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Inkay UPN: MedMana

Post 1: Directory

Post 2: Bios, Page One
--Dichromatia Schmeltzer (Human)
--Louise (Mawile)
--Berue (Tangela)
--Butternut (Pumkasaur)
--Elenchos (Inkay)
--Miapladicus (Staryu)
--Tobu (Passimian)

Post 3: Bios, Page Two
--Amicae Schmeltzer (Human)
--Nadie (Woobat)
--Bell (Dewpider)
--Glimmerwood (Shiny Seedot)
--Edrick (Grubbin)
--Kodiac (Clauncher)
--Amity (Swoobat)
--Cassandra (Sandygast)

Post 4: Item Storage

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