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Third Times the Charm...

TL2 | C+ Grade Referee | Psychic Gym Trainer
Wins: 10(3)
Losses: 4(1)
Draws: 0
KO: 21 TP: 55 SP: 4
Items: ---

- 11.5 SP to KotS

-Ongoing Matches-
Spoiler: show
UPN: --
UPN: --
UPN: --
SPPf: --
SPPf: --
Gym: vs Rotomotorz (GT)
Tournament: --
Special: --

-Previous Matches-

-Squad (36/36)-
Spoiler: show
~ The Study Group ~
Spoiler: show
Ugo: Level 3 Male Sigilyph (Uplevel)
Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying): Sigilyph don't actually fly. They levitate by default, with a higher flight ceiling and greater speed and agility than most levitating Pokémon. Sigilyph do not take damage from any weather conditions or as a result of any statuses inflicted.
Bio: Ugo is possessed by an ancient Djinn that represents intellect... well, possessed would imply that he's taken over his body. In actuality they share the form after Ugo managed to have an internal conversation with the Djinn. The Djinn desired knowledge, and Ugo ficured that any knowledge he looked up would be stored in the deepest parts of his mind. Ugo promised the Djinn that he would find information at the Midnight Study whenever he could, in return for full control of his body. They came to an agreement, and Ugo now remains in control of his body whilst the Djinn resides deep in his mind. The two are actually incredibly close, so it would seem. Whether it is for selfish reasons or not, protecting Ugo is his main priority, and the Djinn will guard Ugo using his own energy source if he is called upon.
Hidden Power:Ground
Special Move: 'Djinn Guard' (PS)
Spoiler: show
Ugo uses Heavy Psychic energy and calls upon a great Djinn to release his power. Some giant arms appear created out of energy, and take a guard stance in front of Ugo, shielding him from up to one attack within his field of view. As the energy dissipates, it returns some of the energy blocked back to Ugo, leaving him with a 10% boost to both of his defenses. Standard boost stipulations apply. This may be used twice per match.

Carmack: Level 2 Male Kadabra
Kadabra (Psychic): Kadabra emit special alpha waves as a by-product of their psychic abilities. These waves induce headaches and will disrupt the concentration of Pokémon within five feet of Kadabra. They are more resistant (but not completely immune) to sleep-inducing attacks. Kadabra can see in the dark.
Bio: Carmack is an interesting soul. He has a love for all things natural, and will go out of his way to do good deeds for nature. Such feats include returning fallen chicks to their nests, and rescuing ants from said birds, among other things. He defends what is natural and orderly, and pokemon battles have no place in that order. However, he will fight for me, as we have developed a special bond of trust between eachother. In an attempt to lessen the amount of fighting, he has started work on a defensive technique that will help him in lessening the pain in pokemon battles.
Hidden Power: Fire
Special Move: 'Erase' (PS)
Spoiler: show
Carmack propels a wave of Psychic energy forwards in a conical shape. The psychic energy dismantles energy on a molecular level, making energy based attacks effectively disappear. When an attack is dismantled, the energy dissipates into the air around Carmack, causing his next attack to require slightly less energy to use. Due to the complicated nature of this attack, it will work on dark attacks regardless of it being Psychic energy, although his next attack will not yield the same benefit of reduced energy cost. The energy usage of this attack is usually considerable, however when this attack is used against something that exceeds considerable energy to create, it will match the energy usage. It will also be more strenuous on Carmack, exhausting him more depending on the level of energy used for the attack. This attack can be used twice per match. He also loses the use of Protect and Barrier.

Zun: Level 2 Male Espeon
Espeon (Psychic): Members of the Eevee line have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status techniques like Supersonic. Their Baton Pass and Helping Hand attacks take slightly less time and energy to perform compared to other Pokémon. An Espeon's fur is sensitive to the movements of the wind caused by the movements of an opponent, so it has a slightly higher chance of evading any attack from an opponent, and is very difficult to surprise. Their Future Sight attack costs slightly less energy to use compared to other Pokémon.
Bio: Zun has exceptional clairvoyance skills. So exceptional in fact, that his skills exceed most other Psychic attacks and he wields it as a powerful weapon in battle.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Trait: 'Soothsayer'
Spoiler: show
Along with it's normal form, Zun's Future Sight can also be used as a more powerful, FC form, with a little extra charge time. This high power form of Future Sight deals Major damage for Major energy, although he can only use this form of Future Sight once per battle and it takes approximately a round longer to strike (2-4 rounds). The normal form is ordered as MC Future Sight, whilst the more powerful form is ordered as FC Future Sight.

