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Recalling his signature Pokemon, Iron decides to send out a Pokemon with a similar typing (It's a beedrill, a poison type that can fly)(I know that's not the same but close enough) that goes by the name of Lea.

Beedrill (Bug/Poison): Beedrill are more effective in numbers and, when battling alongside another Bug-typed Pokémon, gain a boost in confidence that raises their attack. Their Poison Sting and Twineedle attacks have an increased chance to poison, also dealing slightly more damage than usual. In addition, when they fall below 1/3 health, they become empowered, their STAB attacks dealing 10% extra damage. Beedrill are intimidating Pokémon, particularly in numbers. Multiple Beedrill, Combee and Vespiquen on the same side share a hive mind, meaning that one cannot be surprised unless they all are and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are. Their attacks also become more coordinated, making it harder for the foe to dodge combination attacks. In its Mega Forme, Beedrill becomes a fierce and extremely fast attacker. Its needle and spear-based attacks are 10% more effective. It is also an extremely fast flier.
Spoiler: show
[Poison]: Poison-type Pokémon are immune to poisoning. Their Poison-type attacks are slightly more likely to succeed in poisoning their targets than those used by other Pokémon and the effects will be slightly more potent. They also have an additional 10% chance to poison the target when using physical attacks with their most venomous appendages e.g. a Seviper's tail, a Nidoking's horn.
[Bug]: Bug-types can see in the dark, and they have largely enhanced sight, granting them a small boost to the accuracy of their moves. Most live in warm climates, though they hate fire and dislike extreme cold. Their status inducing attacks have an extra 10% chance of inflicting statuses and the resulting statuses are slightly more potent than usual. Bug types are in general more nimble than other Pokémon, though not necessarily faster, and will quickly out manoeuvre opponents when using unconventional movement.
Lea enters a cocoon of evolutionary energy immediately upon arriving to the field of battle, soon exploding forth in a burst of light having taken on an all new form: Mega Beedrill. Awwwwwww yeeeeeeah. Anyway, Lea is bigger and badder now. And faster. She darts forward, flying across the sparse Rock Arena at breakneck speed, quickly coating his right lance in lethal Poison energy before Jabbing it into Lacey. Lacey, however, keeps her chin up and prepares to counter-attack against her new, more intimidating opponent. The small cat jumps up, Acing a surprisingly graceful Aerial maneuver to strike Lea from an unexpected angle. Swooping around for another pass, Lea this time coats both needles in bug energy for a stinging X-Scizzor. Wincing, Lacey does the same thing as before because she's boring and lazy and if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Lacey is about to enter her final third and Lea is moving through her first. Lacey needs a break, Lea is still pretty much fresh. Comedyfan to order.
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