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This thing again

Level 2 Female Trainer

13 Wins / 14 Defeats / 1 Draw
28 KO / 83 TP / 16 SP

C Grade Ref


Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Solaire: level 3 Solrock(Uplevel)
Solrock: Solrock levitate by default and are considered to be inorganic. They are capable of generating vast amounts of heat by spinning, enough to vaporise moderate and weaker water attacks or dissipate fog, energy use equal to Fire Spin and the technique usable twice per battle. They are also familiar with the Fire type. They fight more enthusiastically in the day time and radiate a constant faint glow that is likened to sunlight. Pokémon in close proximity to them can use moves which require sunlight, regardless of location, as can Solrock themselves.
Biography: Solaire is a strange Pokemon who reveres the actual sun, and claims it as an adherant to sunlight. Despite its strange cold emotionless appearance, it is actually quite cheerful and powerful and does not let the crumbling world around it affect its mood. He has other types of weapons aside from fire at his disposal, since he acts akin to a solar electricity panel...
Signature Training - Sunlight Spear:
Solaire is now familiar with electric type. It has gained the moves Discharge, Thunderbolt, and Volt Switch. It can no longer use Rock Slide, Rock Polish, Double Team, Sandstorm, Skill Swap, Magic Coat, Fire Blast, Psyshock, or Psywave.
Hidden Power: Dark

Propagandhi: level 2 Male Natu
Natu: Natu can fly, but not fast or well, so most of their movement consists of hopping. They are capable of holding very still, which makes them harder to spot if they're hiding, particularly owing to their tiny stature. Their Future Sight attack takes slightly less energy than usual to use. Techniques that involve holding eye contact will be slightly more effective when used by Natu.
Biography: I met Natu in the forests around the Ruins of Alph, he had actually hopped right up to me, his almond shaped eyes staring intensely at me. It was then that we became friends. I am not at all for certain why it wanted to become my friend so easily, without battle, after my scraggy had been so rebellious and difficult, it was a breath of fresh air, anyways. During our travels there was a moment when I was surprised, Natu is a psychic bird, and I imagine he can see into the immediate future. Reason being, he hopped to the side urgently right before a boulder had broken off the side of the nearby cliff and crashed into the ground exactly where the Natu had been standing. Natu is a curious bird, and often has an affixed gaze which can either be endearing or unnerving.
Signature Training - Magic Bounce:
Propaghandi has a 50% chance to possibly "bounce" a non damaging attack back at the attacker without being affected by the attack. This costs a light amount of energy to maintain every round, but it won't provide exhaustion. Propaghandi can no longer use Psycho Shift, because what would be the point of this if he could just get rid of his status anyways?
Hidden Power: Fighting

NOFX: level 2 Male Scraggy(shiny)
Scraggy: The yellow portion around their lower body which resemble pants are actually a shed skin which is very thick and rubbery. This skin can be used as defense, reducing damage from attacks when pulled up over their torso. As Pokémon found around urban areas, they somewhat more resistant to Fairy attacks despite their typing.
Biography: NOFX was born into a rough gang of his kind, which hated humans. Every night the gang would sneak into the nearby city of Nimbasa in Unova, and raid the garbage cans of the city for food. One night, after the people had enough of their city being trashed, NOFX got captured in a trap and his gang left him for the humans to go back into the desert. He was scolded by the humans of the city, especially Gym Leader Elesa, who then suggested he be put to community service in the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy was not interested in the fighting pokemon, but the Chansey took pity on him, and fed him some egg in order to cheer him up. Hating all the humans around him, NOFX bonded a little with the Chansey, and grew to soften up a little, when I arrived, he bowed to me just like the Chansey. When I learned how he ended up in the Pokemon Center, I asked if I could take him in and train him. The scraggy didn't like the idea, but Nurse Joy was glad to be rid of him. The Chansey smiled at NOFX and gave him another egg before we left, and I can't be sure, because I don't understand Pokemon speak, but I believe she told the scraggy that he should not hate me. Since then, the rebellious scraggy gave me quite a lot of trouble while training. He wouldn't listen to the things I said very often, which was frustrating to say the least. It wasn't until he watched me command my trusty Blitzle in battle against Gym Leader Falkner when he started to trust me, and grow to respect me. We grew close and together we train for him to gain more strength for the next battle!
Signature Training - It's my job to keep the Punk Rock Elite:
All of NOFX's punching attacks do 10% more damage.
Hidden Power: Flying

