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Lacey, seeing her opponent stranded on the ground, decides to take advantage of the situation. She jumps forward, descending Furiously upon poor Zoro. She lowers her sharp claws, Swiping at the bat once, twice, thrice. Finally, after four slashes, Lacey stops. Though the wounds sting, they managed to loosen Zoro's paralysis enough for him to be able to get back into the air. His mobility still isn't quite what it could be, but the bat is flying again. He Raggedly dives into Lacey, once again biting her with his Poisonous Fangs. Zoro then attempts a tactical retreat, though he has trouble gaining vertical distance. A safe way away, the Zubat turns and delivers a Sludge Bomb. However, due to Zoro's paralysis, he seems to have trouble executing the attack. The bomb falls short, merely splashing Lacey with the toxins for reduced damage.

Zoro has fallen past his midpoint while Lacey is nearing her second third of both health and energy. Lacey is refreshed after that one mover, and Zoro is starting to feel ready for a break. Ironthunder to order.

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