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Rainbow Dias - Located far off the edge of Oblivia, the Dias served as a roost and homage to the living rainbow, Ho-Oh. Despite being broken with age, the main hexagonal pillar stands strong above the water, the wings of the bird etched into the flat, top base. A massive pillar in of itself, the Dias is as large as the average cul-de-sac, extending several meters above the sea, with over eightfold that below the surface. Due to the nature of the arena, attacks that manipulate the arena, such as Earthquake or Stealth Rock will be rendered ineffective. A slight sea breeze blows overhead, and the very Dias itself seems to reflect light. Battles will take place on top of the pillar, and battlers can possibly fall off far into the ocean below. Should such an event occur, the battler will be transported back ontop of the pillar through a flash of rainbow light, though not before taking heavy damage from the force of falling that high into water.

Crystal Cavern - Located far beneath a cliffside metropolis, this long-undisturbed cavern serves as a reminder of the country's former need for gems in mass quantities, and the methods used to obtain them. The base arena is what once was one of the many strip operations in the cavern, but has been filled in with semi-hardened clay for the sake of battling. The arena is roughly the same size as a tennis court, with the roof of the arena being 2 stories above the floor. There are crystals located along the perimeter and above the arena, and the "if a battler says it's there, then it's there," rule applies to these. These crystals reflect energy attacks at x1.2 power, meaning an energy attack could hit one and bounce from crystal to crystal until hitting the arena…or a target for increased damage. These crystals self-illuminate the cavern leading to no need for artificial lighting. To the left of the arena is a blocked off tunnel due to flooding in the lower levels, but with the permission of both battlers this barricade can be removed and the entire mine becomes the arena. Besides for the rusted tools and carts, the water in the flooded portion of the mine is very clear, and the crystals around it light it up to the point where you can see all the way to the bottom of the mine from the very top. There are also a few Carbink and Sableye located around the non-flooded portion, and a few Relicanth in the flooded portion, but they will only attack if provoked. Despite all of these things, the cavern is rather safe, and there is no fear of it collapsing nor being skewed on the crystals due to the crystals both being round at the edge and supporting the entire structure amazingly well.
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