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Reflection Cave:
Here, deep within Kalos’s very own Reflection Cave, battlers will find themselves surrounded by a large number of blue glowing crystals. Fittingly for the name of the arena the crystals here are highly reflective, with beam and light based moves such as Aurora Beam and Confuse Ray firing back from their tips when hit, this allowing creative battlers to fire off these kinds of moves from unusual angles. The position of crystals follow the same rules of the Rock arena. In addition to their reflective properties the crystals are quite hard and sharp, which can cause extra damage and sore spots to occur in slapstick battles or more serious injury in Realistic should a pokemon make heavy contact with one. Rock type pokemon may use the crystals for material in their Rock moves giving them a Steel-like property to break through energy based attacks similar to Iron Head and co. The cave itself is a cool and calming place increasing the enthusiasm of Rock, Psychic and Ice pokemon as well as reducing the effectiveness of Fire type moves.
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