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Glaring at his foe, wondering how he had been pushed this far, Sedge wraps each of his legs in a dull aura of brown energy once more. Having seen this attack before, Amélie spews forth a discordant tone, the reverberating sounds all too familiar to those surrounding. Sedge winces as he is sent reeling, but his mind had endured this assault too many times to be entirely overcome. With a wailing roar, Sedge slams his legs into the ground with a stamp, sending a rocking force through the ground ... but the intensity was somewhat diminished by his plagued mind. Amélie rides the blast, barely able to hang onto her consciousness, and Sedge finds himself aghast. Channeling a fine white energy through his body, he rids himself of his ills, but the naseous gas surrounding him soon takes hold once again. Battling through the pain, the Marshtomp opens his mouth wide, spewing forth a compact bombardment of orbs, and these manage to fully tip Amélie over the edge.

Amélie is unable to battle! Son_of_Shadows, your next Pokemon please.

Sedge is bloody exhausted, well into his final third of health, into his final third of energy. He's basically not in a very good condition at all.
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