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A peaceful night's sleep takes you, and before you know it, morning arrives once again. You and Sophia regroup for breakfast, quickly finishing your meals before heading out again. This time, though, your destination lies in the opposite direction from yesterday, towards the northwestern part of the city where an unspoken path paves the way to the foreboding cliffs separating Kanto from Johto. More so than Route 3, the landscape is distinctly harshest out of what you've seen so far, with rocky surfaces looking as though a mighty weapon or limb has cleaved through them, leaving sheer gradients and valleys in its wake. Every now and then you spot a cavern or hole that looks like a large creature might have punched in, possibly housing more Pokémon who dwell in caves. Even the road is paved with fragments of stone and pebbles, remnants of what you can only guess to be countless avalanches.

"I can see why Jade advised us to stay within city limits. Mount Moon looks like a small hill compared to... these," Sophia remarks, sharing your awe. "But how are we going to find a Pokémon from here without equipment like Jade's? Do we wait for them to show up or lure them or - eek!"

Your footsteps pause as Sophia falls over to the side, but luckily her shoulder cushions enough of the minor trip, and soon enough she assumes a recovery position. "Owowow..." she winces. "I was hoping I didn't have to do so much... tripping?"

She stares at the rock behind her, and turning around you can see why. From underneath the stone Sophia fell over appear two beady little eyes attached to orange stalks, and all at once a head emerges, followed by two knobby forelegs with prickly points. "Ble..." the creature growls at you.

"Uhm... was that your house? I'm sorry! I - "

But all too soon Sophia's hurried apology dies in her throat, as you feel the very earth rumble around you. Another stone rises, then another, and in a matter of seconds an entire army of rocks have mobilised, each packing an insectoid underneath glaring daggers at you. You tense; stumbling right into the middle of a Dwebble nest was certainly not what you were expecting.

"F-fitz? There's like forty of them!" Sophia trembles. "A-any ideas?"
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