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With Amelié having finally capitulated, the Nidorina is recalled to her Poke Ball, replaced with the ever eager figure of Gem. The Starmie hangs in the air, her psychic senses easily etching the form of Sedge into her mind. Wasting no time, she allows the gem at he center of her body to pulse with an intense energy, before one of the points forming her body juts out towards Sedge. Taken aback, the Marshtomp can do nothing as a violent wash of water sprays over him, the Water type clearly not comfortable with the intense heat of the attack. Staggering back, he manages to catch his footing, grunting as he conjures numerous orbs around himself in an attempt to fire back. Thrusting his arms through the air, he pelts his foe with the barrage, each glittering yellow sphere managing to find it's mark, but Gem is not perturbed. With a hiss, the Starmie ejects a second spray of water, this time the gritty torrent leaving Sedge doubled in pain. Just as it seems he may hold on, his body gives out.

Sedge is unable to battle! Lucario188, your next Pokemon please.

Gem is pretty fresh, although she took a fair hit.
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