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Raising her dainty hands toward the sky above, Aeria glows a dim pink as she focuses intensely, wisps of energy twisting together and coalescing into a spherical mass of fey-fire right over her head. Propaganda, his eyes widening ever so slightly as the fairy pulls together her sure to be devastating assault, opens his maw and releases a terrible, tinny scream. The high-frequency sound-waves pierce the quiet hum of the growing fireball and lay waste to Clefable's concentration. Aeria clutches her delicate ears and staggers back, recoiling from the intense pain, as the meteor above her disperses harmlessly. She appears visibly dazed, and seems to be having a slightly difficult time retaining aerial stability.

Propaganda smirks at his foe's dazed state and digs his feet into the ground, his midsection swelling ever so slightly. Opening wide, the Lickilicky regurgitates a sickly purple colored disgusting mass of toxic material, a horrifyingly loud belch accompanying its release. The bubble rockets, with surprisingly high speed, toward Aeria, who somewhat notices the putrid odor and the utterly revolting goo approaching her, but is still too far gone to appropriately react. As it slams into her, the poor Clefairy screams in unadulterated agony, the virulent matter sinking into her skin and wreaking havoc on her body. Aeria growls softly in anger, now glaring daggers at the smug Propaganda.

: Aeria's health plummeted by a large margin this round; it seems that Propaganda has mostly caught up to her, as he looks more or less the same as he did last round. He is panting a bit though, and will likely need some form of break sooner than later if he continues to battle at his current pace. Aeria finds herself for the most part refreshed, and that last strike completely shocked her out of confusion. Propaganda's Poison reserves are looking strained, but not depleted.


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