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Back for another run at this, let's see what I can do.

Ref Grade: C
TP: 158
KOs: 52
SP: 15

Items Owned:

The Squad (Currently 38 Pokemon)
Spoiler: show

Sir Veryepic: Level 4 Male Quagsire
Sir Veryepic, true to his name, is very epic. He is extremely intelligent, highly agile and always has his top hat and bow tie on, ready for battle. He spent his childhood kicking *** and taking names as a Wooper, before one day running into a herd of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur. He challenged the Alpha Venusaur to a duel, but of course, LOLTYPESPAM, many Solarbeams rained down on him and he was annihilated. Learning from this humiliation, he undertook a lot of training, weathering Grass-attacks day in and day out until he built up a resistance to them. He eventually redirected a river into the Saur-herd's territory and swam through it with great power before raining bombs down upon his foes, defeating them and ensuring his very epic dominance over the area.
Sig awaiting approval.
Hidden Power- Fire

Flutterby: Level 3 Female Butterfree
Flutterby is one of the main members of my team. Fighting in most battles and to her credit, yet to have a single loss. She moves with speed, grace and elegance and possesses more power than your average Butterfree.
Special Technique- ElementalPowder (Bug)
Flutterby can use a technique that has her release a special powder. The powder instantly makes the foe drowsy before they fall asleep the round after. The powder also has a 80% chance of badly poisoning and a 20% chance of paralyzing, though only one of the two at a time. The technique uses high energy.
Hidden Power- Ground

Bobblehead: Level 1 Male Exeggcute

Barry: Level 1 Male Pinsir

Charles: Level 2 Male Espeon

Crusher: Level 2 Female Sylveon

Bowie: Level 2 Male Umbreon

Dakimakura: Level 2 Female Parasect

Slash: Level 3 Male Kabutops

Rupert- Level 3 Male Whiscash
Rupert is a funny little guy. He was born to a Whiscash and a Tentacruel, so maybe it should be expected, but his whiskers are much longer than your average Barboach's. He can't help but tickle his friends, leading to him recieving many boots to the face from annoyed Pokemon.
Sig awaiting approval.

The King: Level 1 Nidoran-M
The King is perhaps the most physically imposing member of my team. His strength knows no bounds and he is well aware of it. He was found by Sir Veryepic at a young age and brought onto the squad, since joining he's learnt a massive variety of techniques and gained a strange fetish for chocolate coated things.
Sig awaiting approval.

Denshirenji: Level 2 Female Jolteon

Bouncy: Level 3 Female Wailord
Bouncy is your usual happy go lucky, feel-good type. She never lets anything get her down and always has a big smile on her face. She likes making her friends laugh, but becomes extraordinarily serious when brought into battle. She is close friends with Sombrero.
Special Technique: Hey, hey, come over here!!!
Bouncy enjoyed playing video games with her friends growing up, especially Mortal Kombat. Her favourite character was Scorpion and she learnt to imitate one of his moves. She fires a harpoon, made of water energy, which ensnares the foe and drags them to her. It is a highly annoying attack and has the ability to disrupt a foe's move. It causes mild damage when ensnaring and uses significant energy.

Tora: Level 3 Female Luxray

KazaN: Level 1 Female Numel
KazaN is a living volcano and she behaves as such. The heat she generates is ridiculous and makes most, including both her friends and foes quite uncomfortable. She is usually very docile, but if made angry, she comes close to literally exploding.
Special Training: Pure Solar Power
The air around KazaN is extraordinarily hot, lowering the effectiveness of water moves to 2x instead of their usual 3x against her. She has also gained access to Solarbeam, having enough energy for two uses per match.

Sombrero: Level 2 Male Lotad
Sombrero is a world champion dancer, winning the world championships in tango and salsa for ten years straight. He enjoys shaking it and is very coercive and able to make other pokemon join in with very little effort.
Sig awaiting approval.

