He just had grown so much. Together we got outside and I asked Behemoth about Leviathan, or rather I wanted to. The moment I had his name on my lips a huge column of water blasted into the air and came raining down upon us. I looked up, and there was Leviathan already, who to my shock had grown even more. Steelix and Gyarados are already large Pokémon, but when I saw Behemoth and Leviathan together my jaw truly fell on the ground.

I examined the island in the days after that event and found a whole system of tunnels that Behemoth must have dug out, some filled with seawater to allow Leviathan inside. In months they’d been there on their own, they really had made the island their home. My gamble had paid off, they had worked together to survive there and dealt with their anger issues in the process. When I arrived in Hoenn Behemoth and Leviathan would fight each other at every opportunity, but now they had learned to trust each other and work as a team to accomplish a mutual goal.

And those were my stories of Hoenn. I know it was a bit long and maybe a bit boring at times, but these stories mean a lot to me. They represent the growth my Pokémon went through in the past two years and how things have changed in that time. Maybe I’ve been talking mostly to myself in the past few minutes, but thank you for being here with me.”

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