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legs go

Reverse Mountain
A vast mountain, which appears to be upside down in placement, being very thin at the base but expanding into a pyramidic shape as it gets higher, with a masive flat plateau at the top. There is a large cave complex inside the mountain, connecting inside and various points and holes outside. There are ridges and walkways and footholds on the outside of the mountain. The Arena takes place on a spire over a deep chasm, filled with black fog. Falling down causes the Pokémon to become Poisoned and tired without immediate loss of Health or Energy, and puts them back near the base of the mountain.
It rains black sentient goop, and the top plateau is filled with it. If a Pokémon steps on the goop, the goop will attempt to suck it in. If he goop succesfully sucks a Pokémon in, it becomes poisoned and tired, and is expelled at random anywhere else in the mountain where there are larger concentrates of goop. The goop is also present within the cave complex, but on the outside ridges there is none.
There are very many Wild Sawk which do not attack, only using Rock Smash to carve new paths in the walls.
It is always Night. There is no natural light, the entire arena instead being faintly lit reddish brown by the mountain itself. The weather cannot be changed.

Pheromone Forest
Any Pokémon battling here will feel uncontrollable sexual desires and will attempt to mate with Pokémon, instantaneously creating an Egg which hatches in five Rounds if the other is in their Egg Group
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