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Zoro's paralysis ebbs with each flap of his wings. Soon, he's gaining height once more as the paralysis all but wears off. Good thing, too, considering what's coming. Just as Zoro begins to prepare his attack, he gets zapped by a slightly weakened Thunderbolt launched by Lacey. Screaming, he launches the Sludge Bomb he had been preparing, this time totally successful. Lacey shudders as the poison washes over her, sinking into her skin and into her bloodstream. Reasonably angry, Lacey summons another Icy Wind to plague Zoro. She's really showing the bat no mercy.

Zoro has dropped into his last third and is rapidly approaching critical. Lacey has dropped into her second third, is out of Electric Energy, and has enough Ice remaining for one more Icy Wind. Both Pokemon have entered their second thirds of energy and are good for two. Comedyfan to order.
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