Minor Threat: Level 2 Porygon
Porygon: Porygon are created entirely of programming code. They levitate by default, but are not particularly fast or agile and cannot reach as high as other levitating Pokémon. They are inorganic and fight most enthusiastically in manmade environments. They are familiar with the Electric type.
Biography: Some time ago, when I was first employed by the Devon Corporation as a Computer technician, I worked under a strapping man who I didn't really get along with at first. He was bossy and I was still going through a rebellious "Screw the system" attitude phase, and it didn't look like we'd ever get along. One day we found some similar interests that quickly turned to many and we became close friends in a short amount of time, hitting it off fairly well. One day I recieved an email with an attachment, which upon opening, the anti-virus software picked up a threat, and I went in to decode the program but it turned out to be... a Porygon! It waved one of its blocky limbs at me and I, rather delighted, began the withdrawing process and materialized Porygon in the room. Porygon gave me a bit of mail and I read it and there was a heart on the letter and it was from my co-worker. Feeling fond of the Porygon just because of its origins, I decided to have it join my squad. Minor Threat was named after its origin, as a possible threat to the PC. It's rather optimistic and works very hard to train. It seems to have been modeled a bit lazily, with no bevels on the edges, it is a very sharp porygon; the verts coming to straight points at the edges. This makes holding him slightly painful or uncomfortable, but one day I'll be able to evolve him and smoothen him out a little!!
Signature Training - Straight Edge:
Minor Threat has very sharp edges, in the way he was modeled. Therefore, those who attack it with physical attacks will take roughly 25% recoil damage (unless they are particularly hard bodied). Minor Threat will also take away a light amount of energy each time it's hit with a physical attack, without contributing to fatigue.
Hidden Power: Fairy

Catch 22: level 2 male Remoraid
Remoraid: Remoraid are fish Pokémon and almost helpless on land. They fight more enthusiastically when submerged and in a sizeable body of water. They are capable of latching on to allied Mantine and firing ranged moves in flight with perfect accuracy due to their symbiotic nature. They have excellent accuracy and their attacks have a greater chance of hitting. They can see in the dark.
Biography: Catch 22 was named that because he was my twenty second catch during a fishing tournament back on Route 44 near Mahogany Town in Johto. I was fishing furiously that day, trying to get a decent catch for a prize. My twenty second and last catch of the day was a Remoraid, a rather large one. I was in awe at it before it started firing a cannonade of seriously high pressured water, it felt horrible, like I was being shot by a gun. I dropped my fishing rod and the Remoraid was looking at me angrily but I sent out Mareep and weakened it enough to capture it. I ended up coming in second place with the Remoraid(losing to the fisherman Wilson and his captured Poliwhirl).
Signature Attack - Opportunity:
Using Significant energy, Catch 22 fires a barrage of super high-pressure bullets of Fighting Energy from its mouth like a gun, which rapidly beats against the target for Significant Damage, possibly piercing the skin of softer Pokémon.
Hidden Power: Fairy

LMNOP: Level 1 Male Mareep
Mareep: A Mareep's wool is slightly charged and any Pokémon not resistant to electricity who comes into physical contact with Mareep has a 10% chance of flinching, subject to diminishing returns. Mareep have the ability to use the balls on their tails as lights. While not as powerful as a Flash attack, they light up the arena without blinding opponents or allies, and doing so takes almost no energy to maintain. It is considered one move for a Mareep to light its tail. This will, however, make it a more obvious target for Pokémon who can see in dark areas.
Bio: Coming Soon
Signature Move: Coming Soon
Hidden Power: Water

Jupiter: Level 2 Male Castform
Castform: Castform change their shape, as well as their type, depending on the weather. They will become a Water-type while it's raining, a Fire-type during a Sunny Day and an Ice-type in Hail or Snow. Castform remain Normal during "normal" weather. Their weather changing attacks are much more powerful than normal, starting almost instantly at full power, lasting twice as long as usual and being much harder to change against Castform's wishes. They fight more enthusiastically in atypical weather conditions and their attacks are faster to charge in such environments. Castform levitate by default.
Biography: Jupiter, the sixth and the largest planet in the Solar System, and it's atmosphere is literally filled with storms... Jupiter, is also the God of the sky, and thunder in ancient Roman mythology. It was a fitting name for one such as this Castform. An honorable and worthy soul of the skies, King of the gods.
Signature Technique - Weather God:
Jupiter now gains specific buffs based on the weather that he is in. Under Sunny Day, Jupiter gains a boost in speed for 10%. Under Rain Dance, Jupiter's defense and special defense are boosted by 10%. Under Hail, Jupiter gains a 10% increase to attack and Special Attack. Jupiter can no longer use Hex, Energy Ball, Sandstorm, or Double Edge.
Hidden Power: Ground

