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Zoro's frustration at his lack of accomplishment during the previous round suddenly comes to a head. So he decides to use what is literally one of his most powerful and energy heavy attacks, Brave Bird. Zoro gains altitude before suddenly diving down at maximum speed, leveling out at the last possible second and ramming straight into Lacey. Or at least, what he thinks is Lacey. Unfortunately, Zoro is once again confused as "Lacey" disappears into nothingness, reappearing several feet away, decidedly unharmed. Smirking, the now-revealed Lacey responds by blasting Zoro with an Icy Wind, which blows the Zubat away and chills it to its very core. Recovering from the immediate pain, Zoro raggedly dives in for another attack, not quite as swift as usual due to his chilled state. This gives Lacey time to begin charging her Electric energy for her own next assault. Before she can complete her attack, however, Zoro bites down on her arm using his Poisoned Fangs. Luckily for Lacey, this doesn't seem to be an issue. The Meowth grimaces through the pain, knowing that this was the opening she was waiting for. Zoro was now in close range and would have a difficult time dodging her assault due to his chilled state. It was now or never. Shouting, Lacey unleashes the Zap Cannon she had been building up. Zoro releases one of his supersonic screeches as it connects with him, dropping him to the ground. Though the fall knocked a little of the paralysis out of the bat, Zoro is still far from operational and lies twitching on the ground.

Zoro has fallen out of his first third of health while Lacey remains comfortably inside of her own. Zoro is also paralyzed. Zoro's good for two, and Lacey could probably scrape by with two as well. Comedyfan to order.
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