Swoop: Level 3 Female Noctowl

FairyFloss: Level 3 Female Swablu
FairyFloss is possibly the gentlest member of my team. I met her at a summer festival in Okayama after she got stuck in a fairy floss machine. I helped her out and she joined my team. She and Brain are close.
Special Attack: A fairy's breath shall heal all wounds.... except yours. (Fighting)
FairyFloss is a kind and loving little thing, but she doesn't know her own strength. I've never told her that this is an attack, she just thinks that she's showing affection, poor dear. For this attack, she wraps her wings around the foe and attempts to breathe pure, loving fairy energy straight onto them, however, the pressure she feels from hugging them causes her to access her fighting-type energy pool rather than her fairy. This causes considerable fighting-type damage with a 50% chance of confusing the foe. This attack costs high fighting energy, but she has enough energy to use it twice per match.

Brain: Level 3 Male Slowpoke
Contrary to his slow name, Brain is in fact very intelligent. He passed school at the top of his class and has written his own novels, such as "Catcher in the Raichu" and Rick Gastly's hit "Never Gonna Give Mew Up".
Special Attack: Your greatest fears... (Various)
For this attack, Brain gathers about half the water needed for a surf, before infusing it with a fighting spirit using his fighting energy and manipulating it using his telekinesis. He shapes the water into the shape of something the opponent would fear most (Gyarados- a lightning bolt, Rhyperior- the actual wave itself, etc.) the fright caused will lock the foe in place in a similar manner to leer, as well as negating any protection (protect, safeguard) that they have in place (screens will be unaffected by the fright of course). Then he quickly sends it crashing down on the foe. This will cause decent water damage and good fighting type damage. It uses decent water energy, good fighting type energy and mild psychic type energy. Brain can use this once per match.

Kirin: Level 3 Female Girafarig
The youngest member of my team, though one of the strongest. She has a habit of falling over the skin of fruits that she's thrown away.
Special Training: Master of the elements (Various)
Thanks to her love of the above-mentioned fruits, Kirin has come to be able to use various techniques. She can now use Flamethrower, Ice Beam and Water Gun. She has enough energy to use each twice. However, as she does not learn these techniques naturally, they only do solid damage instead of the significant they normally do. The chance for burning/freezing is also brought down to 2.5%.

Kani: Level 3 Female Kingler
Contrary to what her species name may suggest, Kani is a very cheerful pokemon. Her pincers are extremely strong and allow her to do battle with the strongest of foes. She was once in the armed forces, where she acted as an explosives expert, defusing a bomb that was intended to destroy the Seafoam Islands.
Special Training: Bombadier
Kani has gained the ability to use Mud Bomb, Sludge Bomb and Seed Bomb; she has enough off-type to use each twice. In return, she has lost Mud Shot, Substitute, Giga Impact and Hyper Beam.

Nibbles: Level 1 Female Ekans

Pixel- Level 3 Female Porygon2
Pixel appeared in my computer one night when THO and Quackmire were using it to look at some... questionable things. She was about to be deleted by the anti-virus program but THO noticed and managed to get her out of the computer.
Signature- Pixel
Pixel is much faster moving than your usual Pokemon. Her speed on all fronts, firing moves, charging them and her movement, are all 1.5 times as fast as normal. She also takes quite a bit longer to tire than your average pokemon, taking approximately one round longer to tire out than a normal pokemon would. In return however, she is much more fragile than an average pokemon, only having 4.5 hyper beams of health as compared to the usual 6. (In 4/6, she will instead start with 2.5 HB)

Sir Turtlestein: Level 3 Male Wartortle
The good sir was the second Pokemon I caught and has been a valued member of my team ever since. In contrast to SirV`s top hat, SirT prefers a bowler hat, he says it better accentuates his ears.
Special Attack: Dirtied Water Pump (Water/Poison)
Being a highly caring Turtle, Sir Turtlestein is disgusted by the state of a lot of the worlds drinking water. He learnt to show his disgust by using an attack which is essentially a Hydro Pump fillled with poison. The disgusting qualities of the pump cause the foe to become badly poisoned. It does the high damage and uses heavy water energy in addition to mild poison energy.
Hidden Power- Ground