Keira: Level 2 Female Smoochum
Smoochum (Ice/Psychic): A Smoochum's kiss attacks are more effective. In the dark, they feel using its lips, and any Pokémon they feel with their lips has a 10% chance of paralysis or confusion. All baby Pokémon's techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective. Smoochum come in both genders. They can see in the dark.
Bio: Keira, as her evolutionary line would dictate, is a hopeless romantic. Everything she does has some sort of connotation about love, or at least she works around it that way. She loves to tease her opponents in battle, and she uses her kissing ability almost like a weapon of it's own.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Trait: 'Shut up or I'll smooch you!'
Spoiler: show
Keira can use all of her offensive physical moves using her lips as well as the way they would normally function. If a move is used in this way, it will not retain any secondary effects from the moves description that would affect the foe.

Meeka: Level 2 Male Inkay
Inkay (Dark/Psychic): Inkay are able to bioluminesce, allowing them to light up a dark area for an extended period of time by using a move. It costs no energy to maintain this light. Their light-based attacks are slightly more potent than normal. They also can maintain their accuracy regardless of their orientation. They can levitate, moving through small, thrusting motions, much like an aquatic squid which makes them agile but not particularly fast. They are also fairly able swimmers and can stay underwater as long as any Water type. They can expel ink as a defense, using little energy but at the cost of a move, which can be used to blind opponents.
Bio: Meeka loves to mess with people and pokemon. He loves to play tricks on my team, messing up their orientation and making them feel unnerved, but I wasn't sure exactly what was affecting them. One time he decided to play the trick on me, and I freaked out when I thought I was going to fall off the face of the earth. He soon felt guilty and flipped me back up with his Topsy Turvy move, but it was intense. We've developed it into a powerful technique that can be used in battle.
Hidden Power: Rock
Special Move: 'Flip Flop' (DK)
Spoiler: show
Meeka uses good energy to send out a strange wave of light at the foe, making them think that they're upside down and inflicting them with confusion. This attack also increases the opponents special defense by 10% for a 5 round duration. This attack is less likely to work on opponents with clear minds, and moves such as Focus Energy and Calm Mind will clear the confusion as well as the boost. Meeka can use this move twice per match.

Ronda: Level 2 Female Meditite
Meditite (Fighting/Psychic): Meditite meditates constantly and therefore have a very sharp mind. This makes them resistant to mind-altering statuses. Their Meditate and Calm Mind are slightly more effective and their default stance causes them to hover a foot above the ground when using these moves. Meditite can see in the dark.
Bio: Ronda loves to study, despite being a powerful fighter. Her associate Psychic types all help her out as she doesn't quite posess their intellect, and she has a lot of respect for them. She's incredibly passionate about protecting them from bullies and such, and she regularly defends them against dastardly dark types, not letting anything stand in the way of her rage if anyone dares hurt them. She fights them so much that she's even picked up a few techniques from them.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Training: 'Dark-Type Training'
Spoiler: show
Ronda has picked up Sucker Punch, Pursuit, and a karate chopping variant of Night Slash, from her constant fighting against unruly dark types. However, she has neglected her training of Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Signal Beam.

Alfonse: Level 2 Genderless Bronzor
Bronzor (Steel/Psychic): Brnzor levitate by default and are inorganic. They take 10% less damage from Fire moves than other Steel-types.
Bio: Alfonse is a genius. With an IQ of over 200, he's able to almost read pokemons minds simply from their facial expressions. He's a bit of a wimp with his physical attacks as he's logical enough to keep at range of his opponents at all times, but he has a lethal technique that maximises his skills with his Psychic powers.
Hidden Power: Water
Special Attack: 'Psy-Lock' (PS)
Spoiler: show
Using Considerable energy, Alfonse sends out waves of Psychic energy that strike at the opponents brain stem, giving them a headache to deal Good damage. The attack may cause inflammation in the brain much like encephalitis, and there is a 30% chance that the opponent will become heavily paralyzed. As he has learned to attack the mind rather that practising brute strength, Alfonse has forgotten Skull Bash, Rock Slide, and Gyro Ball.

~ The Rest ~
Spoiler: show
Vulcan: Level 2 Male Charmeleon
Charmeleon (Fire): Charmeleon are the fastest of their line on the ground, though not as agile as their previous stage. They are harder to scare, but are more easily angered or confused. They have flaming tails, which can be used for illumination and may burn foes if there is prolonged contact. As starter Pokémon, their Fire-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health
Bio: I met Vulcan under strange circumstances, being owned by a metalworker who used his fire-power to forge weapons for sale. At first I was under the impression that he would simply heat the forge and assist with the general heating of weapons. However, after staying there for a few nights I soon came to realise that the metal-worker had mistreated vulcan heavily. He believed it was more efficient to make Vulcan eat purified Steel, melting it with a fire attack directly from the stomach and regurgitating it into a mould. After I found out about this, I made a pact with Vulcan; I would take him away from the corrupt metal-worker in return for his service in battle. Vulcan happily agreed, and one night I snuck out of the Metal-Workers forge, snagging Vulcan's pokeball as I left. He now fights by my side, and has taken the ability to melt metal in his gut and turned it into a deadly attack.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Attack: 'Molten Steel' (FI/ST)
Spoiler: show
Vulcan forms up a moderate amount of steel energy and a moderate amount of fire energy in his gut, melting the metal in his gut and causing it to become liquid. He then spits it at his opponent, dealing considerable damage, with a 10% chance to burn. The metal rapidly cools, and may leave smaller pokemon feeling sluggish and heavy for a few rounds. This attack works similar to Muddy Water, with both Fire and Steel type damage being dealt (SE: Fairy, Ice, Grass and Bug types)(NVE: Electric, Dragon, Fire and Water Types). The damage from Molten Steel will never be doubly effective or doubly ineffective against a single typed pokemon. Vulcan may only use this attack twice per match as the steel in his gut is a limited reserve. Vulcan now takes neutral damage from steel typed attacks.

