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My custom arena

Spoiler: show

Void's Paradise:
Here in this strange, void like dimension exists only one thing: an island of moderate size made out of a weird black, rainbow speckled material. The island itself is perfectly flat and circular, having about a 30 foot radius, with the ground being deep enough for even a Steelix to be able to fully submerge with plenty of wiggle room. Despite the rather odd appearance of everything here, the strangest part of this arena is that combatants can cause just about anything they want to materialize here, with things from water, to rocks, to trees and even small platforms or walls appearing for use in battles. Although more complicated things do require a significant amount of mental investment (a move), conjuring materials for use in moves is generally pretty easy. Ref’s discretion should be practiced here to decide what is allowable. In order to avoid potentially horrible things, any Pokemon who falls off the edge of this arena will find themselves teleported back to the center of the island. Constructs such as platforms will be reasonably destructible, only having around moderate health or less. Aquatically bound Pokemon (aka anything that requires water) gain a sort of flight, the air above the island allowing them to move up to around 5 feet above the ground just as if they were swimming.this arena will accomodate for all weather moves although the rainbow colored specks will act as the natural lighting source if Sunny Day is not used

shout out to Miror for helping fix up the grammar and overall sentence structure of the description.
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