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Bio 76

Species: Druddigon ()
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Type: Dragon
Attacks: Leer, Scratch, Poison Tail, Synthesis.
Next attack learned: Hone Claws (lv. 5)
Nature: Bold
Ability: Sheer Force
Bond: 0
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
Obtained: Hatchery
Aletri is the son of Pomona and Sarkhan. Being a Dragon-type, he has a great love for battle, considers it a matter of pride to give each battle everything he's got, and needs but the flimsiest of excuses to challenge others to a friendly battle. That said, it becomes very evident that he is Pomona's son in that he loves to make new friends, and treats his friends with respect. Pomona happily reinforces this way of thinking, reminding Aletri that even though he has his pride, so does everyone else, and that he should treat others with the same respect he himself desires. Even Myrtle, whose opinion of the Druddigon species was not very high due to several run-ins with a ghost-hating Druddigon in the Bar, cannot help but acknowledge that Aletri is alright. He has great respect for his more experienced teammates. Mainly Neville and Norbert, but especially his mother, and loves to spend time with them, whether to train, to spar, or just to hang out and relax.

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