Jones: Level 2 Male Cubone
Cubone (Ground): A Cubone's face is covered by a skull, which it will not remove willingly. Cubone may not use its respective bone attacks if it is not holding its bone, but to compensate attacks using their bone will deal x1.1 damage due to the hardness of the weapon. Its Skull Bash attack takes slightly less energy than normal to use. Cubone can see in the dark.
Bio: Jones is a crazy cowboy. He used to tie string to his bone and lasso other pokemon, which he would often get into trouble for. I confiscated his string after a while, but he managed to find a workaround to it by creating a thread out of energy to use for his lasso. Eventually I managed to get around to him, and he now uses the tool in battle rather than on innocent bystanders and his team.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Attack: 'Lasso' (GD)
Spoiler: show
Jones throws his bone towards his opponent, with a thread of ground energy trailing behind it. The Bone circles around the opponent, wrapping the thread around them and finishing the hit them for good damage. Finally, he yanks on the lasso, pulling lighter opponents into his immediate vicinity, and pulling heavier opponents off of their feet. Pokemon at-most 2x his weight will generally be pulled towards him, and anything higher than that will be pulled off of their feet, although it is discretionary and exceptionally heavy pokemon may resist this effect. This attack uses significant energy, and he loses the use of Blizzard and Fire Blast.

Frank: Level 2 Male Murkrow
Murkrow (Dark/Flying): Murkrow are symbols of woe amongst Pokémon and people, particularly when seen at night, so they may make opponents feel uneasy. Murkrow are quiet fliers and can easily evade detection, and are quicker and more agile than their evolutions
Bio: Frank is bad. Not the evil kinda bad but the 'You don't mess with me' kinda bad. He doesn't care what you do or say, he's just gonna laugh in your face and carry on being himself.
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Trait: 'He just doesn't care'
Spoiler: show
Frank is much less susceptible to moves that affect his mindset, such as Taunt, Swagger, Confide, etc. This doesn't affect moves that induce confusion. This becomes Franks species characteristic and he loses the part: 'Murkrow are symbols of woe amongst Pokémon and people, particularly when seen at night, so they may make opponents feel uneasy'. He also loses Double Team, and takes neutral damage from Dark types.

Reggie: Level 2 Male Elekid
Elekid (Electric): Elekid are able to recharge themselves more efficiently than other Electric types and, whenever they use only one attack in a round, they will automatically recover moderate energy at the end of the round. They are easier to anger than most Pokémon. They are resistant to moves which induce sleep or drowsiness and will recover more quickly from these conditions. All baby Pokémon's techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective.
Bio: I never knew what to name Reggie at first. He has a brash, cocky temperament and it gave me difficulty finding a name that fit his personality. I figured out after discovering his obsession with gangster culture. Whilst I would train my other pokemon he would watch gangster films and documentaries. He took an immediate liking to the history of the Kray twins, and after he adopted Reggie Kray's personality I decided to name him accordingly. I often catch him pretending his hand is a gun instead of training... or maybe he's actually training?
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Attack: 'Lightning Bullet' (EL)
Spoiler: show
Reggie forms up Considerable electric energy in his hand as he points it like a makeshift gun. He then fires a condensed, arrow shaped bolt at his foe, dealing considerable damage. The bullet is more condensed at the front, giving it near physical properties. This means that it will act on the opponents defense stat instead of their special defense, and will be blocked by reflect and not light screen, but will still operate off of Reggies special attack stat. Essentially this attack works similar to an electric type Psyshock.

