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The Gorge
As the name would imply, The Gorge is a large canyon carved by the Placeholder River over the period of thousands of years. The spaciousness of The Gorge will make Flying Type Pokemon enthusiastic. As The Gorge has a hot climate, The Gorge is considered to be permanently under the effects of Sunny Day, but will not make Water Types feel uncomfortable nor lower the power of their moves. Rain Dance and Hail will have no effect here. The Gorge is quite massive, its length stretching for miles and its depth being about 25 kilometres. The Gorge has both its cliffs about 50 meters apart, with each side having clay terrain, devoid of sturdy and loose rocks underneath and on the surface. There is a sturdy wooden bridge running between both cliffs, easily able to hold the weight of any Pokemon while being about 10 meters wide. The bridge is indestructible and also resistant to fire. The bridge has safety guards about the side as to prevent average sized Pokemon from falling off when attacked forcefully, while still allowing the average Pokemon to peek over it without danger of falling. However, if a Pokemon was to fall to their apparent demise, a flock of Bird Pokemon would catch them and carry them back and place them at their starting position. The Bird Pokemon cannot be attacked or damaged by any means. Pokemon cannot take any action whilst being carried by the Bird Pokemon and being carried is not treated as contributing towards round length. Pokemon also cannot be order to jump off the bridge.

The sides of the cliffs of The Gorge have several leafy branches growing out of them. These branches are strong and large enough to easily accommodate an Aerodactyl or a Crobat for extended periods of time. No branches exist directly underneath the bridge. 10 meters below the bridge, rising wind currents begin to blow. The wind currents are not particularly powerful enough resistance to slow most Pokemon, but Pokemon with wings may catch the rising currents on their wings to gain altitude faster. The Placeholder River is much too low for Pokemon to get to, as the Bird Pokemon will begin to stop Flying or levitating Pokemon from proceeding after about 35 meters under the bridge. Pokemon that are able to access the area directly under the bridge will only stay their for a round at most before they become bored of the inability to hit their opponent. This is disregarded if their opponent can also access this area. Most of the loose stones are also only accessible at the bottom of The Gorge alongside the Placeholder River, so moves such as Stealth Rock, Rock Tomb and Rock Slide will fail in this arena. Waterfall, Surf and its kin will also require alternative methods of execution non-reliant on the arena.


For those bird enthusiasts. It's a little wordy but I think it would be really good for aerial fights.
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