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Boosts and Drops - Moves that raise or lower statistics in the ASB function somewhat differently from the games. Most moves raise or lower attack or defense one or more "stages"; each stage corresponds to a roughly 10% increase or decrease in the power of moves or the resistance to attacks. Multiple uses of boosting moves that affect the same stat will cause the boost to be considerably less when over two stages, rising at most to 25%. Boosts will fade over time, taking roughly 3 rounds for a stat to fall or rise from one stage to normal. This means that higher-level stat gains or drops will take longer to fade than lower-level modifications. Non-standard boost/drop moves like Belly Drum or Memento, which drastically change a stat, may not be affected by these rules in the same way. Boost in offensive stats cause increased use in general energy (5% per every 10% increase) but not Type energy, nor do they contribute to short-term exhaustion. Boosts in defensive stats cause a drop in overall speed and movement ability for their duration, but preserve reaction time. Alterations in speed change not only overall movement speed, but also affect reaction time, making it more or less difficult for the affected Pokémon to evade attacks or react to their environment.
A two stage boost fades after 3 rounds?

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