Valiant: Level 2 Male Growlithe
Growlithe (Fire): Growlithe are extremely loyal and brave. They are more likely to follow orders of their trainers, even if they consider such orders questionable. They are also more resistant to fear-inducing effects. As dogs they are quite good diggers and deal 1.1x damage with their biting attacks. Their hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status moves, and they have an excellent sense of smell which allows them to track opponents and tell the real clone in a Double Team. Their Roar attack is slightly more effective than normal.
Bio: Valiant is hearty and proud of himself, yet doesn't show it in battle and likes to play defensively despite being a fire type. He also has a strange disorder that causes the fire energies that swirl around his stomach to burn rather than melt, and thus he has trouble digesting food. He eats a lot to compensate for this though, and can regularly be seen eating my other pokemons food out of necessity. The burning in his stomach leaves a lot of Ash behind, however, but he has managed to use this to his advantage for his defensive style.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Move: 'Ashen Fog' (FI)
Spoiler: show
Using a significant amount of energy, Valiant forces some of the ash built up in his stomach out with a powerful cough, forming a cloud about the size of a typical smog. This fog deals no damage, but small flakes of ash in the fog can easily get into the pokemons eyes and cause temporary blindness, similar to how mud would work. If a pokemon uses an attack from within the fog, it will cost slightly more energy, as the opposing pokemon will find it difficult to breathe within it. This(obviously) doesn't affect inorganic pokemon. If left for long enough, Ashen Fog will stay present for 3 rounds but will disperse over the duration and weaken in potency every round. Valiant can use Ashen Fog twice per match.

Aurelion: Level 1 Male Dratini
Dratini (Dragon): Dratini can move equally well in the water and on the ground, but they prefer water, as they cannot fly like their higher evolutions. They have decent vision in low light environments.
Hidden Power: Steel

Brock: Level 2 Male Gurdurr
Gurdurr (Fighting): Gurdurr carry around heavy I-beam which can be used in Physical attacks involving smashing the foe. They are relatively deft with their weapon, able to nimbly wield it for attack and defense. Using it this way grants them 1.1x boost for an equivalent increase in energy use and a slight drop in movement speed speed. The beam can be dropped by Gurdurr to execute an attack under normal conditions and can be stolen from it, though it is very heavy and any thief must be fairly strong to do so.
Bio: After Anthony left the team to train, Brock stepped in as my new primary fighting type. I aquired him from a trainer that participated in Caber toss, which is a traditional Scottish athletic event in which the participant must hurl a log as far as they can. Brock regularly practiced with his trainer, using his Timber as the log to toss. I knew this trait about him had potential to turn into a strong attack, and I initiated the trade with him after some convincing. Brock reluctantly joined me at first, but grew more comfortable over time as he engaged with the rest of the squad. In time, I trained him to throw the Timber more like a Javelin than a kaber, and thus his new technique was born.
Hidden Power: Dark
Special Attack: 'Caber Toss' (ST)
Spoiler: show
Brock charges Solid Steel energy into his Timber/Gerder/Concrete and throws it at the foe horizontally, dealing Solid physical damage. Since the object he throws has more mass behind it from throwing it Horizontally, it has a strong knockback effect on it, respective of weight but still affecting most heavier foes. Brock has enough Steel energy to use this attack twice per match

Anoxic: Level 2 Male Stunky
Stunky (Poison/Dark): Stunky smell absolutely horrible. Any Pokémon within three feet of them have a 10% chance of flinching and Pokémon within a foot will experience blurred vision and a slight reduction in attack and special attack. Inorganic Pokémon and members of the Stunky line are unaffected but Pokémon with sensitive smell will be more heavily affected. They have an excellent sense of smell which allows them to track opponents and tell the real clone in a Double Team.
Bio: Anoxic smells bad as far as Stunkys go. He's been in my squad ever since I started in the PASBL, and he rejoins the squad for my third run. However, he's not incredibly social with the rest of my squad anymore due to the horrendous smell that lingers whenever he battles. He must've picked up an illness or something whilst he was away. Being a natural battler, he seeks to use whatever he can to his advantage, and he has been training himself to translate his stench into his battling style.
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Trait: 'Super Smelly Skunk' (PO)
Spoiler: show
Anoxics gaseous attacks(Smog, Poison Gas, Haze, Smokescreen) all have a 10% chance to apply a flinch much like his Species Characteristic. In return, these attacks all cost 10% more energy to execute.

Arnie: Level 2 Male Aipom
Aipom (Normal): Aipom are nimble, particularly with their tails, and are excellent climbers. They can anchor themselves to something with their tails, leaving their limbs free to do other things, though they prefer to use their tails for attacks traditionally used with the arms. They are also more likely to stop from falling if there's something within grabbing distance of their tail.
Bio: Ever since I met Arnie he's been like a baby brother to me. He enjoys being outside of his pokeball and interacting with strangers and other pokemon as he walks past them. He loves to chase and be chased, and the faster he runs, the more serious he gets. This has resulted in some accidental injuries and bruises with others on my team, but it's all in good fun.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Trait: 'Play Fast, Play Hard'
Spoiler: show
Aipom takes the battle more seriously the faster he goes. Thus, when he gains a speed boost, he also gains a boost to his physical attack akin to a Howl. Standard boost stipulations apply. He loses the use of Beat Up, Spite, Focus Punch and Double Edge.

