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Double post, but hoooooly shit this episode.

Spoiler: show
So at first this was to me shaping up to be a return to form of simpler, more normal StevenxConnie interactions, except this time with Amethyst thrown in to make yet another S1-esque lesson on Amethyst needing responsibility.
Did not dissapoint.

I loved the interactions between characters here, Connie and Pearl's "Be safe" "That's my line" being standout and really showing how much Connie has become a part of the Gems' life and how Pearl cares for her.
There was plenty of ConniexSteven, which is always adorable. Amethyst was pretty enjoyable too.

Amethyst shapeshifting into Lars was bizarre but I doubt she knows their complicated backstory considering she didn't even bother to adress either by name.

But yeah, beach things ensue, including a neat little tidbit with them wearing glow sticks as a neat callback to how they first met.


One of the Gem Monsters from last episode just came out of the sea and attacked the four (oh yeah Lion's with them too of course). It was the orange one, and it got poofed pretty quickly by Amethyst.
And then Jasper comes out of the sea riding the turqoise Gem Monster from last episode, and a fight scene begins.

Steven, Connie, and Lion are fighting the Gem Monster, while Amethyst fights Jasper.
Amethyst vs Jasper is the main focus.

Jasper starts off by brutally ribbing on Amethyst, calling Amethyst a runt, flawed, defective, what have you, all the while comparing her to herself, saying that Amethyst was supposed to be like Jasper.
Amethyst retorts by saying that Rose told her that she was perfect the way she is (which is adorable and really reinforces just how much Amethyst looked up to her as not only a friend but a parental surrogate, and goes hand in hand with how I feel she got hit by the trauma of losing Rose the hardest).

And they fight, and it is just utterly one sided. Amethyst has absolutely no chance whatsoever, does not even get a single hit in, and is just violently thrown around and stomped on by Jasper.
Jasper makes one last remark, flings her into the sky, and poofs Amethyst.

And then one of the most chilling scenes in the show (imo) happens; Amethyst's gem is shown in complete darkness, with Jasper's hand grabbing her, and then attempts to shatter her.
This is the only time in the series in which a Gem has tried to outright shatter another Gem, iirc.

By now, the other fight has been going somewhat more in Steven/Connie/Lion's favor.

And then the other major thing happens.
Steven and Connie fuse into Stevonnie, using Sword and Shield to get back Amethyst's Gem.
That is just. Wow.

Lion manages to cause the other Gem Monster to retreat, but Jasper grapples it, throws it over, and forces it to remain and rides on it.
Stevonnie follows suit and rides on Lion, and the two battle.

Stevonnie pretty quickly poofs the other Gem Monster, and forces Jasper to retreat with the poofed Gem, walking backwards into the sea.

"I guess she lives in the ocean now."
And then Stevonnie gives us this gem.

Amethyst reforms, this time wearing a white top, but in the process, you can clearly see something is going wrong somehow. The reformation just grows and shrinks and convulses, and I'm fairly sure that it is Amethyst trying to reform as more of a "proper Quartz" like she had already tried to do in Reformed, but failing and reverting back to normal.

We get a few more scenes of Amethyst brooding and becoming visibly depressed over how Stevonnie managed to beat Jasper while she wasn't.

Overall, I really liked this episode. It had a lot of cute moments and legitimately funny things, and when it picked up boy did it ever.
This was the most intense thing with Jasper, probbaly on par with Garnet's fight in Jail Break.
Stevonnie actually fighting, riding Lion no less, wearing glow bracelets no less, was absolutely amazing.

I was also incredibly happy to see Amethyst's character arcs got picked up again after having been shown in a few episodes and then dropped completely. She never really does seem to change, but this experience really seems like a catalyst for all those things.
Amethyst's sloppiness and laziness catching up to her and catching her unprepared. Amethyst's incredible self-worth problems and insecurity over herself. Amethyst's insecurity over her place on the team. Amehyst's trauma over losing Rose.
All were showcased here, and it just works. Amethyst is without a doubt the weakest member on the Crystal Gems right now (except possibly Peridot because she has like no fighting expertise without her suit outside of slapfest) and the buildup to this was inevtiable.
Ever since Jasper was first revealed I had been waiting for a moment like this, and it not only nipped his in the bud, it included and took advantage of every single other insecurity Amethyst has shown to have had so far.

Spoiler: show
So yeah.
First of all, just going to say that I am 100% convinced these two Gem Monsters are Quartzes. They share the same stocky build and bushy, wild, long hair that Amethyst, Jasper, Rose (minus the wild hair) share, plus Centipeetle if she is in fact another Quartz (chrysoprase to be exact) is true.

But anyway. Last episode I speculated that Jasper was trying to create a super-fusion with other quartz Gems, and that she would either become redeemed by having it blow up on her or somehow become corrupted as a result herself.
That is basically thrown out of the window now.

She's making her own army, apparently, currently consisting of herself and one more lol, but I really wonder about the implications there. Will she go after Centi? Infiltrate the Crystal Temple and get to the Burning Room?
Considering that yet again, after seeing Opal, Garnet, Malachite, Alexandrite, and now Stevonnie, she believes in the power of fusion now, will she try to fuse with someone again? Will she hunt down Lapis again? Or go after Peridot this time? They certainly are isolated enough, but are close enough to Beach City that Jasper should know their location.
Either way, I smell trouble for Lapis and Peridot.

But now, I kinda want to talk about what was to me, the most intriguing part of the episode.
Amethyst's gem in the dark being grabbed by Jasper.

What does it mean? It feels like very obvious foreshadowing, and considering that the very next episode is called Steven vs Amethyst, I wouldn't put it past her that Amethyst is going to rethink her position on the Crystal Gems, somehow get put off by Bismuth, the two never having met, and end up becoming the one that makes the connection to Jasper, if she doesn't end up face-heeling which I find incredibly unlikely.

Speaking of Bismuth.
I am convinced that Bismuth is the same who poofed Lapis.
Not much meaningful there, but dayum Lapis is having one hard time. Being there when Garnet first fused, poofed by a Crystal Gem, held hostage and interrogated relentlessly by who were suppoaed to be het own allies, thousands of years in a mirror, returning home only to find it unrecognisable, being imprisoned by who were supposed to by her allies and interrogated again, being held in fusion at the bottom of the ocean for months, defusing only to have to deal with Peridot again, and now Jasper is back, and she is going to have to deal with Bismuth too.
Poor Gem can't catch a break.

EDIT: This is what the fight boiled down to.
Spoiler: show

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