Quelana: Level 2 Female Braixen
Braixen: Braixen are amateur Psychics, slightly more adept than their previous forms at manipulating their Fire attacks. Using a move, Braixen can be ordered to draw the twig from their tail, lighting it. They can use this twig as a light source or to direct their Fire attacks, or possibly as a source for their moves (at the cost of light energy). However, if the twig is stolen or extinguished, they will be unable to direct their Fire attacks and will have to relight it using a Fire move or by lighting it with their tail again. They are familiar with the Psychic type. As starter Pokémon, their Fire-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.
Biography: On my way to visit my grandpa in Lillycove, I stopped by Mt. Pyre to visit an old friend of mine, who had caught up with a coven of Hex Maniacs. She had a number of many ghost pokemon and curiously enough, a braixen. The fox pokemon took a liking to me, probably because of my fennekin fox-eared hat that I always wore, and my friend decided to give me her Braixen, Quelaana, was her name. I found out that Braixen had an interesting closeness with the occult just like the Hex Maniacs. She likes to wear a black witch's hat, that can't be removed because her big ears kinda made it stuck and it doesn't have any effects on battles.
Signature Training - Hocus Pocus:
Quelana is now familiar with the Ghost type. She learned Night Shade and Hex. In return, she can never use Sunny Day, Shock wave, Grass Knot, Calm Mind, Role Play, Skill Swap or Blast Burn.
Hidden Power: Electric

Iku Masume: Level 2 Female Inkay
Inkay: Inkay are able to bioluminesce, allowing them to light up a dark area for an extended period of time by using a move. It costs no energy to maintain this light. Their light-based attacks are slightly more potent than normal. They also can maintain their accuracy regardless of their orientation. They can levitate, moving through small, thrusting motions, much like an aquatic squid which makes them agile but not particularly fast. They are also fairly able swimmers and can stay underwater as long as any Water type. They can expel ink as a defense, using little energy but at the cost of a move, which can be used to blind opponents.
Biography: Iku Musume was a cute inkay from Kalos I fished up during a business trip to the Pokeball factory. She held onto my fishing line until I had her right in front of my face. We stared at eachother for a few seconds, with Inkay's little mouth in a cutesey smile and then she slashed one of her tentacles at my face! Thankfully, I'd jerked backwards in time, but she caught the fishing line and my knapsack strap with her tentacle, splitting them both in two. After finding out that Inkay might be a good pokemon to try and raise, I battled her with NOFX, my trusty Scraggy, and captured her.
Signature Training - Samurai Squid:
Iku Musume can now use Leaf Blade, Sacred Sword, and Razor Shell as slashing attacks with enough respective off-type for two uses of each. She cannot use Psybeam, Hypnosis, Knock Off, Swagger, Taunt, Flatter, Confide, Superpower, Spite, Hyper Beam or Foul Play and when she evolves she wont be able to use Giga Impact.
Hidden Power: Poison

Undertaker: Level 1 Male Machop
Machop: The weakest of the Machop line, but not weak Pokémon-wise by a long shot, Machop's punch and chop based moves deal 1.1x damage. Machop can lift twice as much for a particular attack than what is normally stated. They pay for this strength with reduced dexterity and are not as accurate when using physical attacks at speed. They can see in the dark.
Biography: Coming Soon!
Signature Move: Coming soon!
Hidden Power: Dark