Eskel: Level 2 Male Grovyle
Grovyle (Grass): Grovyle (Grass): Thanks to the small hooks on their feet, Grovyle are able to scale most vertical surfaces. Grovyle cannot be intimidated easily, and are therefore more resistant to fear-inducing attacks. Their slashing attacks are 1.1x more powerful. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.
Bio: Eskel has spent much time honing his skills as a master swordsman. His desire is to travel across the world and offer a helping hand to anyone that might need it, thinking himself as a hero of sorts. However, his family would not let him go, as he didn't understand the importance of companionship and he would be too naive to go on his own. I offered him the chance to travel the world, whilst keeping him with a team of companions. He struggles a lot against Poisons, and he managed to develop a technique using the earth to help him win his fights against them
Hidden Power: Rock
Special Attack: "Land Slash" (GD)
Spoiler: show
Eskel fuels ground energy into his arm-blades and slashes at the foe, dealing significant damage for significant energy. The ground around his blades is much like sand paper to touch, and has a 20% chance of inflicting the opponent with a friction burn in the inflicted area. Eskel can also launch the energy in the same fashion as X-Scissor, although it will lose the chance to inflict burns and only deal considerable damage for significant energy. He can use this move twice per match, and has enough type energy to do so. Eskel has forgone Leaf Storm, Focus Punch, and Double Edge.

Alfred: Level 2 Male Torkoal
Torkoal (Fire): A Torkoal's shell is tough and attacks which strike there will do reduced damage. Torkoal can retreat in to their shell using a move, protecting their body from harm. However, they are vulnerable if knocked on their backs. Smokescreens and similar moves produced by Torkoal are much more potent then normal. Torkoal are familiar with the Rock-type.
Bio: Alfred is great friends with Carmack, and they both share their love of nature. Whilst Carmack focus' more on protecting nature, Alfred on the other hand embraces the fact that pokemon battles are healthy, and has learned to use the powers of nature to aid him in battle, whilst throwing away his tectonic prowess.
Hidden Power: Rock
Special Training: 'Coverage' (GR)
Spoiler: show
Alfred is no longer familiar with the Rock type, but is now familiar with the grass type. He gains access to Seed Bomb, Energy Ball and Giga Drain, and loses the use of Fire Blast, Inferno, and Stone Edge.

Pierre: Level 1 Male Kecleon
Kecleon (Normal): Kecleon can disguise themselves like a chameleon quickly and without using energy, at the cost of a move. However, their stripe remains visible, so they can still be tracked, although it is much harder. Attacks based upon trickery are slightly more effective when used by Kecleon. Their tongue can be used to attack with physical moves quickly from a reasonable distance.
Bio: Pierre is an artisan by trade, using his attacks to create wonderful art and performances. He's struggled in recent years however, as his own tailored attack has made onlookers uneasy with their loss of vision. What is visual art if you can't see it right? He found a new home with me after I realises the potential of his art, and he now seeks to create dazzling performances in the medium of battle.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Attack: 'Laser Eyes' (NM)
Spoiler: show
Pierre channels a considerable amount of energy and blasts a bright beam out of both his eyes, dealing moderate damage per beam with a chance to lower the foes accuracy similar to Dazzling Gleam. Pierre can control the trajectory of the beam mid-fire by moving his eyes, although it will require a light amount more energy. He loses the use of Thunder and Blizzard.

Terrence: Level 2 Male Cranidos
Cranidos (Rock): Cranidos' extremely hard and somewhat pointed skull gives them a 1.1x boost in head-based attacks. However, Cranidos are neither fast nor agile. Being fossils, their Ancient Power attack will boost slightly more often.
Hidden Power: Rock

Tsuri-Jin: Level 1 Male Chinchou
Chinchou (Water/Electric): Chinchou are fish and thus are slow and nearly immobile on land, but are faster and more agile in the water. They fight more enthusiastically when submerged and in a sizeable body of water. Whenever a Chinchou uses an electric attack in the water, it creates a small amount of electricity around it, shocking anything in the water with it within 10 feet of it (damage is considered equal to half a Thunder Shock for the most powerful electric attacks. They may also use their antenna as a light source in the same way that the Mareep family does with their tails.
Hidden Power Fire

Zustar: Level 1 Male Sentret
Sentret (Normal): Sentret, when not moving, will stand on their tails if possible, which gives them a better view of their surroundings. This also reduces the damage they take from Earthquake and similar moves, as well as reducing the damage they take from electric attacks a bit (as the electricity goes through their tail to the ground). They are also excellent at digging, able to burrow faster than most Pokémon. Their hearing is more sensitive than normal at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status moves and they have an excellent sense of smell which allows them to track opponents and tell the real clone in a Double Team.
Bio: Zustar is a team player, and loves to help his friends out in battle. In single battles however, he's had to develop a different method of helping out, and what better way to help out than donate his energies!
Hidden Power: Fairy
Special Trait: 'Advanced Switching Tactics'
Spoiler: show
When using Baton Pass, Zustar can use a significant amount of one of his type energies in addition to the standard amount used for baton pass. This type energy is passed to the pokemon that is switched into battle, giving them a significant amount more type energy for the type chosen. This does not give the switched pokemon any extra energy in addition to their standard 9HB's worth, but rather gives them access to more energy of the chosen type. Zustar must have at least 2 moves of the type chosen for it to be passed to the next pokemon, and Zustar must also have at least a significant amount of the chosen type energy remaining. Once passed, Zustar may not use the chosen type energy for the remainder of the match. Baton Pass may now only be used once per battle, and Zustar loses his resistance to the ghost type.

