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Determination is etched hard into the face of Sedge as he glares at his foe, the normally somewhat lackadaisical Water type grunting as he cloaks each of his legs in a fine aura of dark brown energy. It takes a moment for Amelié to realise what was about to occur, and her reaction is delayed as a result. As a roar of tectonic energy comes towards her, she winces, kicking the ground viciously and managing to propel herself into the air. While she had avoided the worst of the blow, it is clear she had suffered somewhat, and Sedge capitalises as she comes back down to earth. With a hiss, he sends a whining barrage of orbs towards his foe, the incoming projectiles smashing over her with brutal force. Amelié staggers somewhat, but catches herself, hunkering low to the ground. With a bark, she cruises across the ground, slamming into the body of Sedge with a crunching sound, and the Marshtomp whimpers as he himself is send stumbling back this time.

Amelié beginning to trail as the pair continue to move through their final thirds, and she is really pretty tired at this point. Sedge is likewise tiring slightly, but he's fresher than his foe.
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