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Coming off the back of a long wait, Sedge nods at his trainer, before grinning at his foe. His smile has a certain malicious edge about it though, and he inhales sharply, looking to put the hurt on his foe. Amélie has other ideas though. Opening her own mouth, she unleashes an abrupt shriek the reverberating tones leaving Sedge shuddering and clasping his arms over his ears. The Marshtomp staggers back, his technique interrupted entirely, and he rushes towards a nearby rock for cover. Amélie, once again, is determined to see this obstacle be proven to be little in the face of her determination. Rushing forwards, she leaps into the air, smashing a rather deft limb through the rock. Her power carries her through, and she smashes the well struck blow into the face of Sedge, the Marshtomp showered in a hail of rocks to add insult to injury.

Both roughly tied heading through their second thirds. Sedge refreshed following that breather, Amélie good for two.
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