Greazy: Level 1 Male A-Grimer
Grimer [Alola] (Poison/Dark): Alolan Grimer were imported to Alola to act as a method of disposing of unwanted trash. As a consequence, Alolan Grimer have absorbed some of the chemicals from the trash they have consumed. Their biting attacks have a 10% chance of poisoning due to the highly toxic nature of their "teeth". Grimer are made up of poisonous substances made of liquid slime. Thus, toxic or polluted chemicals heal them instead of harm them. The same is true for poison attacks. Grimer can see in the dark. They are also very flexible, and can fit through gaps that most Pokémon of their size couldn't. Their bodies absorb physical blows, and physical projectiles, making all attacks in these manners 80% effective. However, as the slime is liquidized, they take slightly more damage from electric attacks.

Gwyndolin: Level 3 Female Froslass
Froslass (Ice/Ghost): Froslass are primarily solid, though they can go ethereal or invisible for decent periods of time. Froslass's invisibility is imperfect, always leaving an icy glimmer behind, but it allows them to still hide in dark areas and ice, snow and other white or lightly colored areas. They are adept at hiding in blizzards and can see through them easily. They can also levitate. Their Double Team functions better in Hail and will not be revealed by the hailstones passing through them. They can be poisoned.
Bio: Gwyndolin is a new addition to the team, and her deceptive and cold demeanour make her a fearsome adversary on the battlefield. Nighty night, don't let the frost-bite...
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Attack: 'Sleepcicle' (IC)
Spoiler: show
Gwyndolin uses a considerable amount of Ice Energy to form a number of darts made of ice underneath her sleeves, and throws them at the foe with speed. The attack does light damage, and will induce drowsiness or full sleep, depending on the size and weight of the pokemon affected. Particularly solid bodied pokemon won't be affected by this attack, whilst squishier pokemon will take a slight amount of extra damage. This attack can be used whilst invisible. Repeated use of the attack on the same pokemon will only induce a mild drowsiness.

Maia: Level 2 Female Misdreavus
Misdreavus (Ghost): Misdreavus will usually stay in the ethereal state but can switch to solid or invisible if required. Misdreavus levitate by default but have a lower flight ceiling than most levitating Pokémon and are not particularly fast. They can be poisoned.
Bio: Maia, despite being one of the older members, is a pure trickster. She's the only one that can beat Laila in a game of hide and seek, and she's competetive with her when it comes to those games. It's practically an unfair match when she plays hide and seek, her invisibility powers are second to none.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Trait: 'Hide and Seek Master'
Spoiler: show
Maia can go invisible for up to 4 rounds in a single match. She may not remain invisible for longer than 2 consecutive rounds, and she expends a mild amount of energy at the end of every round she is invisible for. She also loses her resistance to Bug type attacks, and access to Inferno and Thunder.

Beatrice: Level 2 Female Swinub
Swinub (Ice/Ground): Swinub have a large amount of fur, which keeps them warm in otherwise unbearably cold temperatures and slightly reduces damage from Fire and Ice attacks. They have an excellent sense of smell which allows them to track opponents and tell the real clone in a Double Team. They are adept at hiding in blizzards and can see through them easily.
Bio: Beatrice has had a gruelling past involving water types. Having previously belonged to an incompetent trainer, who believes that Ice types had an advantage over Water types, the old trainer repeatedley forgot about her part-ground typing. Thus, she would constantly lose her battles, and the trainer assumed it was because she was weak. In his own arrogance, he left her to fend for herself, proclaiming that she's useless unless she can fight water types. Her determination to be a great fighter went unwavered though, and through rigorous training with wild water types, she has developed an interesting trait that may aid her in forthcoming battles.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Trait: 'Hydrophobic Skin'
Spoiler: show
Beatrice's skin underneath her fur has become Hydrophobic thanks to her training. This means that instead of reduced Ice attacks as per her Species Characteristic, she instead takes reduced damage from water attacks (though she is still weak to the type). Beatrice can't use Substitute or Stealth Rock.