Cuddles: Level 1 Male Teddiursa

Kevin: Level 3 Male Loudred
Kevin is loud. Very loud. I guess it makes sense because he's a Loudred and all, but it just doesn't seem normal.
Special Attack: HELLO, MY NAME IS KEVIN!!!! (Normal)
For this attack, Kevin yells at the top of his voice "HELLO, MY NAME IS KEVIN. DO YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS?" The volume of his voice is extremely high, causing ear splitting pain. The move does High Damage, uses major energy and has a 85% chance of confusing the opponent.
Hidden Power- Fairy

Klubba: Level 1 Male Cubone

Quackmire: Level 3 Male Psyduck
A very promiscuous duck. I met Quackmire at a Bar where he and I discussed life and women. He took home two Psyduck and a Farfetch'd that night. The next night we met again in that bar and he asked to join me on my travels, which I happily agreed to. Since he has been travelling with me, I have also discovered that he is a Trisexual.
Special Attack: Everybody loves the Quackmire. (Water)
To impress partners, he taught himself a new attack. For it, he calls back to his bartending days and he charges up a ball of water energy in front of him before shaking it violently, then aiming it at the opponent and releasing it. Due to the force it's shaken with, it goes at the foe with incredible power. It causes considerable damage and the force of the impact leaves the foe confused. The move uses high energy and can be used three times per match.

Fuwafuwa: Level 3 Female Flaaffy
Fuwafuwa and I met at a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Harajuku. Her personality is a bit out there, but she is a very strong battler. She has her own theme song too!
Signature Technique: Bolt of Poseidon (Water)
For this technique, Fuwafuwa creates a trident in front of her using her water-typed energy. This entrances the foe, who is locked into place in a similar manner to Disable before the trident begins spinning, sending lightning bolt-shaped bursts of water-energy at the foe. It causes heavy damage for heavy energy. FuwaFuwa can use this twice per match.

Seedbloom: Level 3 Male Ivysaur
Seedbloom joined me on my journeys after he was fired from his job at a florist for accidentally making the plants there noxious. To show his frustration, he became determined to show the world that mixing grass and poison can be a wonderful thing.
Special Attack- ToxicSolar (Grass/Poison)
For this attack, Seedbump uses a Solarbeam which is laced in a toxic liquid. The attack deals grass-type damage equal to Solarbeam and badly poisons the opponent. It uses grass energy equal to a solar beam with moderate poison energy on top of that.
Hidden Power- Rock

Chargrill: Level 3 Male Charmeleon
Chargrill is a trained Yakiniku chef, having worked in the top restaurant in the world for many years. He is very much in tune with his firebreathing abilities and can fine-tune temperature as he sees fit.
Special Attack: Destructive Force (Fire/Rock)
For this attack, Chargrill, well, grills the opponent. He hits the opponent with a super-heated burst of fire, pretty much a higher-powered Heat Wave which not only contains fire, but also bits of molten rock. It can either be widespread or concentrated. The move does high fire type damage and uses high fire energy, as well as moderate rock energy on top of that. It has a 45% chance of burning the foe and if the molten rock strikes them, their movement will be hindered.

Juggles: Level 1 Female Aipom

Claws: Level 3 Male Meowth
Meowth was my starter Pokemon and has been with me since I was ~5 years old. He has become a very adept fighter in all that time and his battling abilities prove it.
Special Training: Evolution, Why would I need that? (All)
Meowth enjoys his current form so much that he refuses to evolve. As such, he is considered a fully-evolved pokemon by damage standards.

