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Jirachi UPN PASBL: Comedyfan1095 V. Ironthunder

Comedyfan1095 (C) vs Ironthunder (A)
Single Battle
Equilevel 1
72 HR DQ
Slapstick Rules
Return = KO
Arena: Rock: [Outdoors] A simple arena, the Rock arena consists primarily of fairly easily manipulated soil. The ground underfoot is rife with rocks and other such minerals, meaning attacks such as Stealth Rock work with impunity, and attacks such as Earthquake will transmit readily. The main aspect setting the Rock arena apart is the numerous boulders interspersed across the field. These will provide ample cover for most smaller Pokemon, and are open for manipulation. This includes being used to fuel attacks such as Rock Slide, as well as being able to be thrown by some stronger Pokemon. Within reason, if one of the batters mentions positioning of a rock, the battler is considered to be correct unless it contradicts a previous statement.
Seeing as this is one of Comedyfan's first battles, I figured I'd keep the arena simple for his benefit. This is the Rock Arena, a bonafide classic with only slightly more intrigue than the Lawn Arena. Anyway, here's how the turn order works.

1) Comedyfan, as the challenger, will squad first.
2) Ironthunder, as the accepter, will squad second and send out his first Pokemon.
3) Comedyfan will send out a Pokemon of his own, along with orders.
4) Ironthunder will give his Pokemon orders.
5) I, Beautiful Savage, will ref.
6) Ironthunder will order.
7) Comedyfan will order.
I will ref.
9) etc. etc. The turn order swaps each round from here on in. You'll get the hang of it pretty quick.

So without further ado... Comedyfan to squad!
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