Elise: Level 2 Female Ariados
Ariados (Bug/Poison): Ariados may shoot strands of webbing out of both their fronts and rears. While not powerful enough to damage Pokémon, they can use it to pull themselves from place to place more quickly without it counting as a move. Ariados can climb walls and other objects with ease. Their web attacks will be more effective than usual and cost less energy. In addition, when they fall below 1/3 health, they become empowered, their STAB attacks dealing 10% extra damage.
Hidden Power: Ground

Mona: Level 2 Female Noibat
Noibat (Flying/Dragon): A Noibat's "ears" are actually sound amplifiers, allowing them to fire sound attacks at high volumes. Their ears make their sound moves slightly more potent, and allow them to be used at standard potency even when spread. They can see in the dark and have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound based status attacks, though they are immune to confusion from Supersonic. They fight more enthusiastically at night.
Bio: Unlike most, Mona doesn't have a harsh backstory about dragons not accepting her or anything like that. She was born without her scales, making her struggle with her dragon type attacks as she went further into battles. At first I never noticed that this was the case, since she still took a great deal of damage from Dragon Types, but after noticing that she was slightly better off when faced with fairies, I put two and two together and figured out the reason. She's not sad about the fact because she's never known life any different, but she does wonder what it'd be like to be a fully fledged dragon...
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Trait: 'Scaleless' (FL)
Spoiler: show
Mona is scaleless, and thus has become a pure Flying type, with all weaknesses and resistances applied. She remains familiar with the Dragon type, loses the use of Draco Meteor and Outrage, and gains the use of Twister. She retains a weakness to the Dragon type.

Laila: Level 2 Female Spritzee
Spritzee (Fairy): Spritzee emit a pleasant scent constantly. Any Pokémon that comes within three feet of Spritzee will suffer the effects of Sweet Scent. Any moves involving gasses or scents will be more potent and will linger for a longer period of time. This effect comes with diminishing returns. Inorganic Pokémon and members of the Spritzee line are unaffected but Pokémon with sensitive smell will be more heavily affected. Spritzee levitate by default but have a low flight ceiling
Bio: Laila comes off as a fun loving, outgoing, and playful pokemon. Often times she'll initiate games like Tag or Hide and Seek with the rest of my pokemon. In reality, however, she's an egomaniac who always seeks to win at everything she does. She knows she isn't the fastest pokemon in the squad, so she's had to come up with a despicable technique to keep the rest of the team from catching her in tag. One day, I managed to catch her in the act, and realised that if I could redirect that dedication towards battling, she could become a great utility for the team.
Hidden Power: Fire
Special Move: 'Stiff Spore' (FA)
Spoiler: show
Using considerable energy, Laila launches some spore clusters, which dissipate into the air and last for the remainder of the match. Any pokemon that switches into battle will feel the effect of the spores coating their body. This makes the opposing pokemon stiff and sluggish, feeling effects akin to being chilled. It will be especially effective against Steel and Rock pokemon as it gets into the crevaces and joints of their bodies. These spores last on the pokemon for 3 rounds or until it can get them off. This can be done with excess heat such as a fire attack, or fast spinning motions such as Rapid Spin or Swords Dance. It can also be removed with Rock Polish, however it will deny the extra speed boost that it usually grants and only clear the spores. This move works like an entry hazard, meaning it can be cleared with the likes of Rapid Spin. This attack can only be used once per match.

Amygdala: Level 2 Female Zorua
Zorua (Dark): In addition to a boost to all moves that involve deception, trickery or illusions, Zorua are also able to generate complex illusions to trick their foe. When ordered, they can project an illusion of any object in his vicinity or any Pokémon in their trainer's party. They will make a Double Team-like projection that surrounds their body, taking on any visual characteristics the subject of the projection possesses. As long as the illusion is sustained, they will take on any visual characteristics it might possess, such as intimidation or cuteness. This may also be used as camouflage. The illusions act similarly to Double Team clones and will be dispersed by most attacks (including Foresight and Odor Sleuth), and while Zorua using an attack will not dispel the illusion, it may weaken their effectiveness, especially if it is ordered to perform an attack that the subject of the illusion would be unable to do (such as a Pikachu using Fire Spin). This technique costs good energy and while it can be used any number of times, it loses their effectiveness with subsequent uses.
Bio: Amygdala has full control over her own Amygdalae, as her name might suggest. She is able to recal memories at will, reliving them in her thoughts and processing dreams almost as if they were films. With such power comes a price though, as she sometimes loses control of her powers and inflicts others with a strange perceptual effect, and often causes disorientation around her. This caused her to be a burden wherever she went, and the only solace she had existed within her memories. When I ran across her, I fell under the effects, but managed to track her down as the source and caught her. I convinced her that she might be able to control her power, and with much training and hard work, she eventually gained control over this ludicrous power, now wielding it as a powerful tool in battle.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Move: 'Perception Warp' (DK)
Spoiler: show
Amygdala flushes out a wave of dark energy across the arena, targeting the Amygdalae of all opposing pokemon. This causes their perception of time to become warped, and when Amygdala uses an attack or moves, it will appear to happen about 1 second later for the opposing pokemon. This makes her attacks & movements less susceptible to being dodged or reacted to. This move will last for 4 rounds, and any pokemon switching into battle whilst the aura is active will suffer the same effect for the remainder of the time the aura is active. A pokemon using Amnesia, Calm Mind or Focus Energy will relieve the effects of this move somewhat. This move costs Amygdala major energy to set up, and can be used once per battle. She also loses her resistance to the Dark type.