PonPonTamago - Level 3 Female Togetic
PonPon was an egg that I had in my bag when I went to the Kyary concert and met Fuwafuwa. He hatched there and I named him appropriately. He has a theme song too!
Signature move: PonPonPon (Fairy)
For this move, Ponpon performs a dance that involves clapping her hands and spinning hypnotically. The movements act like a hypnosis attack, putting the foe to sleep, and the movements give her speed and special attack a solid boost (Like a Quiver Dance). This technique uses heavy energy.

Korokoro: Level 1 Shiny Female Voltorb
Korokoro is an interesting being. She was being transported on a ship as a youngster and the ship sunk. Amazingly, she didn`t drown, she instead grew accustomed to the new watery world around her. Over time her usual red faded and was replaced with a distinctive blue and she came to master many new techniques to serve her in her new home.
Sig awaiting approval.

Leekyleekyleeky: Level 3 Female Farfetch'd

Special Training: You guys have fun up there, I'm just gonna stay down here.. (Ground)
LLL has had a fear of flight for as long as I can remember. Instead, she preferred to dig around in the earth and swim through the ground. As a result, she has lost the flight capabilities usually awarded to her, instead acting like a poor man's Dodrio, leaping ~75cm at a time. She has also lost access to Fly, Brave Bird, Aerial Ace, Gust, Roost, Air Cutter and Acrobatics. In exchange, she has gained familiarity with the ground type, having access to 2HB worth of it's energy, as well as to Earthquake, Dig and Mud Bomb. As well as to Bone Club, Bone Rush and Bonemerang (These are performed by charging her leek with ground-type energy.)

Kunekune- Level 4 Male Politoed
I found Kune at a pond in the middle of nowhere. He had been alone for a long time when I found him and was overjoyed at having found a friend. He is best friends with Sir Veryepic.
Special Technique: ALL OF THE BUBBLES. (Water)
For this technique, Kune releases a massive stream of bubbles, like a bubblebeam but much faster and more solid. In fact the force is so much that it causes paralysis 100% of the time. It does heavy damage. It's practically a water type zap cannon, except it consumes more energy (Severe) as it isn't slow like Zap Cannon is.

Doof Doof: Level 1 Male Bidoof


The Disco Party
Spoiler: show
The Disco Party is very similar to the Disco Hall, but on a much grander scale. The floor is twice the size of the disco hall and covered in alternating colored flashing tiles. There is a lot of mist, from the smoke machines fitted into the walls at meter intervals, about a meter from the floor. In the center of the floor, there is a pool of water, 15 metres long and 3 metres wide. The pool's tiles are just like the dance floor's tiles and flash along with them. The water is so clear that some pokemon may not realise it is there and fall in by accident. There are also hot tubs in every corner of the arena, connected to the main pool by underwater tunnels. All around the walls are tables, with a variety of cocktails on them, like mojitos or bloody marys. Drinking these treats counts as a move and restores a random amount of health OR energy from good~extreme (This counts as a pokemon's one healing move) Near the north of the arena is a mixing deck, controlled by a man with a large afro. Multicolored beams of light protrude from the mixing decks cupboards. Think of the lights on the 20th century FOX logo. Pokemon are released on opposite sides of the pool 3 or so metres away from each other. The dance floor is filled with revelers, people dancing the night away. They will cheer on any battler they feel to be doing a good job, whilst heckling bad sports. If the onlookers are attacked however, they have no qualms with fighting back, doing so with pool cues, glasses and whatever else they may have.
Special rules: Artificial Lighting, Fire Sprinklers, Fog, Onlookers
PASBL Record-
TL- 3
Ref Grade- C
Wins- 24 ~ Losses- 14 ~ Draws- 1
TP- 154 KOs- 52 SP- 15
Current Number of Pokemon on the Squad: 38

Friend Codes:
Spoiler: show
Y/Smash Bros- (I pay more attention to this one :P) FS- Gabite, Noibat, Druddigon; 1993-9521-9013

X- FS- Gyarados, Bibarel, Poliwhirl; 0645-5911-9507

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