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Cave of Origin - ORAS Edition:
Here within a re-imagined version of The Cave of Origin battlers will find themselves in one of two different versions of a round cave, one filled with hot Magma and the other a cooling Water. In both versions of the arena battlers will find themselves with access to a medium sized platform of rock as well as platforms made of Ruby and Sapphire respectively to get around and out of the pool of whichever liquid is in the arena at the time. In the Magma version of the arena pokemon of the Fire and Ground typings will find themselves feeling much more enthusiastic, additionally all Fire moves have their Burn chance increased. In the Water version of the arena Water and Ice type pokemon will be much more enthusiastic, additionally Freeze and Chill effects will be much more likely to occur and with greater intensity. The version of this arena is chosen at the beginning of the match and may not be switched at any point.
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