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Prefacing this by saying I am not returning to active LO duty, but am posting this because the others are very busy currently.

The Fifth Battle Slot and You

For a while now, ASB has allowed battlers access to five standard battle slots, with the fifth one being used exclusively as a means to host Exhibition battles. There has been discussion about removing it, and it has come to pass that we've finally gotten round to it. From this point on, the fifth battle slot may only be accessed by battlers who are refereeing at least four battles. This is being done to ensure that those who are pulling their weight in terms of the stress they are putting on the League are being rewarded, while ensuring that no excessive stress is put on our admittedly small pool of active referees. The League Officials reserve the right to intervene and remove an individuals battle slot where they believe they are not actively refereeing the battle and are simply sitting on it to maintain their extra slot.

Of course, this does not mean that we are leaving other trainers without the ability to perform Exhibition battles. Those who have only four standard battle slots can feel free to host an Exhibition battle free of any SP cost in one of these slots, and similarly do not have to have an Exhibition in any of these slots by necessity. However, whether you have access to the fifth battle slot or not, you may only host one exhibition at a time unless you pay extra SP in order to turn one of your standard slots into a temporary exhibition slot.

To summarise - the fifth battle slot may only be accessed by those actively refereeing at least four battles, but may only host exhibitions. Trainers who are not refereeing this number of battles may still host Exhibition matches in one of their standard slots at their own discretion. However, it should be mentioned that those who are currently hosting battles in their fifth battle slot will not be forced to end those matches prematurely if they lose said battle slot.


In addition to this announcement, it is with little regret that I am announcing that the Jager Badge will no longer be available for purchase. This is a decision which has not been taken lightly and has been discussed, and we believe it is for the better of the League that it be retired. Those who already possess this badge may swap it for another Historical of their choice, free of charge.
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