Fortissimo: Level 2 Male Chatot
Chatot: Chatot's sound-based attacks are more effective than normal and those that deal damage are 1.2x more powerful. Chatot can mimic the voice of a target's trainer or the call of another Pokémon on the field and are adept at throwing its voice. These skills can be used to distract and momentarily confuse foes at the cost of a move, being more effective if the foe cannot see Chatot at the time.
Biography: One of my co-workers had a hobby of breeding Pokemon for a little while and he said he had a project that he really wanted to try. Breeding a few interesting birds together, he finally came out with an adorable Chatot baby. I thought it was the very cutest, and my co-worker was more than happy to give the baby to me, but he said to wait until it got a bit bigger, since it was just a little tiny baby. The different pokemon that were involved in the project were a natu, a murkrow, and for some reason, his Larvesta(although it did not participate in the breeding, it was allowed to help raise the Chatot). Eventually, the Chatot was big enough to adopt, and I was given the adorable Chatot! Which I named Fortissimo, because he was very loud. Interestingly enough, he knew a few more moves than I'd anticipated, probably due to the breeding project.
Signature Training - Parrot conditioning:
Fortissimo has learned Bug Buzz, Snarl, and Disarming Voice. He never got the chance to learn Night Shade, Syncronoise, Uproar, Fury Attack, Mirror Move, Air Cutter, Sky Attack, Swift, or Secret Power.
Hidden Power: Fighting

Gwyndolin: level 2 Male Ralts
Ralts: Ralts's empathic abilities make them very in touch with their opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. Teleporting also requires slightly less energy.
Biography: Gwyndolin was once the Pokemon of an elderly trainer who had died, and is the only Pokemon who still remains of that trainer. Born with an affinity of the moon, Gwyndolin's trainer mistook him for a girl and trained him as a gardevoir-to-be, even going so far as to dress him up as a female for contests. The elderly trainer passed away and Gwyndolin could be found at his tomb, mourning, a dark shadow passing over him.
Signature Type Change - Dark Sun:
Gwyndolin, who will never become a Gallade in the future, lost his psychic typing for dark when his trainer had passed away, now possessing the weaknesses and resistances associated with a Dark/Fairy type. Instead of being immune to both Psychic and Dragon, he now takes neutral damage from them. Gwyndolin still holds familiarity with psychic. He has learned to use Dark Pulse, Pursuit, and Punishment, but will never know how to use Confusion, Psychic, Future Sight, Stored Power, Dream Eater, Hypnosis, or Psyshock.
Hidden Power: Water

Johnny Socko: level 2 Male Heracross
Heracross: Heracross can fly, though they are faster than they are agile in the air. Attacks made using their horn deal 1.2x damage and they are adept at flipping over their targets. In addition, when they fall below 1/3 health, they become empowered, their STAB attacks dealing 10% extra damage. In its Mega Forme Heracross is slower, but much tougher. Although Heracross loses its flight ability and becomes somewhat less mobile, it gains a slight resistance against all attacks. Its body is specialized to shoot physical projectiles, gaining a boost in power and accuracy, allowing it to easily hit its targets from a distance. In addition, it becomes much more physically capable, able to grapple and hold opponents with much greater ease.
Biography: Johnny Socko is a friend to Poly Styrene, they both like stickin' it to the man. Johnny Socko hangs out with other fighting types and they do fighting type pokemon stuff, like hitting punching bags and wrastlin' with eachother. Johnny Socko made friends with a Hitmonchan, also, and they practice together very often.
Signature Training - Captain Punches:
Johnny Socko learned how to perform all of the Element Punches. He can now use Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch with enough energy to use them all twice in a match. Johnny Socko doesn't like the idea of using recoil moves like Take Down or Double Edge, as well as Double Team, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Megahorn, Rock Slide, or Bide in a match so he's deigned from ever using them til the end of time.
Hidden Power: Water
Attached: Heracronite

Fourth King: Level 1 Male Skrelp
Skrelp: Despite being a Water-type, Skrelp are rather mediocre swimmers and cannot move with much speed or agility in the water. Instead, they prefer to hide, able to easily camouflage themselves as rotting kelp. The poisonous fluids secreted by Skrelp are tinged with acid, making all poison attacks have a slight corrosive effect, similar to but not as potent as Acid Spray.
Biography: Fourth King was a part of a small group of Skrelp, they were leaders of their school. Unfortunately, they were seduced to evil, and their school became dark and users of the art of Lifedrain. I was able to capture one of these Skrelp and shape it up to be... at least somewhat less evil. But it has retained it's ability to use the arts of Lifedrain...
Signature Attack - Lifedrain Grab:
Fourth King rotates completely towards it's opponent, homes in and grabs the opponent with it's limbs(tail, fins, etc) dealing Heavy Poison damage for Heavy Energy. Fourth King regains an amount of health equal to half of the damage dealt. This move will undergo diminishing returns and will be 10% less effective the next time used for the same energy cost.
Hidden Power: Fighting

