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Looking to continue her assault against a tricky foe, Amelié opens her mouth wide as she glares at Sedge, and the distant trickling sound of water emanating from within the throat of the Nidorina tips the Marshtomp off that it is his turn to counter. Grunting, the Marshtomp begins to thrust his legs into the ground with vicious force, sending the entire arena trembling. Hissing, Amelié accidentally misfires her attack, the streaming torrent only managing a glancing blow off the body of Sedge, and he chuckles at this. Staggering from the blow, Amelié catches herself, inhaling sharply and readying her next attack. While Sedge panics, scrambling to create his own sound, he is too slow as shrill tones echo around the arena, his own guttural cry cut short ... though a small blue ring of energy does manage to strike at Amelié, the attack having come to partial fruition.

Amelié about to enter her final third of health and into that mark on energy, Sedge is nearing his final third himself, though has a lead, and is good for two. Amelié tiring somewhat.
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