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Originally Posted by Altocharizard55 View Post
Actually, I'm left with a question too at this point. Suppose the following:

A Pokemon A with a 25% offensive buff in X will deal 1.25x damage with X attacks.
A Pokemon B with a 25% defensive debuff in X will take 1.25x damage from X attacks. (Emi pointed out another interpretation; that a Pokemon debuffed by 25% in defense would have 75%, or 3/4ths of its original defense, meaning that Pokemon B would take around 1.33x (Precisely 4/3 x) damage from X attack by reciprocal argument, although I don't think I subscribe to this.)

Pokemon A lands an X attack on Pokemon B.

Mathematically speaking, Pokemon B should take a little less than 1.6x (Precisely, (1.25)^2 x) damage from X attack, as the multiplier is applied two times (Temporally, the offensive buff applies to the attack first, then the defensive debuff applies to the incoming damage). But by what you said in the previous post, I am led to believe that the debuff would instead add a flat 25% to the damage. I can't find any information on the site or otherwise that describes this form of boost stacking, and if it works the way you seem to be describing, it's actually pretty unintuitive.

My question: How does this actually work? (Also, I suggest this answer be added to the Boosts and Drops description at some point in the future when you guys have time.)
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