Velka: Level 2 Female Murkrow
Murkrow: Murkrow are symbols of woe amongst Pokémon and people, particularly when seen at night, so they may make opponents feel uneasy. Murkrow are quiet fliers and can easily evade detection, and are quicker and more agile than their evolutions.
Biography: Described as a black-haired witch and rogue deity, Velka is said to have a great range of influence even as gods are concerned. As the Goddess of Sin, it is Velka's job to define sin and mete out the punishment, though she offers absolution by means of her Pardoners.
Signature Move: Coming soon!
Hidden Power: Fire

Tarkus: Level 1 Male Chespin
Chespin: Chespin's heads are covered in a firm but flexible layer of woody material, giving them a slight boost to defense for attacks that hit their head. They also can harden their head temporarily to give a slight boost to headbutting moves. They have two vines hidden on their heads that they can extend to use to manipulate objects and Pokémon and attack. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.
Biography: Coming soon!
Signature Move: Coming soon!
Hidden Power: Electric

Artorias: level 2 male Riolu
Riolu: Riolu have an underdeveloped ability to sense aura. This gives them a vague idea of the opponent's whereabouts, making them more likely to hit a foe when unable to see it. All baby Pokémon's techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective.
Biography: Artorias is a warrior for the good in this world, with an unbendable will of steel and unmatched skill with fighting auras. His auras were specially good at repelling the darkness. Artorias himself ended up empowered by Dark energy against his will...
Signature Training - Abysswalker:
Artorias has become familiar with the Dark Type, learning Night Slash, Night Daze and Pursuit, but forgetting how to use Cross Chop, Bulldoze, Focus Punch, and Magnet Rise. He also will never learn Close Combat when evolving into a Lucario.
Hidden Power: Electric

Patches: level 2 Male Mightyena
Mightyena: Mightyena's fear attacks are more effective than those of other Pokémon. Mightyena have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status techniques like Supersonic. They also have excellent smell and are able to track their opponent and see which one is the real Double Team clone. They are quite good diggers and swimmers and deal 1.2x damage with their biting attacks. Their Howl attack is more potent than normal.
Biography: Coming soon!
Signature Move: Coming soon!
Hidden Power: Psychic

Poffo: level 2 Male Hawlucha(Uplevel)
Hawlucha: Though not extremely fast or proficient fliers, Hawlucha are extremely adept at aerial movement. Although they can maintain some level of flight, they prefer jumping and gliding, and can move extremely fast when launching from the ground. When executing physical moves, they can also more easily maneuver to evade counter-attacks or position themselves in an optimal place.
Biography: Poffo is pretty much THE most machismo-ridden pokemon I have ever come to know. There was a Pokemon tournament in a small urban area between some small boys who had just gotten their first pokemon, and before they could finish, this bird just flew out of freakin' nowhere, shouting "THE MADNESS, YEAH!", crushing one of their pokemon(Pretty sure it was a caterpie. That poor caterpie....)! Leaping forward, I let out NOFX who slammed his fist right into Poffo's face so I could capture him. The kids watched in wonder. I guess they'd never seen such a masterful pokemon capture before! Either way, Poffo and I became best friends, and even though he got a punch to the face as well as type differences, NOFX and Poffo became best fighting-type buddies.
Signature Attack - Diving Elbow drop:
This move works similar to Bounce, but without the paralysis chance. Poffo flies up into the air as high as possible and and executes the elbow drop by diving onto the opponent with his elbow cocked, driving it into the opponent, aiming for the shoulder, chest, or head for significant damage using the same amount of energy. If the elbow drop misses the opponent entirely, Poffo will take decent damage from the fall and his elbow will take more damage if hit for two turns.
Hidden Power: Ground

Hawkeye Gogh: level 1 Male Torchic
Torchic: Torchic constantly radiate heat. While not particularly intense, the heat can make Pokémon who dislike fire unenthusiasable in close quarters and makes them resistant to freezing. They are also familiar with the Flying type. As starter Pokémon, their Fire-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.
Biography: Coming soon!
Signature Move: Coming soon!
Hidden Power: Grass

Rash: level 1 Male Croagunk
Croagunk: Croagunk have sacs in their mouths that store toxins. Utilizing these stored poisons, Poison attacks from the mouth take slightly less energy. Being frogs, their powerful legs allow them to move quicker than most Pokémon in shorts bursts.
Biography: Coming Soon!
Signature Move: Coming Soon!
Hidden Power: Water

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