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Propaganda decides to kick the round off with a little tender love and care, extending his long tongue towards Clefable at a surprisingly rapid pace. Aeria quickly finds herself tightly bound by the prehensile appendage, before being pulled downward and slammed into solidified clouds with great force. The fairy grunts in pain as she remains trapped, only to hear a distinct gurgling coming from deep within the Lickilicky. With a rather disgusting lurch, Propaganda opens his mouth a little wider, a filthy stream of liquid spewing forth towards Aeria without prejudice.

Aeria visibly pales as the squalid water approaches her; she may be no Fetra, but there was no way and hell she was about to let that dirty mess get all over her dainty self. With a squeak of exertion, Clefable's body glows a dim white for a moment before a pearly translucent dome expands outward from her, causing the liquid to wash over it harmlessly as well as pushing away Propaganda's tongue. Aeria quickly slips out of the Lickilicky's grasp, once more rising a few feet into the air and glaring down her foe. Lifting her arms into the air, the same feyfire from before quickly coalesces into a churning orb above her head. Crying out, Aeria thrusts her arms forward, and the mass of flames speeds toward Propaganda, who, unable to maneuver out of the collision, braces himself before being struck directly on the abdomen. Groaning in some pretty intense pain, Lickilicky checks his torso for damage, seeing a large, angry red splotch on his chest and midsection.

: Aeria is looking pretty winded after such a powerful attack, but despite the fact that she took a rather hard shot and approaches her midpoint, is looking better than her opponent. Propaganda once more took a bit of a beating despite his defensive fortification, notably past the midpoint in terms of health, and now has a fresh burn on his abdomen. He's also panting relatively hard now, and could really use a short rest. The combatants are a bit closer to each other than the round prior, Clefable only being around 6 feet away from Lickilicky in horizontal distance. Aeria hovers 3 feet in the air. Amnesia persists.

@Machamp-X : To answer your question, Aeria was ahead of Propaganda in health by a reasonable margin last round, but compared to the round prior, he was very much "caught up".


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