Petunia: Level 2 Female Ivysaur
Ivysaur (Grass/Poison): Ivysaur are less agile than their previous form but are faster. They have two vines hidden beneath their bulb that they can extend to use to manipulate objects and Pokémon and attack. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.
Bio: Petunia was abandoned by her family, her other siblings being preferred by her parents. She was left to fend for herself within Ilex Forest, having to learn how to feed, fight, and learn how the world worked all off of her own back. She often took refuge with other poison types, who, suprisingly, took a liking to her and let her be so long as she brought no harm to their families. From spending so much time in the heart of the forest, she was consistently stung by various forms of pokemon and plant life. She needed to adapt, and her vines eventually began to secrete a strange substance. She was driven away from the forest after accidentally inflicting a nasty burn to one of the poison type pokemons babies when picking it up to play. Luckily, I happened to be entering the forest as she was driven out, and after nursing her back to health(with great pain I might add), she took a liking to me and my team, and decided to help me out.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Trait: 'Stinging Nettles'
Spoiler: show
Petunia's vines are covered with a substance similar to what is found on stinging nettles, and they have an additional chance to inflict burns on their opponent if they come into contact. This chance to inflict burns increases with the amount of time spent in contact with the vines, along with the severity of the burn inflicted. Petunia now exerts 10% more energy when using attack that would utilise her vines, and she has lost her resistance to the Grass type.

Dinner: Level 1 Female Pidgey
Pidgey (Normal/Flying): Pidgey will out fly most basic stage fliers and have decent speed and agility in the air. Any wind attack used by a Pidgey is 1.1x more powerful.
Bio: Dinner's actual name is Arielle, but her teammates donned her the nickname 'Dinner' after she was consistently preyed upon by wild pokemon. She doesn't like it, but at least gets involved with the team-banter. In an effort to make her stand out as a powerhouse on the team, she attempted to develop a powerful technique.
Hidden Power
Special Trait: 'Dust Devil' (GR)
Spoiler: show
Dinner flaps her wings very fast, creating winds that develop quickly into a tight but high cyclone laced with Ground energy, travelling across the arena. The damage from it is generally significant, dealing more if the opponent is airborne when hit. The cyclone can pick up sand and loose debris, potentially dealing added damage that way, referee's discretion. Dinner loses the use of Double-Edge and Substitute.

Lumpy: Level 2 Female Igglybuff
Igglybuff (Normal/Fairy): Igglybuff are somewhat bouncy, taking slightly less damage from falls and blunt impacts, instead bouncing which could potentially be disrupting. All baby Pokémon's techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective.
Bio: Lumpy is grumpy but doesn't like fighting. Once she got toppled and had trouble self-righting. The foe then came in for a deadly attack, but she would have none of it, yelling 'Bounce Back!' She huffed up some air and made herself fatten, and sent her opponent straight up to Saturn. The trainer had no idea what had happened!
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Attack: 'Bounce Back' (NM)
Spoiler: show
Lumpy huffs up a gulp of air using considerable energy and puff her self up quickly, dealing considerable damage to any pokemon within melee range and knocking them back. This attack knocks back pokemon similar to how Mega Punch would, although it isn't restricted by the size of the opposing pokemon as much. She may use this move twice per match, and loses the use of Fire Blast and Wild Charge.

Chinese Food: Level 1 Female Mareanie
Mareanie (Water/Poison): Mareanie are slow moving Pokemon, preferring to walk along the bottom of the water rather than actively swim. They are able to swim, but are not very proficient, and will easily be overpowered by currents. Mareanie have particularly powerful toxins stored within their body, which allow their Poison type attacks to deal an extra 10% damage to Pokemon suffering from the Poison status. They are also rather sturdy, taking 10% less damage from physical blows.

LSD: Level 1 Female Morelull
Morelull (Grass/Fairy): Morelull gives off a constant glow which pulses hypnotically. This glow is generally fairly faint but can be intensified and used to illuminate dark areas for no energy. The light is also soothing, making them rather adept at putting foes to sleep. It's powder based attacks are more potent.

Ori: Level 2 Staryu
Staryu (Water): Staryu do not have eyes and thus cannot be affected by moves such as Confuse Ray or Flash. However, they use their psychic senses and an excellent sense of touch to detect opponents with ease. Staryu can levitate and are familiar with the Psychic type.A Staryu's core is its most vulnerable point and they will take a bit more damage if attacked there with physical moves. As starfish, they easily recover from serious injuries and will never have to stay in a Pokémon centre for longer than one battle, unless they are placed there because their core has been damaged.
Hidden Power: Ground

Spoiler: show
- TL2
- TL3
- TL4
- TL5
- TL6
- B grade ref
- Buy a pack of 6 slots
- Buy an additional UpLevel slot
- Glalitite
- Abomasite
- Gym Badge
- Get a retarded sig approved
- Catch Entei

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