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Sensing that victory is near, Lacey lets out a gloating screech in the form of Hyper Voice. The attack carries sonic energy across the field of rocks and into Zoro's ears, where it does damage. Clearly my flavor game is a bit off tonight. Knowing this is his last chance, Zoro releases a small orb of light that flies to Lacey and dances about her face. He seems to be attempting to Confuse her with some sort of light Ray! Lacey, looking somewhat muddled, summons multiple dull white orbs of Normal energy about herself, which she the launches toward Zoro. She has a hard time aiming and many of the orbs miss, but one manages to clip Zoro's wing. The bat spirals to the ground due to the injury and hits hard in a small cloud of dust. When it clears, it's obvious to all that Zoro is unconscious.

Zoro is unable to battle! Ironthunder, please send in your next Pokemon.

Lacey didn't take any damage but is still a tad confused. She's panting but can manage two.
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